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A Complete Guide to Achievements (Civ V)

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by ragan651, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. ragan651

    ragan651 High Regent of Candlewick

    Jul 9, 2012
    NW US
    Civilization V - A Complete Guide To Achievements

    Click here for the Wiki version.
    The wiki version will have more detailed and current information, and is user-editable.

    Spoiler Show Table of Contents :

    Page 1: Base Game and DLC

    Base Game (Vanilla):
    • General Achievements
    • Leader Achievements
    • Difficulty Achievements
    • Map Achievements
    • Victory Condition Achievements
    • Policy Achievements
    • Completion Achievements
    • 100 City Achievements
    • Counting Achievements
    • Civilization-Specific Achievements
    • Mod Achievements

    DLC Achievements:
    • Leader Achievements
    • Special Achievements

    • Rise of The Mongols
    • Conquest of The New World
    • Paradise Found
    • 1066: Year of Viking Destiny
    • Samurai Invasion of Korea
    • Wonders of the Ancient World

    Page 2: Expansions
    Gods and Kings:

    • General Achievements
    • Leader Achievements
    • Religion Achievements
    • Espionage Achievements

    Gods and Kings Scenarios:

    • Into The Renaissance
    • Fall of Rome
    • Empires of the Smoky Skies

    Brave New World:

    • General Achievements
    • Leader Achievements
    • Policy Achievements
    • Ideology Victory Achievements
    • Civilization-Specific Achievements
    • World Congress Achievements

    Brave New World Scenarios:

    • The American Civil War
    • Scramble For Africa

    Page 3: Reference
    Miscellaneous Information:

    • Achievements Listed By Civilization
    • Broken Achievements
    • How To Track Achievements
    • Removed Achievements
    • Pop Culture References

    Page 4: Appendices
    Model of a Modern Major-General:

    Barbary Pirate

    The Debug File:

    • Achievement Listings
    • Achievement Totals


    • Achievement Saves
    • Regarding Exploits

    Additional Resources



    This guide contains all the information on how to unlock and track every Steam achievement in Civilization V. It began as a dissection of the file achievements_debug.log, which is used in tracking achievements, as well as a response to a number of inaccurate claims of broken achievements.

    Through examining various sources, beginning with the debug log, I was able to sort and organize every achievement in the game, and discover the actual unlock conditions for most of them. At the time of writing this, I have not unlocked all of these achievements (my current count is actually 60%). I have found, however, that the notes in this guide have been almost completely accurate in unlocking those achievements. I will not say there are no mistakes here, this guide is always under constant revision and improvements. I welcome input and corrections where needed.

    I have grouped all achievements into categories that explain the type of achievement. This order differs from the listing on Steam and the debug file. Because of the different ordering and length of the document, I recommend using the find feature of your browser to locate information on a particular achievement. ​

    Achievement Requirements:

    • Achievements require a Steam version of Civilization V (The Mac Campaign Edition does not work with these achievements). They may be earned on PC or Mac.
    • Achievements do not work when mods are enabled. To unlock or progress in an achievement, you must play without mods.
    • Achievement are disabled in multiplayer, with the exception of Last Man Standing.
    • Many achievements can be unlocked in Hot Seat by player 1.
    • In Internet play, I have verified that counting achievements such as The Appian Way do not work.
    • Achievements not listed in the Base Game (Vanilla) section require either DLC or Gods and Kings to unlock.
    • Many achievements require a specific scenario to unlock. This are not always listed as requiring this, which is the cause of a lot of confusion.
    • Most achievements will unlock in scenarios. Completing a scenario counts as a win for Panzer "Shafernator" General.
    • Using FireTuner in the SDK to edit your game will disable achievements (credit to anmattos).
    • Achievements may not work correctly if reward popups are disabled.

    Base Game (Vanilla):

    General Achievements

    These are unlocked by performing a specific task in the game. They don't fit into any other categories.

    • Dr. Heidegger's Experiment - Discover the Fountain of Youth natural wonder. This and Raleigh's Road To Riches were added with DLC, but can be found without it. They are somewhat rare.
    • Engineer - Build a Wonder.
    • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Upgrade any unit.
    • He Threw a Car at My Head! - Have a barbarian capture a city. This is a notoriously difficult achievement, because the barbarians don't coordinate their attacks well enough to easily capture a city, and once they are wounded, they stop the attack. It is possible, however. In the base game (no Gods and Kings), this achievement is easier if you can attract a number of barbarian ships as well as ground units...since the ships don't take damage when attacking, they don't follow the same pattern of attack, and can bring a city's HP down easily, allowing a ground attack to work. In Gods and Kings, the barbarians will build melee ships first. (Thanks to joncnunn.)
    • I Can Has Nukes? - Use a nuclear weapon on another civ's city.
    • I'm on a Boat! - Embark any unit. Requires Optics or Polynesia.
    • It's Super Effective - Destroy an enemy unit in a single attack.
    • Last Man Standing - Win a Multiplayer game. The other players do not need to be present when you finish the game, so you can earn this achievement against AI. I am unsure if you can start a game with no other players and earn this, but it probably would work.
    • Magellan - Explore the map to prove the world is round by returning to where you started. This only works on "round" maps, which includes all the basic map types. Fixed maps or regional maps that do not loop will not work. This particular achievement is glitchy, and may not always unlock. (Possibly broken).
    • Moving on Up - Promote a unit with experience.
    • Neighborhood Bully - Capture a city state, establish it as a puppet city, then annex it.
    • One to Rule Them All - Win the game using the One City Challenge option in advanced setup.
    • Peace and Prosperity - Start a golden age.
    • Raleigh's Road to Riches - Discover the El Dorado natural wonder.
    • Say Hello to My Little Friend - Become an ally of a city state.
    • Second City - Build a second city.
    • Seriously?!? - Have a civ build a wonder before you can 10 times over any number of games. You do not have to be building the wonder to get this. (Thanks to joncnunn.)
    • Tomb Raider - Pillage gold from an Egyptian city with a burial tomb in it. Some people report this achievement is bugged. I have earned it myself, but I don't remember how I did so. Supposedly, you just need to capture an egyptian city with a burial tomb...
    • Treasure Hunter - Discover an ancient ruin.
    • Two Men Enter, One Man Leave - Capture every city of a civilization.

    Leader Achievements

    These are earned by winning a normal game using a specific leader.

    • A Magnificent Victory - Win as Suleiman The Magnificent (Ottoman Empire)
    • A Woman's Work - Win as Wu Zetian (China)
    • Age of Empire - Win as Darius I (Persia)
    • Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka - Win as Ramesses the Great (Egypt)
    • The African King - Win as Askia (Songhai)
    • Arabian Knights - Win as Harun al-Rashid (Arabia)
    • Blood and Iron - Win as Otto Von Bismarck (Germany)
    • Empire of the East - Win as Ramkhamhaeng (Siam)
    • First in the Hearts of Your Countrymen - Win as George Washington (America)
    • First of the Mohicans - Win as Hiawatha (Iroquois)
    • Give Peace a Chance - Win as Mohandas Ghandi (India)
    • The Man Who Would Be King - Win as Alexander the Great (Greece)
    • Master of The Universe - Earn all of the above achievements.
    • Montezuma's Revenge… - Win as Montezuma (Aztec)
    • Rising Sun - Win as Oda Nobunaga (Japan)
    • Star of the North - Win as Catherine the Great (Russia)
    • Video et Taceo - Win as Elizabeth I (England)
    • Vivre La Revolution - Win as Napoleon Bonaparte (France)
    • Veni, Vidi, Vici - Win as Augustus Caesar (Rome)

    Difficulty Achievements
    To earn these achievements, you have to win a normal single player game using the specified difficulty. Any victory condition (including a max turns time victory) will unlock these. These can be unlocked in scenarios as well. (Thanks to pholtz and joncnunn.)​

    • The Alexman - Win on Warlord
    • Baby Steps - Win on Settler
    • Charming. Really. - Win on Prince
    • Flawless Strategy - Win on Deity
    • The Golden Path - Win on Emperor
    • The Once and Future King - Win on King
    • Taking off the Training Wheels - Win on Chieftain
    • The World Is a Mess, and I Just Need to Rule It - Win on Immortal

    Map Achievements

    To earn these achievements, you must win a normal game on the specified map settings. You can earn a size and map type achievement simultaneously. Only the four basic map types are supported for these achievements.

    • Battlefield Earth - Win on an Earth Map
    • Do You Want to Super Size That? - Win on a Large Map
    • Going It Old School - Win on a Pangaea Map
    • Gotta Catch 'Em All - Earn all of the map achievements to unlock this one.
    • I Need More Elbow Room - Win on a Tiny Map
    • Island Hopping - Win on an Archipelago Map
    • It's Just You and Me, Kid - Win on a Duel Map
    • It's Standard Issue - Win on a Standard Map
    • Living in Smallville - Win on a Small Map
    • Plate Tectonics - Win on a Continents Map
    • Ruler of the Twelve Colonies - Win on a Huge Map

    Victory Condition Achievements
    These are unlocked by earning a victory using each condition. Time victory is not included. These work on any difficulty/map setting.​

    • The Best State of a Republic - Win a Cultural Victory
    • Exterminate! Exterminate! - Win a Domination Victory
    • Go Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before - Win a Space Victory
    • The Pen is Mightier - Win a Diplomatic Victory
    • To Stand the Test of Time - Earn all of the Victory Condition Achievements.
    Policy Achievements
    These achievements are unlocked by completely adopting a policy tree. There is one for every policy. Unlocking all of these achievements also unlocks Enlightened Ruler.

    • Death Before Shame - Fully unlock Honor.
    • Diplomacy by Other Means - Fully unlock Autocracy.
    • Eighty-Eight Miles per Hour - Fully unlock Rationalism.
    • Freedom Isn't Free - Fully unlock Freedom.
    • Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis - Fully unlock Piety.
    • Master of the House - Fully unlock Tradition.
    • Money Doesn't Grow on Trees - Fully unlock Commerce.
    • Team Player - Fully unlock Patronage.
    • With an Iron Fist - Fully unlock Order.
    • With Liberty and Justice for All - Fully unlock Liberty.
    Completion Achievements
    There are several achievements that require you to completely utilize part of the game. These take several playthroughs to complete.
    • Enlightened Ruler - Unlock every social policy over the course of several games.
    • Model of a Modern Major-General - Train every unit in the base game (including unique units). You can track your progress on units using the debug file (instructions are further down). A complete listing of units required for this achievement can be found later in this document. This achievement may be broken on Brave New World, due to changes to the Foreign Legion.
    • We Have the Technology - Research every technology, including Future Tech. (Thanks to joncnunn.)
    • The Wonder Years - Build every wonder. You can do this over several games, you don't have to build every wonder in a single game. This may require you to disable Brave New World to build the United Nations.
    100 City Achievements

    These achievements are unlocked when a city produces more than 100 of gold, culture, or science in a single turn.

    • City of Gold - Have a city produce 100 gold per turn.
    • City of Lights - Have a city produce 100 culture per turn.
    • City of Science - Have a city produce 100 science per turn.
    Counting Achievements

    For the most part, you can earn these over the course of several games. The achievement is unlocked once the count hits a certain number. The only exception is the standing army in Panzer "Shafernator" General. For that one, you have to have 100 military units in a single game.​

    • The Appian Way - Build 1,000 roads.
    • The Explorer - Discover 100 natural wonders over any number of games.
    • Forty-Niner - Build 1,000 mines.
    • God Is Great - Build 1,000 temples.
    • Here Ends the Noble Savage - Disperse 100 barbarian camps over any number of games.
    • Land Baron - Purchase 1,000 land tiles.
    • Marco Polo - Through exploration, discover 1,000 tiles. This is a particularly easy achievement.
    • Merchant King - Trade 100 resources over any number of games.
    • Panzer "Shafernator" General - Earn 100 Great Generals, have an army of over 100 units in a single game, and beat the game 100 times. This one will take a long time. Guided missiles and air units count toward the 100 units (credit to Vladivoj for testing this) and completing scenarios counts toward victories.
    • Paul Bunyan - Cut down 1,000 forest tiles.

    Civilization Specific Achievements

    These can only be unlocked using a specific civilization. There is one for every civ except Siam. Some of these can be unlocked in scenarios as well. Achievements that require a unique unit can be unlocked by other civilizations with gifted units (thanks jddods).​

    • Arab Trader - Harun al-Rashid (Arabia) - Trade a luxury resource to another Civ that you earned through a city with a Bazaar. I have not tried to earn this yet, as I understand it, you build a bazaar in a city with access to a resource, then trade it to someone else.
    • All Roads Lead to Rome - Augustus Caesar (Rome) - Build a road with a legion.
    • Barbarian Warlord - Bismarck (Germany) - Convert 10 barbarian camps. Germany has a 50% chance of converting barbarians and having them join the German army.
    • Barbary Pirate - Suleiman (Ottoman Empire) - Accumulate a navy with 10 Barbarian naval units. This works similarly to Barbarian Warlord, only with naval units. To convert barbarian naval units, move into the space next to them with one of your ships. A ship only has one chance to convert, if it does not, it never will. There is a section near the end of this guide devoted to this achievement.
    • Bollywood - Ghandi (India) - Win a cultural victory with only three cities. You can only have three cities for the entire game.
    • Conquest of the World - Alexander (Greece) - Conquer the world before 350 B.C. I did this with a conquest victory.
    • Flying Fortress - Washington (America) - Use a B-17 to bomb an enemy city.
    • From Archaemennid to Safavid - Darius (Persia) - Trigger 5 golden ages in a single game. You cannot use great people, social policies, or wonders to trigger the golden ages, only happiness. It is possible that triggering a golden age using one of those methods completely disables this achievement.
    • Gardens of Lake Texcoco - Montezuma (Aztec) - Build a floating gardens building in a city near a lake.
    • Kamikaze Attack - Oda Nobunaga (Japan) - Kill an enemy unit using a a unit with only 1 HP.
    • My Little Pony - Catherine (Russia) - Be the first to discover Horseback Riding.
    • People of the Longhouse - Hiawatha (Iroquois) - Build a longhouse in a city with at least four forests nearby.
    • Riddle of the Sphinx - Ramesses (Egypt) - Use a Great Engineer to hurry construction of a wonder.
    • Ruler of the Seas - Elizabeth (England) - Use the English navy to sink 357 ships over any number of games.
    • Sun Tzu's Art of War - Wu Zetian (China) - Earn a Great General with experience points.
    • Three Musketeers - Napoleon (France) - Have three musketeers flank an enemy, and then have one of them kill the unit.
    • War Canoe Attack - Askia (Songhai) - Capture a city on another continent. Requires the continent map type.
    Mod Achievements
    These achievements require mods. Connoisseur has been removed, the others still work.

    • Connoisseur - Rate a mod. (Broken, removed)
    • Expansionist - Use a mod in a game.
    • Experimenter - Download a mod.

    DLC Achievements:

    Leader Achievements
    These are earned by winning a normal game using a specific leader. These require DLC.​

    • By the Waters of Babylon - Win as Nebuchadnezzar (Babylon). Requires Babylon DLC.
    • The Choson One - Win as Sejong (Korea). Requires Korea DLC.
    • The Golden Horde - Win as Gheghis Khan (Mongolia). Requires Mongolia DLC.
    • Hands Free to Victory! - Win as Harald Bluetooth (Denmark). Requires Denmark - The Vikings DLC.
    • King of the Mountain - Win as Pachacuti (Inca). Requires Spain and Inca DLC.
    • Law of the Splintered Paddle - Win as Kamehameha (Polynesia). Requires Polynesia DLC.
    • Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition - Win as Isabella (Spain). Requires Spain and Inca DLC or Gods and Kings.
    Special Achievements
    These are achievements added with DLC that are unique. Most come from the Wonders of The Ancient World DLC. They can be unlocked in a scenario or a normal game. Some can only be unlocked by a certain civilization.​

    • Bolt and Arrow - Build The Status of Zeus and Temple of Artimis in the same city. Requires Wonders of The Ancient World DLC.
    • Rest in Gold Pieces - After building the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, use 10 great people. This can be done over several games. Requires Wonders of The Ancient World DLC.
    • Turtle Power - Sejong (Korea) - Sink an ironclad with a turtle ship. Requires Korea DLC. This is easier in Gods and Kings, because the base game AI doesn't build many ironclads. (Thanks to joncnunn.)
    • Where's the Biathlon? - Enter a snow tile with the Norweigian Ski Infantry. This may not unlock if fast movement is on.Requires Denmark - The Vikings DLC. (Thanks to joncnunn.)
    • Zeupiter - Augustus Caesar (Rome) - Conquer a city containing The Statue of Zeus. Requires Wonders of The Ancient World DLC.
    Scenario Achievements
    These achievements can only be unlocked in a scenario. Many people report them as broken after trying to unlock them in a normal game, because they are not labeled properly.

    These require DLC.​

    Scenario 01 - Rise of The Mongols
    These require Mongolia DLC.​

    • Khan - Win on any difficulty.
    • Great Khan - Win on King or harder.
    • Supreme Khan - Win on Emperor or harder.
    • Kublai Khan - Win on Immortal or harder.
    • Genghis Khan - Win on Deity.
    • Khaaan! - Run out of time and lose.
    Scenario 02 - Conquest of The New World
    These require Spain and Inca DLC.​

    • All Aboard the Orient Express - Discover a route to The Orient.
    • Au in the EU - Return a treasure to Europe.
    • Huitzilopochtli's Arrow - Win as The Aztecs.
    • League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs - Win as The Iroquois.
    • Macho Picchu - Win as The Incas.
    • Siglo de Oro - Win as Spain.
    • Tea and Crumpets for Everyone - Win as England.
    • Tout le Monde Francophone? - Win as France.
    Scenario 03 - Paradise Found
    These require Polynesia DLC.​

    • Book 'em Danno! - Find Hawaii in a random map game.
    • Bora! Bora! Bora! - Win as Tahiti.
    • Do you have a little Captain in you? - Encounter Captain Cook.
    • Head and Shoulders Above the Rest - Win as Samoa.
    • Heads Up! - Find Easter Island in a random map game.
    • Ngata Chance - Win as Tonga.
    • Searching for the Precious - Find New Zealand in a random map game.
    • Surviving the Marquesas - Win as Hiva.
    • This isn't Kansas - Find Australia in a South Pacific map game.
    Scenario 04 - 1066: Year of Viking Destiny
    These require Denmark - The Vikings DLC.​

    • Fetchez la Vache! - Build a Motte and Bailey improvement.
    • Odin's Chosen Warrior - Win as Denmark.
    • Pillage, Then Burn - Pillage 9 farms on the same turn.
    • Purple People Eaters - Win as Norway.
    • Surviving Domesday - Win on Immortal.
    • Surviving Ragnarok - Win on Deity.
    • This was their Finest Hour - Win as Anglo-Saxon England.
    • Time to Stitch a Tapestry - Win as Normandy.
    • You The Conqueror - Win on Emperor.
    Scenario 05 - Samurai Invasion of Korea
    These require Korea DLC.​

    • A Righteous Victory - Win on Immortal.
    • Dragon Emperor - Win on Emperor.
    • Emperor Fu Manchu - Win as Manchu.
    • Fear the Turtle - Win as Korea.
    • Honoring the Ancestors - Win on Deity.
    • Samurai Delicatessen - Win as Japan.
    • Seoul Power - Win in less than 100 turns as any Civ.
    • Taekwon-DOH! - Lose as Korea. From what I've heard, this is a difficult feat. Resigning the game counts as a loss, so if you can't earn this any other way...
    • Yow Ming! - Win as China.
    Scenario 06 - Wonders of the Ancient World
    These require Wonders of The Ancient World DLC.​

    • All-Achieving Zeus - Win on Deity.
    • Bright-Eyed Athena - Win on Immortal.
    • Epic Gilgamesh - Win as Gilgamesh in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario.
    • Far-Shooting Apollo - Win on Emperor.
    • Grecian Formula - Win as Alexander.
    • It satrap! - Win as Darius I.
    • Know Thy Enemy - Consult the Oracle 2 times in a single game. Use two different great people to consult the Oracle after it has been constructed. (Thanks to pholtz.)
    • Odysseus the Great Tactician - Win on King.
    • Party in hattUSA - Win as Muwatallis.
    • Ra's Mighty Truth - Win as Ramesses II.
    • Reverse Engineer - Capture three wonders by conquering enemy cities.
    • Thoughtful Telemachus - Win on Prince.
    • Wonderwall - Build three wonders in the same city.
  2. ragan651

    ragan651 High Regent of Candlewick

    Jul 9, 2012
    NW US
    Gods and Kings
    These require the Gods and Kings expansion.

    General Achievements
    This includes Civilization-specific achievements.​

    • Access Denied - Construct the Great Firewall Wonder.
    • Apocalypse Now - As the Maya, nuke a city in the year 2012. The Mayan Civ uses the Mayan long count calendar, so 2012 is (January 2, 2012) in a standard paced game. This should be turn 432. (Thanks to Browd)
    • Capture of Brielle - Capture a Spanish Coastal City with a Dutch Sea Beggar.
    • Gimme Your Lunch Money! - Bully 3,000 gold from City-States across any number of playthroughs.
    • Greek Fire - As Byzantines, sink 10 Greek ships with a Dromon. This must be done in a single game. The easiest way to earn this is with hotseat.
    • Hannibal’s Crossing - As Carthage, attack a Roman unit with an African Forest Elephant from a mountain tile.
    • The Last Crusade - Capture the city that built Petra using a landship.
    • Lion of the North - As Sweden, start a turn with your Great General stacked with a Hakkapelitta.
    • Longest. Name. Ever. - Have the city of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll in your empire. This is the 33rd city name for the Celts (noted by joncnunn, verified by me). You can earn this by having the Celts as an AI, and them building the city (credit to mike1117112). You cannot earn this as The Huns.
    • RAM Usage - Research Satellites while playing as Attila on a huge map.
    • Rastafari Messiah - As Ethiopia, earn 5 great prophets. These can be earned in any way (through wonders, faith, etc).
    • Yoink! - As Austria, acquire a City-State with 15 or more units through Diplomatic Marriage. (Prior to November 1, 2012, this was "As Austria, replace another civ as allies with a City-State and acquire the City-State through diplomatic marriage in the same turn.") The easiest way to do this is to ally with a city state, save up enough gold to have a diplomatic marriage, then fill all of their tiles with your combat units. The total of your units and theirs should be 15 or more. Gift all the units at once (using the unit's gift command, not the "gift a unit" option from the City State pop-up). If you do not complete the diplomatic marriage in the same turn, some of the units will be disbanded.
    Leader Achievements
    These are earned by winning a normal game using a specific leader. These require Gods and Kings.​

    • Austrian Succession - Win the game as Maria Theresa (Austria)
    • Baktun the Future - Win the game as Pacal (The Mayans)
    • Celtic Thunder - Win the game as Boudicca (Celts)
    • Colonize This! - Win the game as Haile Selassie (Ethiopia)
    • Dancer, Actress, Empress, Victor - Win the game as Empress Theodora (Byzantium)
    • Defender of the Faith - Win the game as Gustavus Adolphus (Sweden)
    • No White Flag Here - Win the game as Dido (Carthage)
    • Scourge of Everyone - Win the game as Attila (The Huns)
    • Silent No More - Win the game as William of Orange (Netherlands)

    Religion Achievements
    These achievements require the usage of the new religion system.​

    • Gad Zeus! - Found a Pantheon.
    • Holier Than Thou - Become the dominant religion in an opponent's Holy City.
    • Holy Father - Select the Papal Primacy Belief and Ally with 12 City-States.
    • Indoctrinated! - Lose dominant status in your Holy City to an opponent's religion.
    • Missionary Man - Spread your religion to an opponenet with a Missionary.
    • Nobody expects... - As Spain, use an inquisitor to remove another religion.
    • Propheteering - Found a religion.
    • We are Family - Become the dominant religion in every Capital city on a standard-size or larger map. This achievement is broken. See BROKEN ACHIEVEMENTS.

    Espionage Achievements
    These achievements require the usage of the espionage system.​

    • From Russia with Love - As Russia, kill an English Spy.
    • Intelligence Network - Share intrigue with a player who previously shared intrigue with you. May not unlock in scenarios.
    • Junta for Red October - Use a Spy to successfully stage a City-State coup.
    • Smooth Talking - Use a Spy to gain influence with a City-State.
    • Sticky Fingers - Use a spy to steal a technology from a competitor.
    • Whack a Mole - Find and kill an enemy spy.

    Gods and Kings Scenarios
    Gods and Kings - Into The Renaissance
    • Mehmet the Conqueror - As the Turks, conquer Istanbul on Deity (Not Constantanople).
    • Never take our freedom! - Win as The Celts on Emperor or above.
    • Reconquista Who? - Win as The Almohads on Emperor of above.
    • Renaissance Man - Win the scenario.
    • Richard the Lionheart - As England, conquer Jerusalem on Emperor or above.
    • The Yokes on the Mongols - Win as Russia on Emperor or above.

    Gods and Kings - Fall of Rome
    • Double KO - Capture both Rome and Constantinople in the same game.
    • Et tu, Brute - Win the scenario.
    • I Missed That Day in History Class - Capture any Sassanid city as the Celts.
    • I Sunk Your Imperial Capital! - Capture Rome as the Vandals using a boat.
    • Pax Romana Aeternum - Win the game as Eastern or Western Rome on Deity, and have all your original cities under your control.
    • Turks Shmurks! - Capture Constantanople as any enemy power (Not Istanbul).

    Gods and Kings - Empires of the Smoky Skies
    • Gentlemen's Agreement - Share intrigue with another player.
    • Modern Major-General - Win the scenario.
    • Quite Accomplished - Retain control of the same honourable title for the entire length of the game it is available.
    • Sky Admiral - Destroy an enemy unit with a Flyer based at a Sky Fortress.
    Brave New World

    These require the Brave New World expansion.

    General Achievements
    These are unlocked by performing a specific task in the game. They don't fit into any other categories.​

    • Built in (Almost) a Day - Complete a Wonder in a city with three Trade Routes supplying production to it.
    • Greed is Good - Have a city with the Colossus, Petra, a Caravansary, and a Harbor.
    • Highway Robbery - Plunder a Caravan Trade Route.
    • It Belongs in a Museum - Have Artifacts from 10 different City-States in the Museums and Wonders in your civilization.
    • Losing My Marbles - Extract 5 Artifacts from the territory of another major civilization.
    • Merchant Prince - Generate 200 gold per turn via Trade Routes.
    • Radio Free Europe - Adopt the Freedom Ideology and fill 10 Broadcast Towers with Great Works.
    • Rock the Kasbah - Perform a Concert Tour with a Great Musician on a Moroccan Kasbah improvement.
    • Silk Road - Connect to the Arabs, China, India, the Mongols, and Persia at the same time using Caravans.
    • Soma Tablets for Everyone - Reach a Happiness level of over 100 for your civ.
    • Tear Down this Wall! - Force an AI player with the Order Ideology to switch to Freedom.
    • That's XCOM baby! - Have your XCOM Squad go from 100 health to 0 in a single AI turn.

    Leader Achievements
    These are earned by winning a normal game using a specific leader.​

    • The Great Spirit - Beat the game on any difficulty as Pocatello.
    • In Hoc Signo Vinces - Beat the game on any difficulty as Maria I.
    • King of the Wisent- Beat the game on any difficulty as Casimir.
    • The Java Script - Beat the game on any difficulty as Gajah Mada.
    • Pedro's Party People - Beat the game on any difficulty as Pedro II.
    • Queen of the Adriatic - Beat the game on any difficulty as Enrico Dandolo
    • Tablet Tech Pioneer - Beat the game on any difficulty as Ashurbanipal
    • This Desert Life - Beat the game on any difficulty as Ahmad Al ’Mansur.
    • Wanna Be the King of the Zulus - Beat the game on any difficulty as Shaka.

    Policy Achievements
    These achievements are unlocked by completely adopting a policy tree.​

    • Artistic License - Fully explore the Aesthetics Policy track.
    • Legends of the Hidden Temple - Fully explore the Exploration Policy track.

    Ideology Victory Achievements
    These achievements are unlocked by winning a specific victory with an ideology.​

    • Axis Powered - Win a Diplomatic Victory using the Autocracy Ideology.
    • Better Red Than Dead - Win a Conquest Victory using the Order Ideology.
    • Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Win a Conquest Victory using the Autocracy Ideology.
    • Games Without Frontiers - Win a Diplomatic Victory using the Freedom Ideology.
    • One Small Step - Win a Space Victory using the Freedom Ideology.
    • Rocking in the Free World - Win a Cultural Victory using the Freedom Ideology.
    • Strength Through Joy - Win a Cultural Victory using the Autocracy Ideology.
    • Workers of the World - Unite! - Win a Cultural Victory using the Order Ideology.
    • Yuri-ka! - Win a Space Victory using the Order Ideology.

    Civilization Specific Achievements
    These can only be unlocked using a specific civilization.​

    • British Invasion - Perform a Concert Tour with an English Great Musician in American territory. (This was formerly worded as British Great Musician and has since been fixed)
    • Enemy Blade No More - As Indonesia, capture an enemy capital with a Kris Swordsman with the Enemy Blade promotion.
    • The Great Betrayal - As Venice, capture the Holy City of the religion that the city of Venice follows.
    • Here's Looking at You, Kid - As Morocco, airlift a civilian unit from Casablanca to Portugal's original capital. The unit must be inside Casablanca's tile, and arrive inside Lisbon's tile. You must conquer Lisbon first.
    • Knowledge is Power - As Assyria, use a Royal Library filled with a Great Work to train a unit that begins with a promotion.
    • Poland Can into Space - As Poland, win a Space Victory.
    • Pyramid Scheme - Playing as France, get the Louvre to the maximum theming bonus of 16.
    • Raiders of the Lost Ark - Have your American Archaeologist extract an Artifact from Egypt with a German Archaeologist within 2 tiles.
    • Run 50 Miles and Fight a Battle - As Zulu, have an Impi earn all of the special promotions. You can earn this without an Impi, you simply need to construct an Ikanda, train a warrior, and give them all three buffalo promotions.
    • Sacagawea's Legacy - As the Shoshone, discover 5 ancient ruins with the same Shoshone Pathfinder.
    • Vote for Pedro - As Brazil, win a Diplomatic Victory.
    • What's Yours is Mine - As Portugal, construct a Feitoria in a City-State that is allied to another civilization.

    World Congress Achievements
    These achievements require the World Congress.​

    • Dark Horse - Win a Diplomatic Victory without ever being the host of the World Congress.
    • Flip-Flop - Propose to repeal an active Resolution which you had originally proposed to enact.
    • Herculean Effort - Complete all International Projects in a single game as the highest contributor.
    • Lingua Franca - Found the World Congress and remain its host for the entire game.
    Brave New World Scenarios
    These achievements can only be unlocked in scenarios.​

    Brave New World - The American Civil War
    • Glory, glory, hallelujah! - Win the Civil War scenario playing as the Union.
    • Pickett's Recharge - Capture Gettysburg with a Confederate Infantry unit possessing the George Pickett promotion.
    • Red Badge of Courage - Win the Civil War scenario on Deity.
    • Sheridan's Valley Campaign - As Union, control Winchester, Front Royal, Harrisonburg, Staunton, and Lynchburg.
    • Standing like a Stone Wall - Win the Civil War scenario playing as the Confederates.

    Brave New World - Scramble For Africa
    • Discoverer - Playing as Italy in Scramble for Africa, earn the VP for finding two Natural Wonders.
    • Dr Livingstone I presume? - Playing as Belgium, move your Stanley Explorer to within a tile of England’s Livingstone Explorer.
    • I Prefer my Africa Scrambled - Win the Scramble for Africa scenario as any civ on any difficulty.
    • Nigerian Bank Account - In Scramble for Africa, marry Sokoto or Bornu.
    • Ottoman Carpentry - Win the Scramble for Africa playing as the Ottomans on Deity.
    • Praise the Victories - Win the Scramble for Africa playing as the Boers on Deity.
    • The Rhodes Colossus - Playing as England in Scramble for Africa, complete a railroad from Cairo to Capetown. You may need to capture Cairo first.

  3. ragan651

    ragan651 High Regent of Candlewick

    Jul 9, 2012
    NW US

    Miscellaneous Information
    This is information on achievements that you may find interesting or useful.​

    Achievements Listed By Civilization
    This lists which achievements are specific to a certain civilization. This does not include scenarios. Inspired by essmene.

    This is a work in progress.​

    • America (Washington) - First in The Hearts of Your Countrymen, Flying Fortress.
    • Arabia (Harun al-Rashid) - Arabian Nights, Arab Trader.
    • Austria (Maria Theresa) - Austrian Succession, Yoink!
    • The Aztecs (Montezuma) - Montezuma's Revenge..., Gardens of Lake Texcoco.
    • Babylon (Nebuchadnezzer) - By the Waters of Babylon.
    • Byzantines (Theodora) - Dancer, Actress, Empress, Victor; Greek Fire.
    • The Celts (Boudicca) - Celtic Thunder, Longest. Name. Ever.
    • England (Elizabeth) - Video et Taceo, Ruler of The Seas.
    • Germany (Bismarck) - Blood and Iron, Barbarian Warlord.
    • Japan (Oda Nobunaga) - Rising Sun, Kamikaze Attack.

    Broken Achievements
    Make sure you meet all the requirements for an achievement before reporting it as broken. I will post broken achievements here if they show up.​

    • Dr. Livingstone, I Presume? is reported as not working. Supposed to be fixed in latest patch (looking for confirmation).
    • Connoisseur - Does not work after Steam Workshop. This achievement has been removed.
    • Magellan - People have reported that this achievement does not work due to a coding problem. I achieved it myself with no problems. Some people have had to modify the game files to unlock this one.
    • Pickett's Recharge - Reported as broken. Supposed to be fixed in latest patch (looking for confirmation).
    • We Are Family - This achievement is very broken and will not unlock under normal gameplay. notimminently has written a detailed explanation of how it is broken and how to force it to unlock. Supposedly, the easiest way to unlock this is by making your Holy City somewhere other than your capital, with the capital's majority following a pantheon, then spread your religion to another capital.

    These achievements may not work with Gods and Kings. Disable it in the DLC menu to unlock these.​

    • Kamikaze Attack - This achievement requires you to have a unit with 1 HP. This was intended for the original version, where units had 10 HP. With Gods and Kings, units have 100 HP, and 1 HP is less likely to happen. That means this is a very difficult achievement to earn with the expansion.
    • Barbary Pirate - This achievement may not work after installing Gods and Kings. Disabling Gods and Kings from the DLC menu will fix this, allowing the achievement to be earned (thanks to blanchflower).

    These achievements may not work with Brave New World. Disable it in the DLC menu to unlock these.​

    • Diplomacy by Other Means - Does not work with Brave New World. Disable the expansion to unlock this.
    • Freedom Isn't Free - Does not work with Brave New World. Disable the expansion to unlock this.
    • Model of a Modern Major-General - The Foreign Legion is no longer counted in Brave New World. You may have to disable the expansion to earn this.
    • With an Iron Fist - Does not work with Brave New World. Disable the expansion to unlock this.
    • The Wonder Years - The United Nations cannot be built if Brave New World is enabled.

    Tracking Achievements
    Some achievements require you to preform a task a number of times (like buy 1000 tiles, or chop down 1000 forests). A complete list of all those numbers can be found in a log file, along with anything else you want to know about achievements (it is the source of most but not all the information in these posts).

    To activate the log file, first edit My Documents\My Games\Civilization 5\config.ini, and change the line LoggingEnabled = 0 to LoggingEnabled = 1. Then restart the game, and it will create the log file. Go to My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Logs and open achievements_debug.txt.

    The log file is created every time you launch the game, and is not updated until you restart the game. So typically, it will not show the most current stats.​

    Removed Achievements
    Partially taken from the debug file and http://forums.2kgames.com/archive/index.php/t-110717.html. Names provided by abysshunted.​

    • Connoisseur - Rate a mod. Removed after it was broken in a patch.
    • ACHIEVEMENT_HUNDRED_WAR (Hundred Years War) - A war lasting more than 100 turns.
    • ACHIEVEMENT_CATFIGHT (Cat Fight) - Winning as a female leader with all other female leaders at war with you.
    • ACHIEVEMENT_MANIFEST_DESTINY (Manifest Destiny) - Control your entire starting continent.
    • ACHIEVEMENT_UNIT_20BATTLES (I Have The Power) - Win 20 battles with a single unit.
    • ACHIEVEMENT_ALL_WAR (All For All Super Brawl) - Go to war with the entire world at once.
    • ACHIEVEMENT_PEACEFULPLAY (Can't We All Just Get Along?) - Win the game without ever declaring war.
    • ACHIEVEMENT_LOSE_MULTIPLAYER (Inconceivable!) - Sounds obvious...
    • ACHIEVEMENT_SIX_DEGREES (Sid Degrees To Sid) - This one is crazy (and multiplayer)...play a multiplayer game against someone who played against someone who played against Sid Meier...
    • ACHIEVEMENT_DEFPACT (Diplomat) - Maintain a defensive pact for 90 turns.
    • ACHIEVEMENT_RESEARCHPACT (Knowledge Is Good) - Maintain a research agreement for 90 turns.
    • ACHIEVEMENT_SPECIAL_ELEPHANTBATTLE (The Elephant Battle) - Win a battle between Siam and India (you can be either) between two elephant units. This might have been Siam's specific achievement.
    • ACHIEVEMENT_CIVILOPEDIA (The Paul Murphy Award for Excellence and Attractiveness) - Read several Civilopedia articles. (The Pedia counter remains in the debug, but it doesn't work.)
    • ACHIEVEMENT_SCENARIO_05_QING_TAKES_MING (It's good to be the Qing - Samurai Invasion of Korea Scenario) - As Manchu, conquer all cities in China
    • ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_49 (All Your Barbarians Are Belong To Us - Fall of Rome Scenario) - Capture and recruit all the barbarian Unique Units using Western Roman Legions without any of them dying in the Fall of Rome scenario.

    Pop Culture References
    Several achievements contain historical, literary or cultural jokes and references.

    This is not meant to be a complete list.​

    • Age of Empire - Age of Empires is a popular series of Real Time Strategy games that contain many similarities to Civilization.
    • All Roads Lead to Rome - A very old saying, dating back over a millenium. The origins are not known, but variations of it were used by authors such as Geoffrey Chaucer.
    • Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka - The debut album by Nile.
    • Apocalypse Now - A movie by Francis Ford Coppola.
    • Arabian Knights - I assume this is a reference to the Arabic stories in "1,001 Nights" also known as "1,001 Arabian Nights". The most famous of these stories is the tale of Aladdin.
    • Au in The EU - Au is the symbol for Gold (aurum), and EU stands for European Union, also is used to refer to Europe. (Credit to Morningcalm)
    • Baktun the Future - B'ak'tun is a measure of time on the Mayan calendar (and the source of this whole 2012 mess). Back To The Future is a popular time-travel movie.
    • Battlefield Earth - A novel by L. Ron Hubbard.
    • The Best State of a Republic - An alternate title of Thomas More's Utopia. (Credit to snipperrabbit!!)
    • Better Red Than Dead - Better Dead Than Red was an anti-communist slogan popular in the U.S. during the 1950's.
    • Book 'em Danno! - A line from the series Hawaii Five-O.
    • Bora! Bora! Bora! - A play on the title "Tora! Tora! Tora!", a film about Pearl Harbor.
    • British Invasion - A music movement in the early 60's, marked by a sudden popularity in the U.S. of British rock bands, particularly The Beatles.
    • The Choson One - A play on the trope of "The Chosen One" and Chosŏn, a name for Korea.
    • City of Gold - Another name for El Dorado.
    • City of Lights - A nickname for Paris, France.
    • Do you have a little Captain in you? - A slogan for Captain Morgan.
    • Do You Want to Super Size That? - A phrase popularized when McDonald's added the "Super Size" option to their combo meals in the 80's.
    • Dr. Heidegger's Experiment - This is a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne about the Fountain of Youth.
    • Eighty-Eight Miles per Hour - A reference to the movie Back To The Future.
    • Et tu, Brute - The dying words of Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's play. They referred to the betrayal of Caesar by his closest friend, Brutus.
    • Everybody Wants To Rule The World - A song by Tears for Fears. Also a line in the Clash song Charlie Don't Surf.
    • Exterminate! Exterminate! - Refers to the Daleks in Doctor Who. (Thanks to Biologist)
    • First in the Hearts of Your Countrymen - Taken from Henry Lee III's eulogy of George Washington.
    • First of the Mohicans - A play on the title "Last of The Mohicans." This was a 19th century novel that has been adapted to movies several times.
    • Flip-Flop - A political term for someone changing their position for political gain.
    • Forty-Niner - A reference to people who flocked to California in 1849 in hopes of finding gold.
    • Freedom Isn't Free - A long-running slogan of support for American military veterans coined by Colonel Walter Hitchcock.
    • From Russia with Love - The title of a James Bond novel and movie.
    • Games Without Frontiers - a song by Peter Gabriel.
    • Give Peace a Chance - The name of a song by John Lennon.
    • Go Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before - An alteration of part of the opening monologue to Star Trek. The original line goes, "To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, and new civilizations...to boldly go where no man has gone before." This was spoken at the beginning of every episode, and a modified version was used on each episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
    • Gotta Catch 'Em All - This is the slogan to Pokemon.
    • Grecian Formula - A brand of men's hair coloring.
    • Greed Is Good - A paraphrased quote from the movie Wall Street.
    • Hands Free to Victory! - Bluetooth's name was adopted as the name of hands-free wireless technology typically used on phones.
    • He Threw a Car at My Head! - This is a reference to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
    • Head and Shoulders Above The Rest - This is a phrase associated with Troy Polamalu, a football player for the Pittsburg Steelers of Samoan descent. He is known for appearing in Head and Shoulders commercials. (Credit to Durtag.)
    • I Can Has Nukes? - This is a reference to the "LOLcat" phenomenon, which stereotypically has cats saying "I can has cheezeburger".
    • I'm on a Boat! - This is the title of a song by The Lonely Island, which was featured on Saturday Night Live. This might also be a reference to a series of Old Spice commercials (thanks Vincent 2128).
    • It Belongs In A Museum - A line said several times in the beginning of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.
    • It satrap! - A combining of a line from Return of the Jedi (It's a trap!) and satrap.
    • It's Just You Can Me, Kid - A movie starring George Burns is called Just You And Me, Kid. (Credit to snipperrabbit!!)
    • It's Super Effective - Apparently this is a Pokemon catch phrase.
    • Junta for Red October - The Hunt For Red October is a Cold War novel by Tom Clancy.
    • Kamikaze Attack - Kamikaze were Japanese pilots who intentionally crashed their planes to attack their enemies in WWII. The term has come to be used to refer to someone who attacks at senseless risk of their own safety.
    • Khaaan! - A famous scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
    • Know Thy Enemy - Taken from Sun Tzu's The Art of War.
    • Knowledge Is Good - This is taken from a statue in Animal House. (Credit to snipperrabbit!!)
    • The Last Crusade - The title of the third Indiana Jones movie.
    • League of Extraordinary Hoyanehs - An alteration of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a comic series by Alan Moore.
    • Living in Smallville - Smallville is the adopted hometown of Clark Kent aka Superman.
    • Longest. Name. Ever. - A play on Comic Book Guy, a Simpsons character's catchphrase of "Worst. [Anything]. Ever." along with the longest named village in Europe, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales. (Thanks to TomKQT) [Further reading shows a village in New Zealand has a larger name. This is the second longest name on Earth.] Note: This name is a single word, however the length requires the forum to split it into two.
    • Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis - Latin for "May everlasting light shine upon them." This is taken from a Catholic Requiem Mass.
    • The Man Who Would Be King - The name of a story by Rudyard Kipling.
    • Master of the House - The name of a song from the musical Les Misérables.
    • Master of The Universe - Masters of The Universe was a cartoon series and toy line in the 80's centered around the character of He-Man and his rival Skeletor.
    • Model of a Modern Major-General - I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General is a song written by Gilbert and Sullivan.
    • Modern Major-General - This is one of the repeated achievements.
    • Montezuma's Revenge… - A crude nickname for digestive troubles suffered by people visiting Mexico. It is implied that the sickness is caused by Montezuma exacting revenge for his defeat at the hands of the Spanish.
    • Moving on Up - The theme song and slogan of the 70's TV comedy The Jeffersons.
    • My Little Pony - A cartoon in the 80's, it has been revived in a new form in recent years.
    • Neighborhood Bully - A song by Bob Dylan. (Credit to snipperrabbit!!)
    • Never take our freedom! - A line from the movie Braveheart. The full line is "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!"
    • Ngata Chance - This refers to Haloti Ngata, a football player for the Baltimore Ravens. He is of Tongan ancestry. (Credit to Durtag.)
    • No White Flag Here - A reference to the song White Flag by Dido.
    • Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition - A sketch by Monty Python.
    • Nobody expects... - Again, a Monty Python reference.
    • The Once and Future King - The title of a novel by T.H. White about the life of King Arthur.
    • One Small Step - Some of the words Neil Armstrong spoke when first walking on the moon.
    • One to Rule Them All - This is an altered reference to a poem written by J.R.R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings. The section this is taken from reads, "One Ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them."
    • Panzer "Shafernator" General - This is actually two references mixed together. Panzer General is a series of Turn-Based strategy games. Jon "Shafernator" Shafer is the lead designer of Civilization V.
    • Party in hattUSA - A reference to Miley Cyrus' song Party in The USA.
    • The Pen is Mightier - The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword is a well-known proverb. It was written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, an English playwright.
    • People of The Longhouse - Another name for the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee).
    • Poland Can Into Space - A reference to Polandball.
    • Purple People Eaters - Purple People Eater was a popular novelty song written by Sheb Wooley in the 50's.
    • Raiders of The Lost Ark - The first Indiana Jones movie.
    • Raleigh's Road to Riches - Refers to Sir Walter Raleigh (he was such a stupid git), who set off on an expedition to find El Dorado.
    • Red Badge of Courage - A novel by Stephen Crane.
    • Rocking In The Free World - A song by Neil Young.
    • Samurai Delicatessen - An early Saturday Night Live sketch with John Belushi as a samurai.
    • Say Hello to My Little Friend - A well known quote from the movie Scarface.
    • Searching for the Precious - A reference to Lord of The Rings, which was filmed in New Zealand.
    • Second City - Second City was a comedy group from Chicago. They were known for their Canadian off-shoot TV series, Second City TV (SCTV). Members included Martin Short, Eugene Levy, and Catherine O'Hara. Many members would go on to join Saturday Night Live and other comedies.
    • Soma Tablets For Everyone - In Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World, Soma is a drug used to keep the populace complacent. (Credit to Arachnofiend)
    • Surviving The Marquesas - A reference to the reality TV series Survivor. The fourth season was done in The Marquesas Islands. (Thanks to Pouakai)
    • Taekwon-DOH! - A combination of Taekwondo and [Annoyed Grunt] from The Simpsons.
    • Tear Down This Wall! - A historic quote spoken by Ronald Reagan about the Berlin Wall.
    • Three Musketeers - A novel by Alexandre Dumas.
    • To Stand the Test of Time - This phrase and variations have long been associated with the Civilization games, with one version of Civ II actually being called "The Test of Time."
    • Tomb Raider - Tomb Raider is a popular series of adventure games.
    • Turtle Power - A slogan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the original cartoon series. It was used in the theme song.
    • Two Men Enter, One Man Leave - A line that was chanted in the movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.
    • Veni, Vidi, Vici - A statement by Julius Caesar, translated as "I came, I saw, I conquered."
    • Video et Taceo - One of Elizabeth I's mottos, meaning "I see, and say nothing."
    • Vote For Pedro - A phrase from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.
    • We are Family - A song by Sister Sledge, popular in the late 70's.
    • We Have the Technology - A line from the opening of The Six Million-Dollar Man. The full line is "We can rebuild him, we have the technology."
    • With Liberty and Justice for All - The final line of the American Pledge of Allegiance.
    • The Wonder Years - A popular TV series in the late 80's/early 90's.
    • Wonderwall - A song by Oasis.
    • Workers of The World - Unite! - A quote by Karl Marx.
    • The World Is a Mess, and I Just Need to Rule It - Another reference to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
    • Yuri-Ka! - A combination of Eureka and Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.
    • Zeupiter - A portmanteau of Zeus and Jupiter. These were the names of the Greek and Roman gods who were actually identical, only differing in name.
  4. ragan651

    ragan651 High Regent of Candlewick

    Jul 9, 2012
    NW US

    Model of a Modern Major-General
    This achievement requires you to build every unit in the base game. The following in a list of all the units tracked for this achievement. You must train these units the normal way, you cannot purchase them, upgrade to them, or be gifted them. I cannot verify if the spaceship parts are part of this achievement, but they are counted along with the other units in the debug file. None of the other units in the game are tracked.

    The Foreign Legion is not counted in Brave New World. You must disable Brave New World to get credit for this unit.​

    Ground Units
    • Anti-Aircraft Gun
    • Anti-Tank Gun
    • Artillery
    • Archer
    • Cannon
    • Catapult
    • Cavalry
    • Chariot Archer
    • Crossbowman
    • Giant Death Robot
    • Horsemen
    • Infantry
    • Knight
    • Lancer
    • Mechanized Infantry
    • Mobile SAM
    • Modern Armor
    • Musketman
    • Paratrooper
    • Pikeman
    • Rifleman
    • Rocket Artillery
    • Scout
    • Spearman
    • Swordsman
    • Tank
    • Trebuchet
    • Warrior

    • Battleship
    • Caravel
    • Carrier
    • Destroyer
    • Frigate
    • Ironclad
    • Missile Cruiser
    • Nuclear Submarine
    • Submarine
    • Trireme

    Air Units
    • Atomic Bomb
    • Bomber
    • Fighter
    • Guided Missile
    • Helicopter Gunship
    • Jet Fighter
    • Nuclear Missile
    • Stealth Bomber

    Non-Combat Units
    • Settler
    • Work Boat
    • Worker

    Unique Units
    • B-17 (America)
    • Ballista (Rome)
    • Camel Archer (Arabia)
    • Chu-Ko-Nu (China)
    • Companion Cavalry (Greece)
    • Cossack (Russia)
    • Foreign Legion (France)
    • Hoplite (Greece)
    • Immortal (Persia)
    • Jaguar (Aztec)
    • Janissary (Ottoman)
    • Landsknecht (Germany)
    • Legion (Rome)
    • Longbowman (England)
    • Madekalu Cavalry (Songhai)
    • Minuteman (America)
    • Mohawk Warrior (The Iroquois)
    • Musketeer (French)
    • Narasuan's Elephant (Siam)
    • Panzer (Germany)
    • Samurai (Japan)
    • Ship of The Line (England)
    • Sipahi (Ottoman)
    • War Chariot (Egypt)
    • War Elephant (India)
    • Zero (Japan)

    Spaceship Parts
    • SS Booster
    • SS Cockpit
    • SS Engine
    • SS Statis Chamber

    Barbary Pirate
    This achievement is not hard to accomplish, but is tricky to figure out. You must play as Suleiman of the Ottomans, and use his Barbary Corsair ability.The Corsair ability means if you have a naval unit enter the space next to a barbarian naval unit, 50% of the time the barbarians will join your navy. You can enter the space next to them, they can enter the space next to you, or they can spawn next to you, it will still count. If a barbarian does not convert the first time this happens, they will never convert, and it's best to sink them and wait for another ship.

    The easiest way to earn this is to park a couple of your ships a few spaces away from a coastal barbarian camp. Destroy all units there (there is a limit to how many units a camp can spawn at one time, so keep it clear so ships can spawn). Once the camp is clear, just park within sight range, and wait. When a ship is spawned, move next to it and see if it converts. If not, sink it. If ground units spawn, kill them.

    To unlock the achievement, you must convert 10 ships. Using this method, it will not take long at all once you have a reasonable navy built.

    This achievement does not work correctly with Gods and Kings activated. To earn this achievement, play the game with Gods and Kings disabled. ​

    The Debug File

    The achievement debug log (achievements_debug.log) is an endlessly useful tool for tracking and checking achievements. Instructions on activating this log are found above. This section is an overview of the debug file and how to read its contents.

    The debug file is the same whether you own Gods and Kings or not. Without Gods and Kings and all the DLC, you cannot unlock 100% of the achievements.​

    Achievement Listing

    The first section is a listing of all the achievements in the game (the total is 243, however several of those are removed or broken. It is not possible to unlock all 243 achievements). They are grouped and ordered by when they were added (base game first, then DLC, then Gods and Kings).

    Each achievement is listed like so:

    [29472.145] DBG: 9 (U): ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_HARUN (Arabian Knights) = Unlocked

    I do not know what the 29472.14 means. The number increases further down the file.

    The DBG means debug.

    The 9 is the number of the achievement, all achievements have a number assigned to them, ranging from 0 to 242.

    (U) or (L) refers to the status of the achievement, either Locked (L) or Unlocked (U).

    ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_HARUN is the game's name for the achievement. They are always uppercase, with separate words separated by an underscore.

    In parentheses, the more familiar achievement name is listed.

    Finally, the last part is whether the achievement is locked or unlocked. This is the same as , it's listed redundantly.

    Some achievements are listed like so:

    [29472.161] DBG: 41: ERROR: Couldn't retrieve ACHIEVEMENT_MANIFEST_DESTINY

    The only difference here, is the error and lack of certain information. These achievements were removed from the game, but still are part of the achievement listing. When debug tries to retrieve information on these, it gets an error.

    The ERROR: Couldn't retrieve line is in the same place as (U) should be. The internal name of the achievement is still listed, but the common name is not. The unlock status is missing.

    There is significance to the names of achievements, which helped me in writing this guide. This is a list of all the achievement types (note that some achievements are listed by a descriptive name, rather than a prefix, these are not listed here):

    ACHIEVEMENT_WIN (various win conditions)
    ACHIEVEMENT_DIFLEVEL (difficulty level)
    ACHIEVEMENT_CITYSTATE (achievements for interacting with city-states)
    ACHIEVEMENT_UNIT (achievements for various unit actions)
    ACHIEVEMENT_ALL (completion achievements)
    ACHIEVEMENT_CITY_100 (have a city produce 100 of one something per turn)
    ACHIEVEMENT_100 (perform a task 100 times)
    ACHIEVEMENT_1000 (perform a task 1000 times)
    ACHIEVEMENT_VICTORY (various victory conditions)
    ACHIEVEMENT_POLICY (social policy completion)
    ACHIEVEMENT_SPECIAL (civilization specific achievements)
    ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_SCENARIO (win a particular scenario with certain conditions - this was only used for the Mongol scenario, it was changed in later DLC)
    ACHIEVEMENT_LOSE_SCENARIO (lose the Mongol scenario)
    ACHIEVEMENT_SCENARIO (all achievements involving scenarios except the Mongols are listed under this prefix)
    ACHIEVEMENT_XP1 (Gods and Kings achievements all are listed under this)

    Gods and Kings achievements lack the code name of previous achievements. While All Roads Lead to Rome had a name like "ACHIEVEMENT_SPECIAL_ROMANROADS", Scourge of Everyone is listed as "ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_06".

    Achievement Totals

    Under the list of all the achievements, is a long list of various items with a number on the end. This is the game's tracking of various tasks...some things require a count (such as Paul Bunyan), other simply a yes or no...regardless, they are still counted, even after the achievement is finished. This is quick overview of what you'll see...

    The format of these entries is like so:

    [29472.192] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_LONGSWORDSMAN = 102

    Again, I do not know what the first number means.

    DBG means Debug

    ESTEAMSTAT_LONGSWORDSMAN notes that this is a Steam statistic (ESTEAMSTAT) for longswordsman.

    The number at the end (102) is how many times this was counted. In this example, I have trained 102 Longswordsmen.

    This shows how each section is used by different achievements.

    Panzer "Shafernator" General

    This is an achievement that takes a long time to earn. It requires you to do three tasks: win 100 games, earn 100 great generals through battle, and have a standing army that is greater than 100 soldiers. There are three stats that are tracked for unlocking this achievement:

    [29472.192] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_TOTAL_WINS = 33 (the total number of wins, must be over 100)

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_GREATGENERALS = 91 (number of great generals spawned, must be over 100)

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_STANDINGARMY = 120 (the largest standing army you have trained. Must be over 100).

    Model of a Modern Major-General

    This is not a hard achievement, it just takes a lot of playing. You must train (not buy or upgrade to) every unit in the base game, not counting DLC or Gods and Kings. The biggest chunk of the debug file is listing this achievement...the game counts every time you train a unit, but it doesn't matter how many units you train...only that there is no "0" next to a unit name. There is a full listing earlier, so I don't need to repeat it.

    The Wonder Years

    Like Model of a Modern Major-General, this achievement takes a bit of space. There is a listing of every wonder in the game, and to achieve this, you need to build at least 1 of each. If you see a 0, you need to build it.

    Here Ends the Noble Savage

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_BARBARIANCAMPS = 449 (need 100)


    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_BEATWONDERS = 416 (need 10)

    The Explorer

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_NATURALWONDERS = 162 (need 100)

    The Appian Way

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_ROADS = 1103 (need 1,000)


    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_MINES = 711 (need 1,000)

    Merchant King

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_RESOURCESTRADED = 365 (need 100)

    Paul Bunyan

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_FORESTS = 747 (need 1,000)

    God is Great

    [/I][29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_TEMPLES = 311[/I] (need 1,000)

    Land Baron

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_TILESPURCHASED = 513 (need 1,000)

    Marco Polo

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_TILESDISCOVERED = 121535 (need 1,000)

    Barbarian Warlord (Germany)

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_BARBSCONVERTED = 14 (need 10)

    Ruler of The Seas (England)

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_BRITISHNAVY = 54 (need 357)

    Barbary Pirate

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_BARBSNAVALCONVERTED = 59 (need 10)

    Rest in Gold Pieces

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_HALICARNASSUSGOLDEARNED = 15500 (need 1,000)

    Gimme Your Lunch Money!

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_BULLIEDGOLD = 0 (need 3,000)


    There is one entry I am not 100% sure of the usage of. It is at 0 for me.

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_HWACHAKILLS = 0 (I wonder if this is related to the removed HWATCH_OUT achievement, I should play with Korea a bit and see)

    And there is the PEDIA entry, for an achievement which was removed from the game (it required you to read a number of civilopedia pages, every time you read a page, it was supposed to track it here. This has been disabled, so this will always say 0.

    [29472.208] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_PEDIA = 0


    Achievement Saves

    An alternative to unlocking achievements through gameplay is to use achievement saves. These save files load the game right before the achievement unlocks, making it easy to earn some of the harder achievements. I do not use or directly endorse this method, but as this is a complete guide, I have chosen to discuss this topic. I strongly encourage people to earn achievements the right way, and the purpose of this guide is to clarify and assist with proper unlocking of achievements.

    There is a link to achievement saves under "Additional resources".

    Regarding Exploits

    There are a number of means to unlock achievements with little effort. A few of these have made their way into the guide, but I have chosen not to discuss them generally. I have shared some of these elsewhere, but they go against the purpose of this guide. I am wearily including achievement saves into the guide for the sake of completion.​

    Editing XML Files

    While mods are not supported for achievements, XML files can be manually edited. Do this at your own risk. ​

    Additional Resources:

    Along with this guide, several other people have created resources for achievements. This list highlights some of them.


    I have attempted to credit sources where possible, but in the early stages of writing this (which means the bulk of the guide), I failed to save my sources. Some ideas and suggestions have come from various forums, while most of this was figured out from the debug file, achievement descriptions, and trial and error.

    The original inspiration for this was this thread: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2791693

    Since I first posted this guide, the following people have submitted corrections and information, or were used as sources for the guide:

    (Note: I will try to put your name here if you contribute, but if it isn't here, it will be listed on the section you contributed to.)
    • anmattos
    • joncnunn
    • pholtz
    • Vladivoj
    • Rashkavar
    • FeiLing
    • Blanchflower
    • abysshunted
    • Durtag
    • Vincent2128
    • TomKQT
    • Browd
    • Pouakai
    • Biologist
    • essmene
    • Eagle Pursuit
    • Arachnofiend
    • Biologist
    • trexeric
    • budweiser
    • The_J
    • BlakeTheDrake
    • Soulsarse
    • MaDaZi
    • Xyxyl
    • ExtermicideN7
    • elijahfire
    • digrosz
    • Jolan
    Some information was adapted from this thread: http://forums.2kgames.com/archive/index.php/t-110717.html

  5. pholtz

    pholtz King

    May 2, 2006
    On the achievement "Know thy Enemy" (Wonders of the Ancient World) you state that you need to build the Oracle twice; this is incorrect.

    The Oracle is built only once. You do need two different Great People however to consult the oracle twice.


    On the Difficulty Achievements, you state you need to win a normal game. I just got the Deity achievement for winning the Scenario "Rise of the Mongols" on Deity. So I assume that you could get all these achievements in either a normal game or a scenario.
  6. terveurn

    terveurn Warlord

    Dec 7, 2012
    My Little Pony - A cartoon in the 80's, it has been revived in a new form in recent years.

    Actually, the reference does not go to this show - it goes back to the rumor that Russian Empress Catherine II died when she was having sex with a stallion

    —the story holds that the harness holding the horse above her broke, and she was crushed

  7. bixbeiderbaby

    bixbeiderbaby Chieftain

    Mar 4, 2012
    Washington, DC
    Yeah, I figured this too.

    I think the reference to Purple People Eaters refers to the Minnesota Vikings.
  8. bixbeiderbaby

    bixbeiderbaby Chieftain

    Mar 4, 2012
    Washington, DC
    Great post, by the way. I wanted to know how to track my progress on the 1000 achievements.
  9. joncnunn

    joncnunn Senior Java Wizard Moderator

    Mar 17, 2008
    The comments in "He threw a car" about naval ships : Don't apply as much in G&K since the first naval ship is now melee.

    Seriously?! : You get credit even if you aren't trying to build the wonder

    Difficulty Achievements: These can also be unlocked by the scenarios. (Easyist way to get Deity one is to play Korean scenario as Korea)

    We have the technology: You also need Future Tech 1 for credit

    Turtle Power: Much easier if you also have G&K: AI doesn't tend to build Iron Clads in Vanilla.

    Where's the Biathlon? : You can also earn this in the base game if you have this DLC. In fact unless they've fixed it you can get credit for it when an AI in your game earns it.
  10. ragan651

    ragan651 High Regent of Candlewick

    Jul 9, 2012
    NW US
    Thank you. I'll update the guide accordingly.

    When I started this guide, I did not have Gods and Kings, so some of the information was intended for the base game. Some things like you've pointed out need to be changed for the expansion. I'll update the guide. Thanks.
  11. ragan651

    ragan651 High Regent of Candlewick

    Jul 9, 2012
    NW US
    The name is a reference to the show/toy line, as well as a reference to her equine romance. The pop-culture references is meant to show where the names of the achievements came from.
  12. Durtag

    Durtag Chieftain

    Jan 22, 2013
    Nice work! This guide is so great it convinced me to stop lurking and finally create an account. Thanks for spelling out which achievements are currently bugged, was trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong for the Mod ones.

    I have two more additions for the Pop Culture Reference Section:

    Head and Shoulders Above the Rest - Reference to Troy Polamalu, a football player on the Pittsburgh Steelers who is of Samoan ancestry and frequently appears in commercials for Head and Shoulders shampoo.

    Ngata Chance - Reference to Haloti Ngata, a football player on the Baltimore Ravens who is of Tongan ancestry.
  13. ragan651

    ragan651 High Regent of Candlewick

    Jul 9, 2012
    NW US
    Thanks, they have been added.

    The pop culture section has't been completely moved from the other forum, specifically, I got bored copying all the links (almost all of the references had a link with them).
  14. ragan651

    ragan651 High Regent of Candlewick

    Jul 9, 2012
    NW US
    This is a note to self/remember/whatever re: the Mayan Long Count. I went by some screenshots I took of a game as the Mayans to find out the date on the long count. I can't remember if that is the date for the turn after 2012 or 2012 itself ( refers to January 1, 2013). So I need to update this...
  15. Browd

    Browd Dilettante Administrator

    Aug 5, 2012
    Rural Vermont
    At standard speed, you receive the next long-count GP on turn 433, which corresponds to 2013 in game years.
  16. ragan651

    ragan651 High Regent of Candlewick

    Jul 9, 2012
    NW US
    So I was thinking it over for awhile and I decided to mention and link to achievement saves, but not other methods of tricking the game into unlocking an achievement. I have mixed feelings about this (not about the link I posted, I think it's nice work...I just think achievements should be earned). I couldn't reconcile calling this a complete guide while leaving out a means of unlocking.
  17. joncnunn

    joncnunn Senior Java Wizard Moderator

    Mar 17, 2008
    More on Longest Name Ever:
    I'm told its number 33 on the Celt building list. http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=485816&page=2

    The Huns borrow from all civs city lists, so there may be a chance of getting it when playing them, but I don't know.

    In addition, based on the description it might be possible if an AI has founded that city to get this achievement via capturing the city.

    Yoink: I'm seeing in my games Military city states build a whole lot more units than other city state types; so I suggest them.

    Maya: Mouse over the long count number to see what the calendar year at any time to see how long you have left when going for the achievement.
  18. henriquejr

    henriquejr Chieftain

    Jan 26, 2013
    Joncunn, are you sure the Deity achievement is easier if we play as Korea on Samurai Invasion scenario?
    Because I am playing it as Korea on Deity and, resting 50 turns, Japan has conquered every korean city of mine except for one. And the japanese keeps growing its army with reinforcements every now and then.
    Are there any additional hints if I plan to win this scenario on Deity as Korea? Since the beggininig of this scenario Japan army keeps pounding me...

    I have Gods and Kings. I don't know if this DLC makes this scenario harder...

  19. joncnunn

    joncnunn Senior Java Wizard Moderator

    Mar 17, 2008
    Rules are probably the same for this scenario in both vanilla and G&K (I expect there are 10 hit points and not 100 and that you can run over embarked units for free)

    On this one; mostly use your UUs to kill Japanese units for free with ranged attacks from hexes they can't reach; later there are some artillery type units to add in. Build all city defense structures as well in your capital, cities north of there, and any more you retake.

    Also use spare Great Generals to create Citadels as kill zones; two hexes in front of the city your holding; don't occupy the citadel, you just use to kill damaged units.

    At some point, China should send some troops your way; this should allow you to re-take and hold your capital when combined with range promotions. (It's not a per turn victory location so it doesn't matter if you take on turn 99 or never lose it; its still worth the same # of points)

    Use a few naval ships to run over embarked Japanese units; especially the free ones you occasionally get.

    And don't hold onto cash in this; this is also one that on turns 1-5 to strongly consider selling all buildings that cost maintenance in cities South and East of your capital, starting with the coastal ones.

    Your also allied with the Chinese; if they finish on top of the score board, you also win.
  20. krc

    krc King

    Sep 28, 2010
    And, of course,
    [1] the name used in Civ5 is only about half as long as the actual name of the Welsh city, and
    [2] according to Wikipedia, there is a Maori city in New Zealand with an even longer name....

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