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[Complex] (7-NS) A new feature for Purchased Units - Consume Gold on healing

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Feb 21, 2024
Proposal: Purchased Units gain promotion which consume Gold equal to recovered HP, scaling with Era and game speed. Promotion Lost on Upgrade

Rationale: In current game the mercenary nature of purchased Units only emhasized by reduced XP. However, Mercenaries always require some Gold to hire new recruits when their troops suffer losses. So, I guess some Gold-consuming Healing would be a fun option to highlight this side of mercenary armies. Also it will force human players to spend hammers on training Units (Guess, many players prefer purchasing Units rather than investing in buildings).

MAGI: Complex proposal, DLL and database changes, and new promotion icon
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There's been a lot of discussion around supply in the past month or two, but no consensus on how to approach it. Some have touched on healing. I imagine in some future round we'll see some more robust proposals on the topic.

This one here is an interesting idea to add to mix, though I'm hesitant without seeing more ideas put forward on broader supply concepts. As far as this concept goes I think I'd be inclined to have all units cost gold equally to repair, not just purchased units. Simpler to understand and keep track of that way, and if the mechanism works then why not apply it broadly?
With no compensatory buff, you're taking an already underutilized mechanic and making it worse.
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