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A 1,000 More Clues You Played Too Much Civ 6

Laurana Kanan

Don’t underestimate who I am.
Apr 10, 2014
Near the Greatest Snow on Earth
With the previous thread hitting 1,000 clues, it's time to continue the fun with a new thread!

1001. You realize a thousand clues just weren't enough to drive home the point that we're all Civfanatics.

See the previous thread here:
1002. You are happy that the thread lives on as a sign of our dedication.
1003. You wonder how artworks go on exhibit tours if they can only be moved once every 10 turns.
1004. You believe that every civilization produced identical spears, mosaics, and cat mummies.
1005. You question how was the Venetial Arsenal built in a commercial CS.
1006. I see Seowon on the hill with a bust of a Sejong right by the entrance and actually like it.
1008. Your little children ask: Dad, why does your corn grow in water (in the sea)?
1009. In average you believe most cultural buildings can only put three pieces of art in their inventory
1011. You wonder how is the diplomatic victory race going for your country when you hear news about sending aid packages to other countries.
1013: You believe you can build a railroad inside a flooded city center.

1014: You believe hurricanes can form at the North Pole.
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1018. You actually believe in ancient Babylonian airplanes.
1019. You actually believe that Gandhi was a nuclear warlord.
1020. The voice of Sean Bean will be in your head forever.
1021. Whenever the Giant Death Robots start marching, you will be prepared.
1022. You believe that the pillaged wonders IRL are a result of nukes.
1023. You believe ski resorts and mountain tunnels are indestructible.
1024. You believe only the Portuguese can remove their Feitorias.
1030: Whenever someone insults you, you say at them, "Well, at least I wasn't the model for Kublai Khan." (no offense)
1031: You believe that Qin Shi Huang converted barbarians by killing melee units.
1032: You believe that Ludwig II didn't really care about wonders, and never finished any.
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