A Bit of Weirdness with V158.2


Oct 4, 2010
San Antonio, TX, USA
I just quit a v158.2 game around turn 350.

I was going for a science victory and was slowly catching up on the leading Civs, but the game kept going weird on me, so I finally through in the towel.

When I downloaded the mod file, it said it was V158.2, but when I started the game it instead showed as v158.1. Thinking that was not worth bothering with, I simply restarted and even added a few more mods to my game.

After fighting a very long war with the Aztecs, I finally captured most of their cities and made them into puppets. Then, around turn 325 all of the puppet cities magically changed into annexed cities. Well, I was about to annex them myself, but didn't like it happending mysteriously. Even worse, these cities kept changing their production ques from what I ordered. Each turn I would correct the production ques, and the very next turn they would all switch again. After 25 turns of this, I gave up.

The only thing I can think might have caused this was the "Unique Building - Basilica" mod I'd added from Whoward 69, except no one's reported any problems on its mod forum.

Has anyone else experienced city weirdness like this, or was I just "Lucky"?
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