[SCENARIO] A Civil War

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Aug 10, 2020
A Place in Earth idk
This took me a lot of months to do especially that I got other important things to do but I finally going to post the scenario, the scenario is about a fictional monarchy named the Crotgian Nation that passes unwanted and oppressive rules and finally after 200 years many areas of the nation declared independence, and this was the beginning of this some what inevitable conflict. Crotgia and another nation make a alliance to restore the kingdom, and the very different ideals (communism and democracy) of other rebel nations cause even more violence in the nation, it is your decision to choose you nation and make their fate.

Here are the installation versions:

Some of the people that I got content from are not announced because some of the content i got were from other scenarios so if your creation was in here but was not mentioned in the "READ ME" document in the scenario then you have all the rights to say if one of your creations were put in this scenario. Also this is my first scenario so if you are having some issues then tell me!

Thank you :)
Download links to google drive with limited access. It is impossible to download the mod.
hmm wierd, it did say that but i could install it, maybe ignore the message, but if it genualiy doesnt have a button for dowloading it then i will look in to it, thanks for the feedback. :thumbsup:
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