Jan 17, 2006
Las Vegas, NV
I've been remiss lately about posting content on social media and forums, and am trying to catch up.
A few weeks ago, I posted another strategy guide on my blog. This one is for Harald Hardrada of Norway, who was requested by my supporters, and who had his leader abilities changed in the Gathering Storm expansion:

Being a Viking king, Harald is, of course, built for naval warfare. His unique Longship is (IMO) perhaps the single best naval unit in the game. The ability to heal in neural terrain makes it much more viable as an offensive warship and barbarian-hunter, and its ability to perform coastal raids can be a great boost to Norway's economy, while also crippling rival coastal empires who don't defend themselves with their own ships.

Norway should build an economy around pillaging and plundering, as Harald receives bonus yields from plundering improvements. He can embark or disembark land units without ending their turns, allowing them to make landfall, pillage, and potentially make it back out to sea before the enemy can react. The Berserker unique is even better at this, but it also has some significant disadvantages. It receives a combat penalty on defense, and it can't be upgraded into, which means you'll have to spend a lot of production (or gold or faith) to train them.

Norway can also enter ocean much earlier in the game, giving them priority access to other continents or isolated landmasses. They can conquer isolated, island civs or city states, or settle their own cities long before other civs can get there. He can also use religion to fuel his military machine by receiving massive faith yields from the Stave Church's additional forest adjacency bonus. This faith can be spent on religious units to spread your faith, or (with the Grand Master's Chapel) on military units (such as Berserkers?) to remove other religions by force.

The full guide on the blog includes more detailed tips and strategies, as well as some tips for playing against Harald's Norway. I always welcome feedback, so if I missed any good strategies or tactics for Norway, please share your ideas in this thread or in the comments on the blog.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And Happy Civ'ing!
Feb 5, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
I love early exploration and settling new far away cities. Makes Norway my favorite civ. but...

There bonuses are one of the more challenging to put to use effectively which makes the both fun and frustrating. The pillaging ability is countered by having to being at war so you have to potentially deal with grievance issues. Longship come in at an era where you may not have a coastal city or Harbor andthere is limited costal development. Naval Melee is weak and plays little role in deciding the game. With Stave Church it's not really worth it to build Holy Sites until Theology so you probably will not get a religion.
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