(7-41) Increase Dojo's Yield Conversion from Combat XP

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Sep 13, 2015
Spoiler Dojo's yields from combat experience, both old and current :
Old ability
When Units are promoted, gain :c5culture: Culture and :c5science: Science based on their current Level.
Formula: max [1, 4*(new level -2)^2]

Current ability
When Units created by this City gain Experience through combat, gain :c5science: Science and :c5culture: Culture equal to the gained Experience.
Conversion rate: 1 XP = 1:c5science::c5culture:
Yields gain are rounded down, should the unit gain fractional values (e.g. 7.5 XP = 7:c5science::c5culture:).

  • Increase the conversion rate of Dojo's yields from combat experience by 40% (from 1x to 1.4x).


Japan had a sharp drop in performance in the latest AI-only test, going from 7th to 38th, or from a 20% winrate to 2%. I had predicted before that Japan's performance came mainly from the XP handicaps that the AI gets (20 starting XP and +60% XP from combat at Emperor), as the old Dojo ability had exponential scaling with unit level, and two proposals that tried to address it passed: (5-19b), which removed the impact of AIFreeXP starting XP, and (6-26), which prevents AIFreeXPPercent from giving bonus XP from combat vs other AIs. The first proposal had minor impact overall, with Japan dropping from 3rd to 7th. The second one, however, is when Japan dropped from 7th to 38th.

Given the results seen after proposal (6-26), we can expect adjustments to yield conversion to be the most effective way to balance their performance, and we can now do so without major concern regarding AI XP handicaps. The AIFreeXPPercent handicap for Emperor is 60%, so a number somewhere below that should be a good starting value.

MAGI: Complex proposal, the existing database column only supports integer values for the conversion rate
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For the following reasons:
  • It would make the AIFreeXP handicap relevant again, even if it didn't prove to be as much of an issue as AIFreeXPPercent. I'd rather keep handicaps away from influencing a civ's balance as much as possible.
  • The mechanic change by itself was not a major shift in balance, which azum4roll had intended so regarding expected yield output.
  • Not as clear which values would be good to bring the civ away from its current 38th placement / 2% winrate, compared to what we know from the current mechanic's interaction with the +60% XP from prior AIFreeXPPercent.
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It's not going to be exactly 40% better because of rounding issues.
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