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[Vote] (7-00) VP Congress Session #7 Opens (Instructions Within)


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Dec 19, 2017
Welcome to VP Congress Session #7! Now with 20.5479% more proposal threads than last time!

We have a very busy agenda this session, and again, quite a few counterproposals were made and sponsored.

Voting closes on May 1, 2024 at 8 AM CST. This will provide one week of voting time. As most votes are cast shortly after the Voting Phase begins, this should be ample time for voting.

Many thanks to @Stalker0 and @axatin for their valuable contributions in running the VP Congress this session as the MAGI. Their term expires after this session and the positions become vacant, although they may reapply if desired. As noted before, @Hinin resigned in-between Sessions #6 and #7, but his contributions were still much appreciated.

Voting Instructions:
Spoiler :

In general, our votes are multiple choice and voting is public. You may change your vote at any time until the voting period is closed.

Majority Rules: A proposal must receive a yes vote that is the majority of votes cast AND must be 25 or more votes, otherwise the proposal counts as a NO. Example: If a proposal received 20 yes votes, and 18 no votes....while the yes vote received more it didn't meet the 25 vote standard and so would be counted as a no.

There are 3 types of voting:
  • Single Yes/No choice
Vote 1.png

The most straightforward proposal. You can vote yes to include it into Vox Populi; vote no to indicate you don't want it included. You can even vote for both options if you want to indicate that you have no preference.

  • Multiple Options (Exclusive Choice)
Vote 2.png

For these proposals, there are multiple options you can choose from. Ultimately only one of the options can be incorporated into the mod, so the one that has the most votes will win, or none of them will be implemented if the No option receives the majority.

  • Multiple Options (Inclusive Choice)
Vote 3.png

These proposals also have multiple options, but the mod can accommodate one or more of them. For these proposals we give the options representing all of the combinations. So in our example, you could vote for the first option only, the second option only, both the options together, or none of the options.

A Few Highlights
Numerous proposals to change civilizations were made (not all of which were sponsored). I have grouped the ones that were as best as I could based on the decisions of the MAGI, but some compromises had to be made. As a result, I've also tried to keep relevant voting threads close to each other numerically.

A lot of proposals regarding polishing the new spy system were also made, most of which I've grouped close together numerically as well for easier understanding.

And finally, all of the early Policy trees have had proposals made to buff them. These have a particular impact on civs' earlygame power, so consider their effects carefully.

Please be extra attentive when reading the threads which have two proposal numbers this session; in particular, make sure to check the individual options as well as the combinations that you would be happy with seeing.

We have one very important vote on the new threshold for supermajority votes which I'll be moving into the main forum for extra visibility and also spotlighting here:

This vote will determine how easy or hard it is to add major changes (such as new civilizations, new victory conditions, or even integrating 4UC) into the mod. It will not retroactively change the events vote, but it will apply to all changes going forward that require a supermajority vote to pass.

Here is the master list of all voting threads for this session (or just the list, but calling it the "master list" sounds cooler):
(7-01) Make Villages Buildable on Marsh
(7-02) Rename Tyranny to Co-Prosperity Sphere
(7-03) Rename Trade Organization to Containment
(7-04) Autocracy Commerce Raiders Rework
(7-05) Aluminium Tech Requirements
(7-06) Oil and Oil Well Tech Requirement Proposals
(7-07) Polynesian Maori Warrior Proposals
(7-08) Polynesian UA & UI (Moai) Proposals
(7-09 & 7-10) Shoshone and Huns Proposals
(7-11) Hospital and Medical Lab Rework Proposals
(7-12) Change Connectivity of the Tradition Policy Tree
(7-13) CS Quest "Conduct Intelligence Ops" Restricted to 1 [Spy Update 1]
(7-14) Spy XP & Leveling Proposals
(7-15) Pilfer Religious Relics Mission Proposals
(7-16) Kidnap Specialists Mission Proposals
(7-17 & 7-18) Spy Passive Bonus Proposal & Great Leap Forward Proposals
(7-19 & 7-20) Constabulary and Police Station Proposals (& Counterspy Buff)
(7-21) Sabotage City Production Mission Redesign Proposals
(7-22) Allow Non-Recon Units to Pick Up Ancient Ruins
(7-23) Council of Elders Rebalance
(7-24) Supply Cap Penalty Rework
(7-25) Carthage Rework Proposals
(7-26 & 7-27) Tradition & Fealty Scaler Proposals + Fealty Policy Rework Proposals
(7-28) God of the Sea: Remove +2 Food from Coast
(7-29) Porcelain Tower Changeup
(7-30 & 7-31) Summer Palace Buff & Diplomats Ignore Open Borders
(7-32) Musketman -1 CS
(7-33) Skirmisher & War Chariot RCS Proposals
(7-34) Town Gains Culture to Mirror the Village
(7-35) Merchant Specialist Buff Proposals
(7-36) Promise Not to Attack Applies to Both Parties (Troops Near Border)
(7-37) Remove Faith -> Production Conversion from the Order Building
(7-38 & 7-39) Authority Rework Proposals
(7-40) Progress Rework Proposals
(7-41 & 7-42) Japanese Dojo Buff Proposals
(7-43) Remove Notification when a City Starts WLTKD
(7-44) Remove Notification When a Trade Route from Another Player is Plundered
(7-45 & 7-46) Mongolian Khan & Ordo Proposals
(7-47) War Weariness and War Score Affected by Damage on Cities
(7-48) Songhai Nerf Proposals
(7-49) All Civs Gain City Connections Along Rivers
(7-50) Industrial City Connections
(7-51) Change Expiry Conditions for Gift Unit Quest
(7-52) Adjusting Some City-State Influence Rewards
(7-53) Landmarks in City-State Lands Grant Resting Influence Proposals
(7-54) Remove CS Resting Influence Bonuses if War is Declared / City Captured
(7-55 & 7-56) AI Difficulty Bonus Change Proposals
(7-57) Rename Manhattan Project to Nuclear Weapons Program
(7-58) Rename East India Company to Chartered Company
(7-59 & 7-60) Spy Consecutive Election Rigging Proposals
(7-61) Complete the "Complete Kills" Functionality
(7-62) Ottomans Nerf
(7-63) Sea Beggar Prerequisite Tech Change
(7-64) New Coastal Artillery Promotion for Cannon and Later Siege Units
(7-65) Add Tourism to France's Yield Per Unit Scaler
(7-66) Make Forts Pillageable and the Time to Repair Improvements Stop Scaling With Game Speed
(7-67) Tourism Modifier Cap Change
(7-68) Change AI Peace Treaty Behavior - Consistent to All Players in the Same Team
(7-69) Diplomatic Buildings - Count CS you Conquer as Allies for Bonuses
(7-70) Vassal Unit Levy Proposals
(7-71) Remove Unit Upgrade Discount and Some Building Science from Military-Industrial Complex
(7-72) Purchase Cost Reduction Rework Proposals
(7-73) "To the Glory of God" Belief Buff
(7-74) Spain Tweaks... Again
(7-75) Giant Death Robots Standalone, Limited to 2 & Cost More
(7-76 & 7-77) Mayan Kuna & Atlatlist Proposals
(7-78) Standardize City Tile Yields
(7-79) Make Special Forces Cheaper
(7-80) Bomb Rack, Aerial Torpedo Buffs
(7-81) Hand-Axe Buff (+1 CS and +1 RCS)
(7-82) Fill In Scouting Promotions with Water Equivalents
(7-83) Korea Nerf
(7-84) Lebensraum Rework
(7-85) Alert When AI's Non-Expansion Agreement Has Expired
(7-86) God of the Sun Tweak Proposals
(7-87) Rename Oxford University Proposals
(7-88) New Supermajority Vote Threshold

AMENDMENT (about an hour after opening): Proposals 7-33 and 7-81 were combined together into one thread (the new 7-33 thread). Votes have been reset. Threads have been renumbered.
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Hi @Recursive, "And finally, all of the early Policy trees have had proposals made to buff them. These have a particular impact on civs' earlygame power, so consider their effects carefully." --> Both Authority and progress proposals are nerfs, but tradition proposals are buffs !

Thank you for all the work, sooo many proposals !
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