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(7-76) Move Kuna's Tech Boost on Mathematics to Theology

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Sep 13, 2015
Spoiler Kuna's stats :
+2 :c5faith: +1 :c5science:
Unlocks at Construction
Can be built on: Forest, Jungle

Cannot be adjacent to another Kuna.

Mathematics: +2 :c5science:
Astronomy: +2 :c5science:
Archaeology: +2 :c5science:
Flight: +2 :c5culture:

  • Mathematics +2 :c5science: Science to Maya's Kuna is moved to Theology.
Spoiler Tech tree image, for reference :
maya tree.png


The current +2 :c5science: Science on Mathematics comes too early. It is just one tech column after the Kuna is unlocked at Construction, and this tech is one of the prerequisites for Mathematics as well. Moreover, this makes the Kuna a 5-yield improvement at a time when Academies and Manufactories are still 6-yield GPTIs.

The early Medieval techs are a more appropriate place for this tech boost, as by then, the mentioned GPTIs become 9-yield ones (see Metal Casting and Physics). Of the early Medieval techs, I chose Theology for thematic considerations, as the Kuna is referenced in the Civilopedia as a Mayan word for "temple".
+1 :c5science: and +3 :c5science: is a big difference. I don't think they need that much of a nerf.
maybe reduce the boost to +1 instead, and move this removed +1 to theology or astronomy
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