A comment/suggestion to Cunobelin Of Hippo and Lefty Scaevola about SGs


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Oct 29, 2000
I have noticed a lot of Sucession games going on here and have joined one myself. My suggestion is that maybe we could make the current games sticky so they don't jump around all the time in there placement on the screen. This of course would cause more work for you guys and there would have to be rules (like how many days of inactivity before a SG is unstickied) but I think it would be better this way.
Sorry if someone suggested this already. :)
I like them bouncing around the screen. It is easy to tell at a glance if the game you are playing in has had some posts in its thread (without the deplorable auto-email).

Active SGs are naturally sticky. Completed, stagnant, or disbanded ones automagically become "un-sticky". No administration required.

There are a LOT of succession games running. The LK succession "franchise" is now on its 11th game, with four of them active. RBD has five games active, six if you count Sirian's Infantry game as an RBD game. EX & GFC are both running two concurrent games, and there are many one-off succession games without alphabet soup titles. Making every one sticky means that most non-succession game threads would post on page 2 by default.

If keeping SGs sorted from all the non-SG posts that are found in this forum are a problem, maybe the solution would be to create a SG-only forum and leave this one for "pure" stories and tales, only.
I can't speak for Lefty of course, but I would have to concur with pretty much everything Carbon_Copy said. The active ones rise, the dead ones fall. Unless we had someone out here doing the job full time I don't think it's feasible, as I'm POSITIVE I wouldn't have the time to go through all these threads that often ;)
Good points. I should use the forum that I am commenting in more before I offer suggestions. ;)
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