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A few Relic Icons

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Utilities, Code Snippets & Art Assets' started by Jopo, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Jopo

    Jopo Chieftain

    May 8, 2010
    Joensuu, Finland
    OK here are the fruits of my labors so far...

    A relic icon atlas with 40+ relics, some real, most fictional I think, like the Book of The Dead and Book of The Living from The Mummy movies ( I took images of the props from web and... :-D).

    Real relics are for example the mirror, sword and necklace of Japanese origin, which are even today part of the imperial regalia of Japan.

    Anyway, the files are in a .zip folder containing the necessary 256, 64 and 45 pixel versions plus the GIMP file if someone wants to do some extra editing?

    Here´s a list of what I named the relics so far in order;

    1. Holy Egyptian Canopic Jar
    2. Holy Japanese Mirror
    3. Holy Japanese Sword
    4. Holy Japanee Necklace
    5. Book of the dead
    6. Book of the living
    7. Holy Shamanic runic disc (or something like that... :-D)
    8. Voodoo doll (ceremonial doll)
    9. Shamanic Drum
    10. Ceremonial knife (flint knife, maybe some kind of Aztec relic eh... :-D)
    11. Shamanic mask
    12. Crown of thorns
    13. Fertility statue
    14. Alabaster jar
    15. Ankh Amulet
    16. Ash Urn (maybe remnants of some saint/martyr who got to be the center of a barbeque party? :-D)
    17. Old Holy Book (Bible)
    18. Chalice
    19. Commandment Tablets
    20. Crown (just some crown, but maybe belonged to a confessor king etc.?)
    21. Dagger (of Amun-Ra ? :-D Reminds me of an old Sierra adventure game I saw videos of...)
    22. Holy Foot
    23. Holy Hand
    24. Icon Tablet
    25. Holy Kantele (of Väinämöinen the great Finnish wizard/shaman of Kalevala? This is a wooden one, his was made of the jawbone of a giant pike)
    26. Holy Mirror
    27. Mjolnir, Thor´s hammer
    28. Holy Moose head of Finnish origin (made of stone, that is a photo of an actual relic I pulled from a Finnish museums webpage), All Hail the mighty Moose God! :-D
    29. Holy Plank ( piece of the Ark or something...?)
    30. Prayer beads (of a martyr or saint?)
    31. Holy Raven Banner of Odin
    32. Holy Banner of St. Jeanne D´Arc
    33. Holy Scarab amulet
    34. Holy scroll (there could be many scrolls in the game I guess, Dead sea scrolls, Lost Gospels and other scriptures...)
    35. Signet Ring ( of some holy Bishop etc.?)
    36. Skull
    37. Roman Pilum Spear (Spear of Destiny?)
    38 - 44 ; Statue or Statuette of ... Anubis, Bastet, Buddha, Lakshmi, Sekhmet, Thoth and Vishnu
    45. Holy Walking Stick (belonged to a great and holy....)

    Anyway, I plan on using these in my mod, feel free to do so as well and making these icons was relatively easy in the end, thankfully.
    I hope these icons will be of use to someone keen on religion modding.

    Cheers and Enjoy! :-D

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  2. Jopo

    Jopo Chieftain

    May 8, 2010
    Joensuu, Finland

    OK, there´s a quick preview of the icons... the image is a .jpg version of the 64x64 pixel atlas.

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