(7-30) Summer Palace: Change +20% Diplomatic Unit Boost to Apply to All Cities

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Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
Current: The summer palace gives +20% diplomatic unit production boost to the city in which you build it.

Proposal: Change this bonus to apply to all cities.

Rationale: Teh summer palace is an ok wonder but nothing special. But further, while you would often need to build this in the capital (because its your major hammer city), you often build diplomatic units in secondary cities, so you lose the bonus. This ensures all of your cities benefits and gives the wonder a nice boost to round it out.

Sponsor Note: This change would require providing a means to create "all city effects" for wonders, which is something people have asked for on many other kinds of wonders and abilities.
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New code btw, if the OP isn't clear enough.
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