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A Different Domination Meet the Dragon Islands

Discussion in 'CivRev - Stories & Tales' started by ShadeSigma, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. ShadeSigma

    ShadeSigma Chieftain

    Oct 6, 2010
    Every Civ veteran knows what the Japanese are capable of. Anyone who have played and looked at the victory screen and saw the Japanese sweeping in Techs, you wonder why. I did the "Chariot of the Gods" challenge on King again. But yet again I tried for a Culture victory but I said screw it. I settled Kyoto on the southern coast of a continent. After that, boosted my economy to 100 to get the free settler. West of me I saw a tiny island and my eyes grew big. I rushed a Galley, and settled on that island. I did the same thing on an island south of Kyoto. One bonus for the Japanese is the ability to have extra food on sea tiles. This really beats struggling for a harbor. When your population goes over 6, it only takes 6 more turns to grow again. That's crazy.

    I was going against Bismarck, Isabella, and Alexander the Great. I didnt find the other Civ. I used a great person to complete the Great Wall and avoid meaningless war. I figured that no other Civ was as advanced as mine and I was right. It took a long time until Bismarck discovered Engineering. But I know he made a lot of gaps in his plans to do it because he and Alex were the first to declare war upon me. To make diplomacy short, every Civ declared war on me but until I proved myself a non-pushover they reconsidered. I used my first island as a science city, my 2nd as a gold city. I built the Trade Fair of Troyes and the gold island was producing 378 gold a turn. Science island was making 257 a turn along with Kyoto getting 281 a turn. All the science wasn't that enough because the mystery Civ was racing me all the way. By the time I launched my first spaceship my SGC per turn(Science, Gold, Culture) was 663, 989, and 561. I built the Magna Carta which was the icing on the cake because I had a courthouse in every city. I converted one of Germeny's cities and since then he hasnt done much--plus, I had a ton of Ashigaru Pikemen directly in front of Berlin and he didn't want to chance it. I converted a lot of Greek's territory too. Isabella was going for Culture but I was right behind her only needing 9 more Great People or a couple converted city. I was in a sweep for economic victory but I kept being a show-off buying things to suit up a city. My science helped me and I won the game by year 2002.

    But I'm pretty sure someone has done a lot more damage than I just did. Has anyone ever gotten close to 1000 gold per turn?
  2. ScottieX

    ScottieX Chieftain

    Feb 2, 2009
    In GOTW the top players do about 3000 per turn (maybe 2000g to 4000g) to get the optimal win times.

    Also, since future tech allow you to get more trade fron squares you can get ridiculous gold from a city - i had one city doing about 15,000g.

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