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[Sponsored] (8-37) 4UC Shoshone


Aug 9, 2017
Alberta, Canada
This is a thread for discussing the addition of 2 more unique components to the Shoshoni civilization.

Unlike other threads, the Shoshone are due to go through a rework, so I cannot post a preview of the new base VP kit
Spoiler 4UC components as they appear in-game :


Spoiler Description of 4UC components :

UM - Yellow Brow (replaces Tercio):
Available at Gunpowder
300 :c5production: Production Cost
27 :c5strength: CS
2 :c5moves: Movement​
"Big Horse Dance" (Fights at Full when damaged. Defense Bonus when fortified is doubled)​
"Formation I"​

UB - Buffalo Pound (replaces Well/Watermill):
Available at Military Strategy (1 tech later than Well, but 1 tech before Water Mill)
110 :c5production: Production Cost
1 :c5gold: Gold Maintenance​
can be built anywhere
+3:c5food: Food and +3 :c5production: Production​
+1 :c5food: Food and +1 :c5production: Production for every 4 :c5citizen: Citizens
+1 :c5food: to Sheep, Cattle, Deer and Bison
+1:c5gold: Gold for each Encampment on a tile owned by this City
Overall grade: A
Not quite perfect, but both components fit the Shoshone play style, both thematically and mechanically. Nothing to complain about.

Yellow Brow
Theme - A.
The Ohamupe, or Yellow Brow, were the most prominent military society of the Shoshone, performing a key warfare and policing duty for their tribes. These military societies were a prominent part of plains tribes life, taking slightly different forms in various other groups like the Cheyenne, Blackfoot, and many more. One distinctive part of these military societies that developed prior to European contact is the ritual of no-retreat combat. In the famous instance of Cheyenne Dog Soldiers, the warrior would literally hammer a peg into the ground with a leash, and fight from his position until he was either killed or the peg was removed by an ally. With the Shoshone Yellow Brows, a similar ritual was performed surrounding a war leader who would plant his staff, and all other men would defend him to their dying breaths, or until the head warrior removed his staff from the ground.
Mechanics - S. A defensive unit and gains a higher defensive bonus while fortified. This is a perfect match for Shoshone’s aggressive turtle style of warfare. These units hold their ground well, especially in combination with defensive tile bonuses and tick damage from encampments.
Uniqueness - B. Tercio is not a very unique base unit, but the thematic and mechanical links with the culture are so strong it is more than acceptable.

Buffalo Pound
Theme - B.
The Shoshone weren’t the most prominent users of buffalo pounds, but they did use them and we have no other representatives of a Great Plains culture who would fit better. Any other alternative for these people would probably be some slight variation of a tipi.
Mechanics - A. The Buffalo Pound gives additional yields in the city for each UI you place on a tile owned by that same city, whether or not it is being worked. Because Shoshone expands so fast, you will have a lot of tiles outside working range, so this UB gives some economic incentive to build encampments beyond their defensive utility. This addresses a gap in the existing kit.
Uniqueness – B. Well/Watermill is already covered by the Nilometer, but a 2 building mutually exclusive pair can have 2 different UBs just fine. The mechanics are a perfect match for the Shoshone.
minor issue from 3/4UC that might carry over here,
Civilopedia info and tooltip for Big Horse Dance promotion is a bit vague, it just says "adds defense bonus" and "defense bonus added" instead of a proper amount.
Yellow Brow double fortify effect needs a column in UnitPromotions
Buffalo Pound needs a Building_YieldFromImprovementsLocal table
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