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9 Most Wanted Civs Post BNW

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by Brennan1214, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. PrimoXanthous

    PrimoXanthous ~ knightmare13 ~

    Feb 19, 2012
    Sa Puso mo
    Shouldn't it be Vietcong ? I think it should replace WWII infantry. just sayin :D
  2. Via

    Via Chieftain

    Jun 25, 2007
  3. Cilpot

    Cilpot Pretentious Schmuck

    Oct 15, 2001
    Oslo, Norway
    I want more ancient/classical civilizations. Sumerians, Hittites and an Indus valley civilization. Also, I'd like more aggressive civs like the Zulu, it's always fun to play with them. Maybe Tamerlane.

    In addition I'd like all references to Norway removed from Denmark. :p
  4. Red Milk

    Red Milk Chieftain

    Apr 6, 2013
    I'll pick 7 to round out the final number of civilizations to 50.

    Vietnam with Ho Chi Minh
    Cambodia/Khmers with Jayavarman II
    Cuba with Fidel Castro
    Gran Colombia with Simón Bolívar
    Haiti with Toussaint L'ouverture
    Romania/Wallachia with Vlad Tepes
    And as a darkhorse Albania with Enver Hoxha
  5. otaman1

    otaman1 Prince

    Mar 14, 2013
    That's a country, not a city.
  6. Viregel

    Viregel , The Rt. Hon.

    Jun 10, 2013
    Kingdom of the Britons
    I agree with all of them, and the Albania one is incredibly dark horse. Nice choices! (Especially Haiti. It needs far more support.)
  7. Arachnofiend

    Arachnofiend Perturbed Pugilist

    Oct 5, 2012
    If it's WWII Infantry it would be the Viet Minh. Cong was later.
  8. AW Arcaeca

    AW Arcaeca Deus Vult

    Mar 10, 2013
    Operation Padlock ground zero
    Definitely Switzerland. They could have a pontifical guard for a UU and get OP defense bonuses for their UA for neutrality. (which, BTW, are both parts of the Swiss mod I'm almost done with)

    Other civs I would like to see, but a little scared about how Firaxis would probably butcher them:
    - Tibet
    - Zapotecs
    - Armenia
    - Uzbekistan
    - Inuits
    - Aborigines
    - Nephites
    - Harappa
    - Minoans
    - Czech
    - Serbia
    - Croatia
    - Belgium
    - Israel
    - Berbers
    - Macedon
    - Latvia
    - Cote d'Ivoire
    - Caribs
    - Kilwa
    - Italy (after Roman times)
    - Phillipines
  9. otaman1

    otaman1 Prince

    Mar 14, 2013
    Vietcong = Communist Vietnam or North Vietnam
    Viet Minh = Vietnamese seeking Independence from France

    Big difference.
  10. Seabastian Civ

    Seabastian Civ King

    Sep 10, 2012
    This is exactly why I called then Vietnamese Riflemen! lol
  11. Guandao

    Guandao Rajah of Minyue and Langkasuka

    Mar 30, 2011
    New York City
    Nephites????? from the Book of Mormon?
    What will a Cote d'Ivoire civ be like? It's a fairly young country, often suffering from civil war.
  12. Zigzagzigal

    Zigzagzigal Chieftain

    Dec 29, 2012
    United Kingdom
    I made a list of possible Civs. There's 11 here, to get it down to 9, take out Italy and Mali (to avoid overlap.)

    • Bulgaria (Interesting regional power few know about)
    • Hittites (Present in Civ 3)
    • Italy (Post-Roman Italy lacks representation. I know there's Venice, but what about the rest of it?)
    • Inuits (Like Polynesia, covers cultures usually not represented and could be incredibly fun gameplay-wise.)
    • Kongo (Had a huge, long-lasting empire and fills a blind spot for playable Civs. Certainly merits inclusion)
    • Khmer/Cambodia (Present in Civ 4)
    • Mali (Present in Civ 4. There's overlap with the Songhai empire, but then again, you get both Rome and Byzantium which have even more overlap.)
    • Mughals (South Asia is more diverse than a single India civ implies. The Mughal Fort would probably become a different sort of building for the Mughals with India getting a new unique.)
    • Sioux (Present in Civ 2.)
    • Sumeria (Present in Civ 3 and 4, and even has assets in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario)
    • Vietnam (Popular choice)
  13. Gyra Solune

    Gyra Solune King

    Jul 1, 2013
    First-off the one I've fleshed out the most conceptually:

    Canada - John A. Macdonald - Symbol is a maple leaf of course, colors are blue on teal as in the current municipal flag of Ottawa (originally went with brown on green with the triple leaf symbol of the Ontario coat of arms, but the scheme is too similar to India's)

    Multinationalism - Upon establishing a Defensive Pact, gain the other civilization's Unique Ability, and allow that civilization to do the same.

    (that civilization does not pass on that ability as well: if Canada establishes a Defensive Pact with Byzantium, Canada may gain an additional belief, and if Byzantium then establishes a DP with Siam, it gets those increases in CS yields, but Siam will gain nothing unless it has a Defensive Pact with Canada as well. Basically this establishes mutually beneficial and extremely powerful diplomacy blocs, with Canada and their allies reaping the benefits from each others' UAs)

    Unique Unit - Mounted Police - Replaces Cavalry. Unlike the unit it replaces, it removes 75% of the :c5unhappy: Unhappiness of a city it is garrisoned in.

    (It does not pass that ability upon upgrade: you may not have a super happy Landship Police. It presents a choice: keep Industrial-era melee units stationed in your cities and be super-happy, or upgrade them and lose the smilies to defend yourself better.)

    Unique Improvement - Igluit - May only be built on Snow and tiles adjacent to it. Available at Construction. Provides +1 :c5production: Production, :c5culture: Culture, and :c5faith: Faith to the nearest city. Does not require a :c5citizen: Citizen to be worked.

    (They do not need to be in your territory to provide benefits, they will give their bonuses to any nearby city, if two are in equal range it will give them to the smaller city. They do the same even if the city is not Canadian. This is basically the Inuit compromise >.>)

    On one hand, I basically think a good expansion concept would be the four big modern nations alongside five of the six yet-to-be included veterans (either Mali or HRE would be cut, I'm leaning towards Mali as the Songhai basically covers it, but then Austria practically covers the HRE in execution). On the other hand, I think those two sets would make better DLC than anything, and nine entirely different civs be put into an expansion. Of that, I guess I have nine picks for that, in attempt to be balanced and fit with the theme the expansion will require (being inevitably science-oriented, as that's the victory that requires the most work):

    Norway (remove all Denmark's Norwegian stuff, give them the Ski Infantry and the Stave Church)

    Kongo (by and far the most viable new African entry)

    Chile (solid enough South American choice, IMO)

    Georgia (easily the best choice for a Caucasus civ, plus it has a solid female leader, Tamar)

    Vietnam (overlap with Khmer if they are indeed included, but it is definitely popular here, and the Trung Sisters would be awesome)

    Malaysia (A bit of SE Asian dominance, yes, but there's a lot to this region, and many different eras of Malay people to possibly cover)

    Mughal (A very huge and dominant empire that's probably a long time coming.)

    Hungary (also pretty popular, and could be done well with)

    Holy See (basically the concept for another weird civ, the idea would basically be amassing immense power from religion, primarily Production for followers in other civs, and gaining rewards from following CSs even if they aren't your ally. Probably would be a bit odd and controversial, but could be interesting)
  14. Pouakai

    Pouakai It belongs in a museum. Moderator

    Jun 16, 2010
    I'd love to see them do something like a pack with Tibet and Israel or something as the very last DLC, at the point where it wouldn't matter as much about being PC. DLC can be region-blocked too IIRC, so you could just ban the DLC in China and get away with it.

    Other than that, I think some more African civs still (Kongo / Swahili / Zimbabwe), as well as a couple more civs from America (Gran Colombia, maybe someone like the Mapuche or something) and a couple of unique playstyle civs (Nazca or the Nabataeans comes to mind, or even a nomadic civ like the Tuareg).

    In the scope of a later game, I think I would like to see a bit less of the amalgamation civs that we've seen - have the Maori or Hawaii instead of Polynesia, and the Mughals or Maratha instead of India.
  15. Tiktaalik

    Tiktaalik Chieftain

    Jun 22, 2013
    Very nice concept for Canada! I'd play it. :)
  16. ginko

    ginko Chieftain

    Oct 1, 2013
    I think a Tibet/Nepal Civilization would be an amazing addition to the game right now
    Leader: Dhali Lama *Mountainous start bias*
    UA Himalayan Plateau: Can settle on and work mountain tiles, +1 faith +1 production +1 food +1 Gold from mountain tiles as well as +50% city strength
    UB Gompa: Replaces Temple, +2:c5culture: and +50%:c5faith: from this city as well as usual temple +2:c5faith: upon discovering Archeology all great works in city provide +1 extra tourism
    UU Tibetan Monk: Replaces Missionary, can be faith purchased 50% cheaper than normal missionary/takes a 50% bigger attrition hit, can improve tiles and has the combat strength of the basic melee unit of the current era.
  17. Talcove

    Talcove Slayer of Spies

    Apr 23, 2013
    Canada, led by Wilfrid Laurier.
    Argentina, led by Eva Peron.

    I really feel that the non-native Americas are very under-represented. Adding one of each to both South and North America would really help. And, as to the leader choice for Argentina - if Theodora can be the leader of Byzantium, then Eva Peron can be the leader of Argentina... It's totally not just because I want to mod in music from Evita. :lol:

    Australia (Native or post-colonial)

    The reason for this being that the Australian continent is completely not represented. I also imagine that TSL Earth maps make this a big problem, with the whole of Australia having only 1-2 city states and a horde of barbarians.
  18. MantaRevan

    MantaRevan Emperor

    Oct 9, 2011
    Unlike what earlier posters have suggest, Vietnam is distinct from the Siamese civilization, which mostly covers the historical kingdom of Sukhothai in modern day Thailand rather than the long-term cultural entity of Vietnam.

    Some historians have called Mali the center of learning in the African world and I honestly wanted them over Songhai. Mali was an incredibly wealthy and interesting civ that has more personality to me than their Songhai Vassals. Mansa Musa would be a welcome return.

    They were the dominant political force in ancient Anatolia, and notable for their developments in metallurgy. Civ 3 had them and it seemed cool.

    When I talk about Harappa, I'm referring to the ancient civilization encompassing the ancient Indus valley city states such as Mohenjo-Daro that were remarkable for their comparatively high quality of life in the ancient world and ingenious plumbing system.

    I'm basically going to say that same the same thing here as I will say for Australia. I'd have my fingers crossed for Trudeau.

    I'm sure another poster can make a better justification for Australia's inclusion than I can, but it seems obvious for an under-represented region. Maybe the Aborigine would be a better pick.

    The Mughal empire established an independent and unique civ in India that I think would makes for a great dark horse in the next expansion.

    Sumeria deserves a spot for being what most scholars understand to be the first civilization, but Mesopatamia is getting quite crowded right now, and Gilgamesh is a little too mythical to be a leader. That doesn't mean they couldn't pick a different king

    Might be a little bit obscure, but the Ainu would be new to the series and are very different from the native Yamato culture. I'd use Shakushain.

    I'd hope for Tibet, although I understand how this could be sensitive in the current political climate, although I don't think Firaxis really has anything to worry about honestly.
  19. Ellye

    Ellye Warlord

    May 13, 2008

    Yeah, I'm crowding some regions.
  20. JanghanHong

    JanghanHong Enrico Trololo

    May 29, 2012
    Kingston, Canada
    Not sure if serious.

    Also, I don't really care for others, I just want Canada.

    Leader: Lester Pearson

    UA: Civilization cannot declare war on Canada if a Canadian diplomat is in their capital.

    UU: Mountie: Cavalry with extra sight, +10% enemy spy defense and +1 happiness for a city it is garrisoned.

    UI: Sugarbush, available with trapping, gives +1 food and +1 gold on forests, +1 gold with economics. It is considered as trading post for social policy bonuses.

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