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(8-WD) 4UC Russia | Changes to Ostrog

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Chippy Smith

Nov 24, 2021
Russia's buildings have been identified as boring by some, and relatively weak by others. Their performance in the AI test games indicates that they need a boost. As a popular civ for players due to the unique strategies enabled by their UA, my foremost intent with these buildings is to maintain Russia's identity in VP.
The goal of these changes is to give Russia scaling bonuses towards owned land as her bonuses from Border Growth become less relevant, as well as give her an ability to push for more varied victory conditions.

This particular building is the same as the one in Pineappledan's alternative proposal as described in 8-36a, but without the his alternative UA and other UB featured in said proposal.

Spoiler Proposed Ostrog :

Spoiler Current Ostrog :


Proposed Ostrog:
Change bonus to Nearby Strategic Resources from +1 :c5production: Production and :c5gold: Gold to +2 :c5science: Science
Remove +1 :c5production: Production and :c5gold: Gold to Camps, Mines and Lumber Mills
Add +1% :c5production: for every Tile between this City and the :c5capital:Capital, up to +25%

All other bonuses the same as current Ostrog.

  • Granting bonus based on distance from :c5capital:Capital is flavorful, and :c5production: fits best both in terms of flavor and balance, with a cap to prevent unintended strategies.
  • The Great Wall ability this building grants should still be its most impactful ability, on unlock and into the late game. I feel like this is still true.
If this seems too strong, please explain why; which yield, when they unlock, identity of yield, etc. The coefficients on the yields make sense to me as is, but I'm open to improvements. This building is intended to be stronger than it was before. I don't intend to make my proposal much weaker; vote for the existing Ostrog if you feel that's adequate. Thanks!
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Proposed Ostrog:
Remove +1 :c5production: Production and :c5gold: Gold to Camps, Mines and Lumber Mills
Add +1 :c5production: to City for every Tile Improvement (excluding roads and Great Person Improvements) on tiles owned by the City
I am sure you do understand that these two changes contradict each other? You can call it a buff even considering that farms and villages count for improvements as well, it also doesnt match your Pogost proposal, ending up with villages having +3 Production each. This is just huge in my opinion.
I think the building is better off without the +1 to all improvements. It is not necessary.

Adding +1 to all improvements will create a text bloat issue. The help text will list every improvement type and cause the building description to spill off the page.
Removed +1 to all improvements for readability. This makes this building exactly like Pinappledan's alternative proposal as described in the 8-36a thread.
Just pointing out that the % bonus to Production from distance to Capital is already present within the kit of the Ainu civ (which is modmod, I know, but still).
How do we still have two counterproposals on the same civ by one proposer?
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