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(7-WD) Carthaginian Great Cothon buff

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Aug 9, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Current Carthage Great Cothon:
Unlocks at Currency (2 techs early)
Requires Market (instead of customs house)
+2 Trade Route Slots
-1 :c5unhappy: poverty
+2:c5culture: to lighthouses and +3:c5production: to Harbours on Empire
All standard East India Company bonuses
Trade Route target and recipient bonus is 1 higher

Harbor bonuses:
+150 HP
+2 War Supply
+15%:c5production: when building naval units
+50% sea trade route length and +2:c5gold:
When a Sea Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a Tourism boost with the Civ based on your culture output
+1:c5food: to coast and ocean tiles
+1:c5production: to sea resources
Can buy Cargo ships with :c5gold:

Remove the Market requirement from Cothon
Remove the +1:c5gold: over the standard trade bonuses of the EIC
Cothon gives a free Harbor in the city.

The Cothon was a harbor, so this is very thematic
The Harbor gives a lot of very useful and thematic bonuses that help Carthage's overall strategy. Having access to them early would be a both a flavor and power boost
According to recent test games, Carthage needs a power boost.
Being able to buy Cargo ships early and having access to the naval production modifier in 1 city in time for Carthage's UU would be very useful.
The market prerequisite is pretty pointless. It's a very early and very cheap building; I don't know why the Cothon needs any prerequisites at all.

This was originally part of this proposal, which proposes to remove the free lighthouses from Carthage. Without that change also being approved this is probably too many free buildings in a single kit. Nonetheless, it's enough of a standalone change that I felt it could be separated into its own vote.
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Perhaps I should consolidate this with my Carthage UA proposal after all.

@Recursive , could you please close this proposal?
this is probably too many free buildings in a single kit
Whilst it is true, maybe Cartage is just the "get many free stuff" Civ ? Free lighthouse, free gold on settling, one free harbor.
That could be their signature.
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