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[GS] A few suggestions (126) for future patches or expansion


Jan 8, 2019
Strasbourg, France
Hi, I am some French (please forgive my spelling issues) Civ player (4000 hours on Civ5 and 2000 on Civ6) and here is some suggestions to make Civ6 better that I wanted to post since a long time. Now that Gathering Storm is announced, I know that it is too late for most of them but maybe for next time. In general I like this Civ but I think it is too much wide oriented and conquest are too easy (solo). If some ideas are approved, i hope seeing them in patches, DLC or a third expansion because I don’t know if Civ6’s code is reliable but I feel that basic rules are good and there is still many Civ5 players to reconquer with a complete and balanced Civ6 before risking a degressive vanilla Civ7 (and there is no need for graphic upgrade).

My top ten Most expected changes :

1- On current high difficulties levels, the most difficult battle is the first one and then, even a deity game is too easy once AI are caught up, maybe because AI have huge bonus at start but few after. They could have instead less free units and settlers at start but have some at each era, so that all the game stay challenging to player. And some yield of money at each era that they could spend on unit or buildings regarding their agenda. And if the same flat yield for each AI, it could help slow ones to catch up. But it could be postponed in several times in order to prevent them spending this money on great peoples.

2- Some economic or commercial victory, with some real life economic warfare detailed above (#11-14). Should be different from civ5 diplomatic victory and not involve city states. Victory condition could be: having more income than all remaining players and build some late wonder.

3- I feel that civ6’s actual star is terrain and his adaptation. And just like in real history, terrain should have a bigger influence on cultures. All civs could get some additional bonus according to tiles that they have the most in empire, and make them become for example desert hill people or grassland woods people. Could have several layers, like additional yields on the most owned terrain tiles (including coast), and another military bonus on the most owned terrain features. And It would update at each era. So there would be more strategy on city placement if the player want to keep the same culture or get a new one, and more strategy on combat units placement.
(For immersion, this bonus culture could show on leader screen with some static soldiers in the background, clothes and weapons evolving along eras and cultures)

4- Military engineers should appear earlier and have two new abilities to spend charges: hide one unit in rough terrain tile, so that this unit has some ambush bonus if enemy try to pass trough (lot of fun for multiplayer!). And an additional ability to hide traps in terrains. Could evolve in time, like from hidden pits or fire ambush, to barb wire and mine fields. Invaders could bring own engineers to see and neutralise traps.

5- In real life, wars don’t only cost production but also people and it can ruin countries. So, training a unit could cost one population point. For balance, it could start only with corps, or cities could require less food to grow. Or it could remove one population point from the biggest or closest city, only when entering foreign territory. So that defenders would suffer no limitation and invaders must take bigger risk.

6- Aqueduct should have buildings to make it as useful than other districts. The last building could be a hospital, with the ability to give additional heal to all units in this city tiles. This would make cities less easy to conquer and possibility to pillage or bombard hospitals but with huge warmongering penalty.

7- In the current game and especially when wars last for long, after killing some unit, the player can easily conquer large populated cities. In order to balance this too big reward for the risk, every city with enemies around should be able to convert population into civil resistance fighters. It could be weak units, with stats evolving with era, like embarked units, and they could go back to cities when menace is over. It would make cities less easy to take and maybe sometimes makes the difference for successful defence and if not, at least the enemy will take depopulated cities.

8- Moving big armies with dozens of units one at a time is tedious, especially over long distances without any skirmishes. I guess that the best way to select and move multiple units would be a “click and drag” lasso one, pressing the “shift” key for example. It could select all military, support and generals units but not civilian ones. Another way could be to assign units to different formations and select all of them at a time. Anyway, one issue with the current automatic path-finding system is that it stop immediately when the selected tile destination is occupied, even if the unit is far away. It would be better if this would stop only when the unit is in range of the selected tile.

9- I still have no info on the new diplomatic victory but if this is some kind of diplomatic domination, there is still room for some interesting and brand new victory in all Civ serie: a collective victory! It could also be named peace or humanity or social victory. I feel that gathering storm is going to some good pedagogical level with ecology and this collective victory would expand it further. It could consist on some extra alliance level, with the benefits of merged science and culture, visibility and suzerains, but disable all other victories. Some cease-fire of all forms of competition between members. It would make losers still dangerous to dominant players if united and would motive players to stay in game till the end, especially in multiplayer. The requirement to join this federation should be friendly relationship with all members and the new diplomatic favors should help. The victory is when all players have joined and in order to incite dominant ones, the difficult task could be to ban or hardly slow other victory conditions with congress, like stop space research in name of ecology or stop tourism in name of respecting every cultures. Of course, members should be forbidden to declare war without casus belli and can not occupy or raze cities. (And divide hall of fame score, of course).

10- Hardcore annoying idea that should stay optional: Blind research and civics! Because in history, most inventions and creations were found by accident or serendipity. Player can still see tech and civics trees but cannot chose. At each turn, science and culture yields are randomly affected to one available tech/civic. Player would still have control on amount of science and culture generated and can aim to desired innovations with unlocking eurekas and inspiration, but must wait for luck. It could be frustrating at first but also very rewarding when getting desired tech, and it would prevent AI or players to beeline some modern units in medieval era. It would make games harder and longer, but for everyone.

Other possible additions :

11- The next four suggestions could serve a new economic or commercial victory but could be fun anyway. The first one would be monopolies, on strategic and luxury resources. One different monopoly could be possible to each of these resources and the requirement could be to own at least half of all exploited ones in the world (including bought ones) and process some bank project. The bonus could be some tax on each trade of these resources, even between different players, and a new trade route ability, detailed above (#12). Monopoly could be broken only when all resources are lost or pillaged, or when another player gain more than half of these. It would require a new global resource screen telling how many of each resources exist and how many are owned by each player. This would give a reason to grab or buy more than one luxury resource and create new conflicts to conquer or protect resources. And maybe it could be extended to bonus resources and prevent players to chop them.

12- Late eras need aggressive trade routes in order to simulate real life economic warfare. These routes could require at least one monopoly (and/or some factory project if monopolies are not included) and give a lot more money to the owner but pump this money from the target destination.

13- In Civ5 it was easy to borrow a lot of money from AI in exchange for gold per turn. It would be nice to have an official loan, debt and interest system. It would be useful to finance wars and peaceful civs could chose who to help.

14- Open borders should be exclusively to both sides and give big multiplier or penalty to trade routes yields and tourism. This would force players to chose between protectionism or liberalism strategy.

15- Spies should have ability in government districts to create casus belli. (like just cause war against weapons of mass destruction, for example). And big diplomatic hit if failure.

16- There is currently no reason to link all cities with roads. Cities with roads to capital could give more culture yield or amenity or loyalty.

17- Arms trade: like in real world, it would be nice to sell units to other civs and chose who to help, possibly with benefits.

18- Why not buying envoys, with a growing price?

19- Return of random events and vassalage, in order to satisfy Civ4 fans?

20- Gathering Storm seems the nice moment for pollution returning from Civ1. Could be growth or happiness penalty for most productive cities, and random industrial disaster with risk growing along productivity. Like the London smog or Bhopal disaster. (GS Natural disasters seem great. It just lacks earthquakes, on continents separations)

21- The announced rivers and mountain naming is great and it could give a small money or culture bonus when first to discover, like in Civ revolution. For immersion, events related in posts between turns could add “X occurred near Y river or Z mountain”.

22- Benefits from commercial deals should multiply with eras, in order to reward peace and punish warmongering. Because 7gold per turn is huge in ancient era but nothing in modern era.

23- New fun action to all units: If there is enemy territory (Ai or city-state) within 3 tiles of one of our cities, all units should have the ability to claim these tiles one at a time if they can survive ten turns without moving. It should exclude district tiles and first city radius. It could provoke new frontiers conflicts like in real world and big stakes with driving out occupation armies.

24- In Civ5, selecting our government had heavy consequences, because of ideological pressure and exclusive policy bonuses. Conflicts between civs with divergent ideology were very interesting because they had very different but competitive policies. The Civ6 flexible government system is good but every ideologies can take the same policies, so as government buildings. For example, fascist ones can use “new deal” policy and build royal society building, and in the end, the few exclusive government bonuses are negligible. One solution could be to add new dead-end civics with strong policies after each government civics, but with inspiration condition to adopt required government for a long time.
And divergent government could easily be added to loyalty pressure, if there are different tourism levels, like in Civ5.
Civ5’s government exclusive wonders were nice too.

25- Chemical weapons poisoning units, like mustard then sarin gas, with same weariness than nuclear ones but unlocked earlier. (And why not siege diseases since medieval era?)

26- There could be new maritime city states giving additional food to aqueducts or/and harbours.

27- In order to still simulate real world, why not some immigration and refugee system? During peace it could be immigration if unhappiness last more than ten turn, with one population point going as an automatic settler unit to the closest happy city, even a foreign one. During war times it could be the same system if a city has skirmishes on city tiles during more than ten turns, with the settler going to the closest civ in peace. Possibility to kill this unit like plundering a caravan but with big war weariness.

28- The new random future era techs and civics sound good and I don’t know how it works but if there is still a last renewable tech/civic, it could give +5 strength to a random unit class or +1 yield to a random improvement for techs and additional yield to a random remaining policy for civics, till some player win the game.

29- I miss the useful informations from the demography screen in Civ5, so as advisors, especially for quickly knowing military forces ratio before war.

30- I guess than Civ6 is not ready for this but I try for later: Map generation are great but there is a last perfectible point: altitude. One can currently imagine two levels with flat and hill tiles but there is still penalties when attacking from hills to another. Strategy and immersion would be better with a few altitude levels, with penalties or bonuses only for skirmishes from different levels, and more transitions between flat land and mountains.

31- Gathering Storm already sound so good that Civ6 could become a real life health risk! It could easily be solved with some optional timer programmed to automatically shut the game at some defined hour or after some defined hours per day, locked of course by someone else’s password.

Improvements and balance :

32- Many times, some allied or friend AI attack suzerain city-states and the player has nothing else to do but wait for the treaty to end. Player should be able to denounce or break alliances or friendship, but with huge penalty, like Hitler did to Stalin (promises many fun treasons in multiplayer!). And for city-state issue, maybe it should be impossible to declare war to friend or allies’s city-states.

33- District production cost is currently increasing with techs and civics. It makes district in lately founded cities take centuries to build, even for small empires. Maybe it could increase with number of districts already built per civs. It would have no sense for role-play but for gameplay it could favour tall development and help slow civs to catch up. For balance it could be some calculation mixing old system and this new one.

34- Civ5 mechanics were making both wide or tall strategies competitive and conflicts between these very different strategies were interesting. In Civ6, some snowball effect makes the biggest empire win, especially with easy and rewarding conquest, and in the end all games begin with some conquest race. I like loyalty system, especially for former city placement issues but it did not solve the issue with huge empires favored. Maybe cities far from capital could need more and more amenities after some distance or simply need more amenities on other continents, such were colonies in history. And maybe conquered cities could keep angry citizen from former culture, needing more amenities but slowly fading over time.

35- The eureka and inspiration was a good idea to force players to adapt to environment and prevent them from using the same exact strategy in each game. But honestly it did not work and every games are filled with at least 3 archers, 2 forts and 3 privateers. It would be nice having one alternate eureka and inspirations for each techs and civics, randomly assigned at start. It could simply be a random +1 / -1 for those with items to build. It would really make each game different.

36- The lime policy is very useful but get obsolete with civil engineering because urban defences used to appear with. Now that some update made them appear with steel tech, the lime policy should last at least till modern era.

37- If AI keep on being so aggressive with city states, I guess that city states should start with the same amount of difficulty bonus units than AI (except for settlers of course), so that they stop fighting one versus five and have a chance to survive ancient era.

38- Every unique improvements or city-states bonus improvements should give at least 0,5 or 0,25 housing. Because it often takes place of farms and the AI who build them a lot, like Sumer, Spain or Scythia are often crippled with small cities.

39- I feel that every player should have possibility to get a religion. Because it is indispensable for many heroic moments and for the main early casus belli, and because it is often impossible and frustrating to get one in deity difficulty, especially when playing religious civs such Spain or Georgia. Slow players will be converted anyway and have the worst remaining beliefs. And it would make religious victory a little less easy.

40- AI often build world wonders in occupied city states. Liberated city state with wonder should give wonder bonus to suzerain.

41- Before Gathering storm announcement and favor system, I was thinking that giving envoys to other civs could be nice. It could give money to both and instantly improve relation, like annul denouncement or become neutral to friend.

42- During wars, the defensive side should not suffer from war weariness. In history, resistance troops often had higher morale than far from home invader soldiers. In addition, there should be a returning global strength morale penalty, for example -1 strength to all units every 10 weariness, like happiness in Civ5.

43- I currently build aqueducts only in rare cities without fresh water. I would gladly get the +2 housing to other cities but I don’t because it takes place of a later +4 or more neighbourhood tile. It could be solved with aqueducts having some industrial era building giving as much housing than a neighbourhood.

44- In order to create real spy games, the listening post mission could raise the visibility level permanently but with also a counterspy action to decrease enemy visibility. And so this action could be done several times, until some ultra top secret visibility showing enemy units and civics. Could prevent surprise attacks.

45- Walls cost a lot and brings few : maybe they should bring at least one amenity per level, for safeness.

46- Some unit promotions are useless. +1 strength at every promotion would be great and make experienced units more precious.

47- Districts are taking a lot of room, especially if there are new ones coming. Maybe district tiles should keep original terrain yield, like the city center. It would allow better adjacency placement.

48- In vanilla edition, governments gave legacy bonuses till the end of the game. Now that these bonus have been replaced by legacy wildcards taking room, maybe all governments should have extra wild card slots.

49- Like in civ5, scouts should have +1sight when on hills so they can be useful in wars.

50- Art works are harder to get and theme than archaeological ones and still have less tourism yield. If not balanced, there is no reason to build art museums.

51- Why not having spy missions in every districts? For example, preach in temple could instantly convert city. Aqueducts could have poison water missions. Encampments could have treachery mission giving to player the next trained enemy unit. Money from harbours. Sabotage aerodromes, entertainment complexes and water parks.

52- Unclaimed old great peoples should not disappear with era changes, especially on high difficulty where this is quick. They will soon be claimed anyway with their low cost.
And as long as it is possible to see when a new great people is available by checking great people screen every turn, it would be nice have having some alert every time a new one is available.

53- The foreign trade routes giving science or culture if civ has advance from Civ5 were nice and it limited the snowball effect. Russia could double it if extended to all civs.

54- National wonders in Civ5 were good. And It helped small empires.

55- It is nice having the possibility to change governments in accordance with war or peace times but the anarchy penalty is too high. This penalty should disappear or be reduced because I guess that it make players use government changes in the same order at all games. And I never checked but maybe it cripples a lot AI if they often change back governments.

56- On high difficulty levels, the AI produce and lose a lot more units, so maybe they should have less war weariness. Sometimes during long wars their units seems paralysed as if they avoid fighting because of weariness.

57- AI almost never use support units like siege tower, balloon or anti-air gun. And then they are lame at taking walled cities.

58- Pillage yields should increase with eras. 25 science is huge in ancient era but nothing in atomic one. It could also increase with buildings: pillaging a university should give more science than a library and policies could still double it to encourage pillage wars.

59- some policies giving production bonus come too soon and should also apply to older era units or wonder.

60- When there is no more room to settle or if the target spot is taken during travel, settlers should be able to add population in cities. It would also make statue of liberty a little more useful.

61- It would be nice if the faith or gold cost of units or building would scale with actual production cost given city state or policy cards bonuses.

62- Possibility to also remove terrain features with bombing on enemy territory (like jungle during Vietnam war)

63- I miss the possibility to bribe AI to declare war to another one. But maybe at higher cost than in Civ5 because it was too easy.

64- The casus belli to liberate annexed cities or city states should apply even if not suzerain of friend before. It could push AI to liberate more. It would also be nice to have an icon for cities able to liberate, like capitals because it is hard to memorise all names.

65- The airport could give additional tourism to every breathtaking tile. It would give reason to build more because aerodrome buildings cost a lot and bring few.

66- Every unique unit should upgrade from previous unit in the same class. Because Civs that cannot are disadvantaged. And unique buildings should also cost half production like unique districts.

67- Culture bomb terrain stealing should be a huge casus belli.

68- players should be able to train or upgrade units without resources but with a -20 or -30 strength penalty and an icon to remind it. It would also solve once and for all the issue with AI not upgrading units.

69- There could be more city states mission, like grabbing resource or produce support units or wonder construction. And why not the returning ask for tribute action and bully denouncement quest?

70- Like trading posts in Civ5, there could be a new late but strong improvement for jungle. It would give a reason to not chop.

71- foreign ministry government building is pretty weak compared to two others and don’t really help to any victory.

72- Siege units have no policy card improving production. Maybe they could share with archers a new ranged units policy class while Agoge keep only melee, anti-cavalry and recon. Or a new policy class since ancient era improving siege, support and recon unit production.

73- AI seems to hardly focus on one victory type, like a human would

74- I have never seen a AI close to a military victory or conquer more than two players. And I have neither seen a AI having a religious victory since the last update.

75- The water park replace the entertainment district. So it should also give one food to domestic trade routes. Aqueducts and aerodromes could also give trade route bonus and so, reasons to build more.

76- Generated great prophet points and religious projects are totally useless during most of the game, so as Hagia sophia wonder bonus. After that all great prophets are claimed, they could generate super apostles, like religious giant death robots requiring many inquisitors to kill and automatic relic.

77- I have seen several times some AI Conquer some far way city states impossible to keep because of loyalty but reconquer and liberate them after revolt and replace former suzerain. If intentional, this is smart but it sounds to me like cheating. I would prefer to stop this or to clearly allow to directly suzerain city states after conquest. It would be useful when at war with a border one but no intention to annex.

78- With districts cost raising over time, players have interest to place them early and finish them later. I dislike this (close to cheating) strategy because it remove these tile yields. It should stop or if not, there should be an alert every time that a city can place a new district.

79- It would be nice to chose between different motives when denouncing some player and get more sympathy from AI that agree.

80- Specialist's use currently gives no bonus. It could favour tall development. Someone suggested that they could give some speciality multiplier like +10% science. They could at least give extra great people points. And there could be new policy cards with specialists bonuses.

81- AI often settle one tile away from fresh water but almost never build aqueduct where they should.

82- Governors moving time should scale with speed pace too. And maybe unit movements too (+1 in online pace)?

83- It can be useful to have several military slots in governments even during peace times when policy cards like “retainers” or “limes” are not obsolete yet but having at least 3 or 4 military slots with communism or fascism can be useless and so, democracy is a non-choice, especially when aiming for a science or culture victory, as if communism would only serve a domination victory. Does it represent communism or stalinism? (Sometimes I wonder if this game is fully ideology unbiased? Is democracy so peaceful when looking the democratic America's involvements in conflicts during history and arms industry?) I miss Civ5 where there was three clear and different ideologies (liberalism vs socialism vs fascism), efficient to several victories, and not Civ6’s one blurry democracy (left or right?) and two close domination dictatorships.
In brief: I would already be happier with one more economic slot in communism and one military less, or one more military one in democracy.

84- It would be interesting having more policy cards with setbacks, like “robber barons” or “new deal”, even outside dark ages. It would involve more realistic political choices, like investing in fertility, happiness or ecology over productivity or money, or the opposite.

Interface and graphics:

85- I would like to directly see without clicking the current happiness balance(like +3 or -2) and housing (like 12/13) somewhere on the city bar from the outside. Or maybe keep the current red overpopulation and unhappy symbols but with colour spectrum from green to red. In addition, I don’t get why growth is already slowed when cities have still one housing room. There should still be an orange colour to alert when there is few room but growth should continue. Or if nothing change, at least the housing alert icon should show as soon as growth is slowed.

86-The trade diplomacy screen should also show the unsellable luxury or strategic resources that we get from city states or trade deals, maybe with some mark or a darker colour. It would stop confusions when trading or necessity to consult resource screen before all trade. And maybe it could prevent AI from buying twice the same resource or propose resources that we already get from other trade.

87- The strategic view could be very enjoyable, if it would not mix sprites and symbols. Like drawing for all districts (not a symbol for aqueduct and neighbourhoods) and sprites for units too.

88- I like to toggle off the big resource icons and better enjoy the graphics but many times I have to put it on again, when settling or searching resources. I would love having a third middle mode that show all unexploited resources icons in own, neutral and foreign lands, but hide already exploited resources in own lands. It would help to stop forgetting to exploit inside resource and still give inspiration for outside conquests., with clearer and better graphics.

89- In civ5 there was a way in diplomacy screen to see who had built world wonders. The world wonders already built should be hidden or darken on the tech and civic trees. And they should be visible with an icon in cities lines from the diplomacy trade menu.

90- sometimes the aluminium and uranium graphics (not icons) are invisible under some improvements. So as antiquity sites icons when they appear under districts.

91- When having a religion we should be warned when an opposite religious unit cross border, convert a city state or replace our religion in foreign cities.

92- pillaged tiles are hard to see and sometime I forget to repair some. They Should burn or smoke more

93- When going to a religious victory, managing many apostles with different promotions is boring. They could have random names like spies or small different icons for promotions.

94- The report screen should allow to sort by and help to quickly find the most or less productive or growing city when having dozens of. In addition I would like to have some screen giving number of each districts in empire, or know how many are already owned when choosing which one to build in city screen, like “campus #3” or “3rd campus”

95- when looking for a new place to settle in fog of war, I can’t see difference between desert, plains or prairies. So as coastal and see tiles. These fog of war colours need more contrast. In the same way, I can’t see difference at first sight between galleys and quadriremes.

96- There should still be and alert at every expired commercial deal.

97- When allocating a new trade route, there are some white lines but this is not enough. Sometimes I like to have one trade route per city but searching in trade screen is boring when having dozens of cities. There could be a new trading lens (replacing useless ones) showing routes but also how many routes are already going from or coming to every city. Could also show finished or ongoing trade posts. It could also help placing Reyna.

98- Some sound warn for new barbarian camps but finding them can take time. Camera should auto scroll on.

99- Not sure but I think that there is no way to know if AI already has urban defences and if rams still work or not.

100- For roleplay, players should not know score or any info from never met civ, like in Civ5. Allow surprises.

Some persistent or annoying bugs:

101- I am quite sure that AI and barbarians are able to see units outside their field of vision. Cavalries or boats often go straight to kill units that they couldn’t see. They did not in Civ5 and it is like cheating.

102- AI never use units in cities. Since last patch garrisoned ranged units learned to (sometimes) shoot but melee or cavalry garrisoned units almost never attack enemy units adjacent to city center, even when assured to survive and stay in city.

103- AI are now able to produce air planes but when at war they move them each turn and almost never attack with.

104- The new patched relationship system with AI hating players close to victory, like a human player would, could be great but it starts too late and is very unequal along victory types.

105- Sometimes it is impossible to denounce some AI after a peace deal.

106- I see no difference with ceding city or not in peace deals. AI Continue to claim ceded cities after peace. Moreover, if player does not ask to cede captured cities in peace deal, AI agrees to give even more cities.

107- Sometimes I’ve seen some infinite barbarian spawn each turn during dozens of turns. Especially musketeers. And sometimes AI Hardly deal with them, especially at deity level.

108- All leaders have blond hairs with minimum graphic details (when setting “no shadows”).

109- Since some patch I never see nuke animation anymore, even with high graphic settings. And camera should auto-center on nukes during AI turns. Many times I got nuked without seeing it.

110- I don’t see the promised +1 appeal from old growth woods. Second growth ones give the same +1. If not a bug, old ones should give more appeal, to prevent chopping. And It makes creation of breathtaking tiles too easy.

111- It is impossible to plant woods next to lakes.

112- The automatic tile acquisition with culture is dumb. Unlike in Civ5, it gets all the second ring before the third. Many times it gets useless water tiles when bonus resources tiles are still available. It should rather get the next tile with the more yields, no matter what.

113- When cities are close : many times a city get tiles in its fourth or fifth ring that are in the second or third ring of neighbouring cities. It is annoying to check it and maybe it cripples AI. When conquering AI cities, we can see that AI never replace these lost tiles and yields.

114- AI often try to heal embarked units forever.

115- When liberating a city or a city-state, unit are expelled and many times are teleported under enemy fire without movements left and die next turn. They should instead move to where they came or at least stay where they are at liberation, even if forced to move next turn.

116- Since last patch, former garrisoned units stays in free cities and prevent them from being conquered.

117- Sometimes AI seems to stay in permanent wars, especially with city states.

118- Since last patch, AI never use inquisitors to defend anymore.

119- It is possible to produce aircraft carrier fleets but can not form with two or three. (In addition, these boats have a very interesting promotion tree but very few opportunities to gain experience. They could get +1xp when using an aircraft from)

120- Sometimes city states don’t fight barbarian units at all.

121- Sometimes liberated city-states seem to stay at war with former enemies.

122- Don’t know if a bug or intentional but military promotions gained near natural wonders (like giant’s causeway or Matterhorn) disappear when upgrading units. And there is no way except fighting to see which unit already has promotion or not. There should be an extra promotion icon

123- Sometimes, apostles still have only one or two promotion to choose. It seems to happened when Mont st-michel wonder is built.

124- open borders is necessary for diplomacy but IA make units camp inside borders. They should either stop or our civilian units should ignore them to work tiles like own units.

125- I Feel that sometimes the unit bonus production from fascism does not add. Maybe when bonus production from policy cards are used at the same time and makes more than 100%? And I am not sure but in another game I did not get the 15% production bonus from communism.

126- It is very easy to cheat with having multiple heroic moments if removing Amani again and again and levy the same city state army every time. It should give heroic moment points only once per era and per city state.

Thanks a lot for reading (especially developers, hopefully!) and players please feel free to discuss or add ideas.
@ Infixo:
I must confess that I never use mods because I am afraid that it breaks the fragile balance of the game or that AI can't use modded stuffs. I know that there are many good modded ideas but I wait for developers to implement them in main game.
But I took a look at your promising Real eureka mod and will try it on my next game!

While posting here, here is two additional wishes:

127- maritime luxury resources should also be limited per continents, because now everyone has some and they are worthless to trade. There could be some new ones, like salmon or caviar.

128- I would like to select what can be shuffled in the shuffle pre-game settings. In order to choose between pangea, continents, fractal or all maps. And randomize or not map size and other options likes resources or sea level.
@Gronaz Some mods break balance and some mods improve it. You can choose :)
I am very cautious about the mods I use. Mostly UI (because UI in Civ6 is h o r r i b l e ), few to improve the game, and my own mods. I don't use any mods that drastically change any subsystem of the game.
129. Make *all* Luxuries much more location specific. I'd even be OK with them separating luxuries-like spices & dyes-into different types, & have each type limited to specific land masses. Like Cinnamon might be more limited to one land mass, but Paprika & Cloves might turn up on a separate land-mass. This is kind of connected to Gronaz's suggestion for 127.
6- Aqueduct should have buildings to make it as useful than other districts. The last building could be a hospital, with the ability to give additional heal to all units in this city tiles. This would make cities less easy to conquer and possibility to pillage or bombard hospitals but with huge warmongering penalty.

Hospitals should also add Housing (a substitute for Health, IMHO) & Amenities. Might also be cool to have Social Policies that impact on Aqueduct Districts & their associated buildings.
I haven't posted in a very long time, so, I'm hoping this is a good thread to post this suggestion. Please, go easy on me, I don't post publicly on gaming forums very often, due to trolling. lol
131. Anyway, this is vaguely my idea: I was toying with the idea of what exactly Mont Saint Michel actually is, so, I Googled it:
[link deleted, because, I'm getting flagged as spam now]
In short, it is a French abbey on a raised island off the mainland. It has survived the Hundred Years War, and hundreds of years of erosion, and man-made changes to the road access to it.
Currently, Civ6 approximates this with terrain Floodplains and Marshlands.
I was thinking, that instead, it should get adjacency bonuses for Coast. This would encourage the player and AI to turn it into an island.
Especially, when you give bonuses for having it on a hill [or even mountain, if you have the appropriate mod installed]
the type of bonuses could additionally include things like city defense and city combat strength and city HP's. or however, that stuff works.

132. Since Gathering Storms is coming out soon.
Some of the things that are mentioned in that Google link and others are the different technologies that have been employed over roughly 1000 years that Mount St. Michel has been around, there are many innovations to this world wonder and I'm assuming countless other world wonders and natural wonders to not only preserve them; but, also, to enhance and strengthen them for the future centuries. Things like disaster preventions and such, natural resource usage, as well as tourism and any other stats and abilities that would change over hundreds, if not thousands of years, as wonders evolve with time.
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TLDR: custom color options (or at least a smart realization when colors are too close to implement an alternative like home/away jerseys)

i would strongly add, and i looked and double looked to see if you mentioned this, custom civ color and banner choice options... i booted up a game with the three yellow civs as my neighbor! i also sometimes cant tell a barbarian unit from similar civs... i cannot fathom why this isnt customizable. this could be wonderfully complicated if there are more choices for civ leaders like the old days on my favorite mod ever Rise of Mankind for Civ4 where we had dozens and dozens of leader choices. i realize there are mod made civs, but a good example is Peter vs Stalin and what that means in different colors and symbolism. i wish for vanilla civ to increase massively the amount of civ leader choices as i like to often play Renaissance Era or later (curses to you Ancient civs!).

some mods etc. that are addressing this issue i have found, i just dont want to xml edit any core files but love the thinking here:
and doing this post i just found this one which i am going to play with asap: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=878242121 Sid Meier's Civilization VI> Workshop > Deliverator23's Workshop "Alternative Civilization Colors"
129. Make *all* Luxuries much more location specific. I'd even be OK with them separating luxuries-like spices & dyes-into different types, & have each type limited to specific land masses. Like Cinnamon might be more limited to one land mass, but Paprika & Cloves might turn up on a separate land-mass. This is kind of connected to Gronaz's suggestion for 127.
Yes! No more tundra elephants!

Hospitals should also add Housing (a substitute for Health, IMHO) & Amenities. Might also be cool to have Social Policies that impact on Aqueduct Districts & their associated buildings.
I agree. Aqueducts should give more housing and food over time in order to them more valuable for tall empires and not a tile waste for just 2 housing. (idea #43 but I understand if nobody read til the end:) )
And it is true that hospitals and health progress had big share in modern demographic explosion. The hospital building could reduce food requirement for population growth?

I was thinking, that instead, Mont Saint Michel should get adjacency bonuses for Coast. This would encourage the player and AI to turn it into an island.
Especially, when you give bonuses for having it on a hill [or even mountain, if you have the appropriate mod installed]
the type of bonuses could additionally include things like city defense and city combat strength and city HP's. or however, that stuff works.
I agree with these changes if there is another wonder for relics. As french, it is true that seeing Mount St-Michel in lands hurt my eyes. The new placement condition could be "adjacent to coast and river", so that it could be surrounded by water. Anyways I hope that this wonder will resist the new sea level raise in GS.

132. Some of the things that are mentioned in that Google link and others are the different technologies that have been employed over roughly 1000 years that Mount St. Michel has been around, there are many innovations to this world wonder and I'm assuming countless other world wonders and natural wonders to not only preserve them; but, also, to enhance and strengthen them for the future centuries. Things like disaster preventions and such, natural resource usage, as well as tourism and any other stats and abilities that would change over hundreds, if not thousands of years, as wonders evolve with time.
If I understand correctly, are you suggesting some world wonder maintenance over time? It could be some tourist multiplier if running maintenance project. In the same way, some players build wonders only for bonuses when not pursuing culture victory. There could be an option for dismantling useless wonder and get back some production.

New stuff:

133- What about a new combat lens, automatic when at war and moving a military unit (as for religious ones)? It could softly colour terrain modifiers, show enemy visibility limits and maybe indicate potential pillage yield.

134- If on the verge of losing a city or unable to protect tiles, players should be able to sabotage own districts, in order to deprive the enemy from pillage or conquest. So, conquered cities would require more lost production to repair. And it could be a difficult choice if the player sabotage districts but succeed in keeping city.

135- Sometimes in areas where all civs are in dark ages several cities can revolt and survive a very long time as free cities with positive loyalty. If there is at least two of them free for example since 10 turn, maybe they could switch to some randomly picked new available civ and leader, like an additional AI joining during game with all previous era techs and civics unlocked. In order to simulate colonies becoming USA or Australia.

136- If specialists bonuses return, the filled districts could have graphic animations (peoples or buildings?). This would be informative and make populated cities more alive.

137- I thought that Civ serie were games about building empires but when looking at saves from GOTM’s top players, it seems that this episode is about destroying the map. Spread infinite small cities and chop everything that can till victory. And I can’t blame them because there is no way to win as quickly without chop and game mechanics just push toward this strategy. I am not sure that ending the overflow exploit will balance this. Maybe chopping yield should be reduced or have less multiplier over time in order to make the “chop or not” question a decent choice and not obvious calculation.
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