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[DLL] (7-NS) Disable Fortify button and fortified status for all Units

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Feb 21, 2024
if i calculated it correctly there are only 3 types of Units left that can fortify and benefit from fortified status (though I'm not sure is it beneficial at all). They are: Melee/Gun, Archery and Recon.
Lets take a look on them one by one:

Melee Units already have their Unique promotions like Discipline, Field Works, Entrenchments, DFPs. So, even the titles of these promotions clearly related to fortification - that's why this type of Units don't need affitional Fortify status.

Archery Units - relatively close to artillery Units which already cannot fortify. Therefore it would be logical to disable Fortify option for them too.

Recon Units - relatively close to melee Units but have different niche and already have strong defensive promotions to choose. Their role not to be fortified but rather to run as fast as possible. So, they also don't need Fortify status

Proposal: Disable Fortify status and fortify buttons for all Units that still have this option enabled.

Rationale: We already have promotions that can replace fotified status if it is necessary. Plus AI don't use Fortify status very effectively - it would be fair to provide equal conditions to both AI and Human players
What would this change actually change? Melee units lose that defense bonus and then the massive weakening against g guns and machine guns I believe?
It makes defending harder, but I do not like this change at all. Removing a tactical option is lame.
Also I just like fortifying. I've mentioned before that cataphract is my favorite UU, and it's because it can fortify on a unit class that normally can't.
Fortification helps blunt the edge of a first strike. Removing it seems like a really bad idea. I want more options for how to play a fight, not fewer. Even if Infantry are armoring up every turn, trying to heal through an onslaught while archers pick away over their shields, that feels like a tactically significant choice. Without it, melee units which oftentimes want to be preserving health, not attacking, will just stand around. Also the Fortified state can be relevant for promotions, like some Siege line ones that give a bonus versus fortified. I don't want to lose that.

Fortification is what "human" units do; horses, boats, machines do not. That distinction is important to me.
Every Civ game has fortify. It's a core mechanic for me and I am not in favour of changing it. If anything there should be more things to interact with fortify.
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