a cure to all the civillization woes


Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!
i'm going to restrain myself.... no flame this time, only lots and lots of sarcasm.

In order to include every SINGLE influential civillization that ever existed the rest of the game could not have been what it is. it is truely great, if you could stop judging this game by standards that GOD HIMSELF would be hard pressed to meet you too could see how great it is. fireaxis included a few civs that would hopefully appease the vast majority of us... i have a sneaking suspicion that it is only a VERY vocal minority that complains about the civs.maybe you feel that this should be a civ or that should be a civ but it does no good to complain about it. Fireaxis though, has a solution... a truely brilliant one that so many of you have overlooked, while others on the SAME website have taken advantage of fireaxis's attempt to allow any civ to be used here's a link if you need help finding it.

if you cannot find the civ you want there.... they have quite a few... i reccomend that you follow these VERY simple instructions.
1) click on the "Start" menu(the little rectangular buttonon the bottom left hand side of your screen)
2)Now go up untiul you find the find the "Search" popout(it has a magnifying glass icon) now click on the "For Files or Folders" icon inside that Menu.
3)Now it gets tough... you have to "Type" something in or you could just "Copy" and "Paste". You might see the words " Search for files or Folders named :" if you don't... get a seeing eye dog or a braille computer. now either "Type" or "Copy" and "Paste" into the white box under those words the following: "Civ3Edit", leave out the parenthesis. click on the button below it labeled "Search Now".
4) A few icons and or files should appear in what i like to call "The 'Main Part' of the 'Window'" to the Right( the hand you probably dont wear your watch on, if you do not wear a watch the best way to find out which hand is which is to go write something. now think extra super hard. have you ever been called "right handed" or "left handed"? the hand you just wrote with can be distinguished as the one deserving the name of the side you have been said to favor.) if there are no icons on the "right" side of the screen i reccommend that you " install" Civ3
5)If icons do appear click on the "White"(the color of most "paper") icon that has a "Roman numeral" 3 (it looks like this: III) on it. also click on the icon that has "Civ3edit Help" written next to it.
6)read the "Civ3edit help" about changing the rules. if it isn't quite simple enough i'll be gald to explain

the picture below is one that EVEN YOU can get goiung on your screen! WOW!


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OMG, now i can create my very own, Googoowaga civilization. Amazing! I feel so happy.

BTW the Turks and Mongols andIsrael andSweden civs have been made! amazing, Why didn't i look there before.

Mommy where are the Mongols. I want the Mongols. Civ 3 and Sid suck, bcause there aren't any Mongols. Mommyy.

Guess what, everybody who says the German and Americans shouldn't be in the game. You can replace em' with whatever you want to. WOW!

BTW i'm not flaming.

Only thing that isn't available in the editor is the ability to make new graphics for units, unless you can work FLCster.
*roflmao* So funny! The only problem is that you won't have their face, but still very good. :)
I believe the reason most people suggest other civs to be included is to be able to fully customize them. One reason I made such suggestions is so maybe someone out there who knows how to fully customize a civ including portrait, UU animations, etc. might do so. (I'm NOT technically proficient with the computer, hence, I cannot do so myself.) I believe everyone knows how to accomplish what you have spelled out as I have done so myself. Though it is a very rough edit as it still shows(graphically) the other civ's appearances. I've been to the mods/edits forum and still haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. So I more or less suggested a few. If you know how to FULLY customize a Nubian, Celt, or Incan(replacing stupid Americans) civ, I'd appreciate that. Sarcasm and criticism is only appreciated if its actually constructive.
I don't mean stupid as in the people. I can't understand why there has to be another Euro-Civ and not another representing the indigenous population of the Americas. I know that America is supposedly a "melting pot" (which it really ain't). But it is still mostly controlled/influenced by European cultural derivatives. By the way I live in the good ol' U.S. In fact lived here my whole life. (no need to flame). I was just saying that picking the U.S. as another civ over maybe th Celts or Turks is just not that logical. But I understand they did so because the market is biggest in the U.S.
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