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A few ideas

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by daiplug, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. daiplug

    daiplug Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2011

    While I've been a member for a long time, I've never actually posted anything, I've played Civ since its first inception (On the Amiga) and have loved the game.

    I have thrown a few ideas/suggestions together of things I'd like to see, apologies if these ideas have already been posted also I do have mild dyslexia so if some of my words are muddles or sentences don't make sense apologies

    1. World Achievements. Specific tasks that when completed give a specific advantage, be it a unique building or game advantage, a development of the Eureka function already in the game, for example the first player to discover a continent other than the one they are on could get strengthened scouts or an early upgrade of Scouts to explorers. The first City to reach a certain income per turn gains a unique building that boasts income or gives addition Caravans, depending on the era this could be a Bazaar or business center. Reaching a certain happiness level which gain a "friend of the people" trait (see point 5)

    2. Random Events,
    I love random events but with most games they always feel quite 2D, my suggestion is to have more dynamic random events where decision can trigger further events
    for example:-
    "You have discovered a rare and endangered species of puffer fish in one of you fisheries, the puffer fish is rare but produces a chemical which if mass manufactured could make your population healthier:-
    do you
    A. Mass produce the chemical (at the cost of 100 Gold and the loss of your fishery) but gain a bonus to your health and happniess but could effect relationship with Civilizations that have the Environmentalists enacted
    (after a few turns this may lead to a medicine luxury item that can be traded or used as a resource)
    B. Leave the puffer fish alone as its rare (Get a relationship boost with any other civilizations that have the environmentalist enacted) this could lead to a boost in tourism
    C. Start a breeding program for the puffer fish (at the cost of 50 gold) and gain a conservationist building which will boost science outputs and great scientists points

    "A small band of wandering nomads have turned up at your city walls. The leader asks to speak to you and ask if himself and his tribe may join your great city do you accept?"

    A. Yes with open arms
    (population boost but nomads religion is established in your city)
    B. No as you don't feel you are producing enough food to feed them all
    (If you are producing enough food this could lead to the nomad tribe becoming a barbarian unit and attacking you or if you aren't producing enough food the nomad tribe reveal they are specialist farmers and offer to join your city as a workforce in your field (costs 100 gold and farms in this city produce more food)
    C. Provide them with a place to stay and supplies while they get back on the feet but they cannot join your population
    ( The Nomad tribe celebrate with the population of your city increasing happiness but lowering productivity for a few turns, after a few turns The Nomad tribe is established as a Minor Nation outside of the boundaries of your Civ)

    "You scout happens upon a wolf in the forest, it seems injured what should your scout do?"

    1. Attempt to heal the injured wolf thus taming it (the scouts dog is upgraded to a wolf increasing the units attack power)
    2. Put the wolf out of its misery (Scout unit becomes "Hardened" a bonus that lessens the impact of terrain of the unit)
    3. Leave it alone and move on, let nature take its course (after few turns a Barbarian Wolf unit appears)

    3. I'd love to see more "palm greasing" options, with in diplomacy, the ability to buy a new unit for an opponent or fund a repair campaign after an opponent has been at war, fund a literacy campaign for lesser advanced nations (which would see their science output temporarily boasted and your standing with the nations improved

    4. Minor Nations, So in my latest game Stockholm is right in the middle of my nation, so why wouldn't it be absorbed into my civ? I liberated Valletta from the fiendish Greeks, but once its liberated it becomes a free nation, maybe the option to release as a Vassal should be included? I'd like to see more option to "Conquer" minor nations other than by war,

    5. Leader development, over the course of the game Id love to be able to develop a your leader, gaining traits both good and bad depending on your actions during the game, A leader with the warmonger trait is more likely to be offered brides and tribute, a leader that stoutly pushing a religion achieves a "Religious Zealot" trait gaining a powerful "Deacon" unit that can convert units from previous ears

    Best wishes


    (PS happy Christmas everyone)

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