"A connection to Civilization VI could not be established" Error in Main Menu/MP


Jul 12, 2013
Hello all,
This is a new issue for me and one I can't find any relevant information on. Civ has been working fine until this morning, when I've tried to join a new Cloud MP game, and I've been unable to as the option has been greyed out. If I click the 2K Account thing in the bottom I get the message "A connection to Civilization VI could not be established. Civilization VI features may not be accessible."
I have:
- Relaunched the game half a dozen times
- Turned Windows Defender off
- Restarted my PC
- Verified cache integrity via Steam
Right now I'm going to try re-enabling the 2K Launcher, letting it update, etc. and I've also pinged a message to 2K Support on Twitter.
Thank you!
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