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[Complex] (7-NS) Artistry Finisher reveal Antiquity Sites on Unlock

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Not on a GPTI, but yes, it can spawn under regular improvement.
I was thinking of when someone else gets there first like they were discussing earlier (then it can, right?)

But you don't improve every tile. It might be on the tile you plan to improve soon, but now you've revealed it and cannot improve it anymore.
Yes I suppose it can happen. To me that's just an "oh well", happens to me in newer cities sometimes already. I get if that feels bad to others though.
That happens already. Changing when sites are revealed doesn't materially change where they are revealed.
Could one also change it so all basic improvements can be built on top of the ruins anyway? Would that solve the problemo?
This has implications for what antiquity sites get picked. If Artistry is finished by someone before the end of the Renaissance then fewer possible plots for antiquity sites will be added from the Renaissance era. This means a higher proportion of the antiquity sites that spawn on the map will be from medieval era or earlier.
This seems like the biggest change here, honestly. Bigger than how many improvements will be displaced. Different-era themes will be harder to fill, Renaissance-specific themes, etc.

I don't know if it's feasible to have like a "second wave" of reveals on the Policy vs. the Tech, but that seems like it might be a good solution if possible.
Something like:
- First person to complete Artistry places and reveals Hidden Antiquity Sites.
- First person to complete Archaeology places and reveals [regular] Antiquity Sites.
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