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(7-21) Sabotage Production Spy Mission Redesign [Spy Update 9]

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Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
This is one of a series of proposed tweaks to the Spy system to polish the new version.

Sabotage Production
Cost: 1000 NP
Effect: It removes all production for the active item in the target city (up to 10 turns worth of production).

Rename to Sabotage Wonder
Cost: 1000 NP
Effect: Target City is unable to make wonders, national wonders, or projects for 5 turns.
Note: This effect might look similar to what happens when you lose CS allies and have the statecraft policy tree. In that case, if your needed policies drop below the threshold, the wonder greys out and leaves your build queue, and you have to build something else. This effect would be very similar to that.

Rationale: First of all, its never worth using this mission to do anything but disrupt wonders. Knocking out normal buildings is just not ever worth your NP.

Beyond that, this mission doesn't really work the way people might think it does. I tested it in a recent game, and while the mission can return the production 0 and can in theory effect up to 10 turns of hammers, in actual practice it often only impacts 2-3 turns of wonder production....which is very hard to utilize effectively for a spy mission.

The goal of this change is to make the mission very simple and effective. You can't build wonders for 5 turns....that's it. Simple. On the one hand, it gives you a clear 5 turn window to try and win a wonder race. But on the other, if the victim does lose the wonder, they still get the culture from it (because they don't lose the hammers they spent on it previously).

EDIT: Included missed notes on national wonders and projects.

MAGI: Complex Proposal, database and DLL changes
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World Wonders only or also National Wonders? And how about the Apollo/Manhattan Projects or CEP?
I'd propose it to stop all buildings, processes and projects, so it can be used to stop World Congress wonders as well. Or is that too much?
While I rather like this proposal, I will say that playing with MWfVP (where WW costs gets high and construction times 25-30+ turns) I was twice struck with this mission. One time I used a GE, another time I lost Wonder race to AI.
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