A history of Persia and her neighbors

Mao was very upset, he had thought that this war would lead to instant world domination after the revolt against French power was crushed, France however had been stopped at the "Great Line" and the fighting was as bloody as possible there. His Mighty fleet had been destroyed and all of his precious ports were all blockaded. The only positive was that he hadn't been invaded.
Reims was a border town, as such she had the finest protection available, a trio of infantry, the Three groups looked to the hills to the east and saw the blood of their comrades who were engaged in the bloodiest campaign that the world had ever seen, they were quite thankful that Persia and it's allies had not the strength to invade Frenche soil. And then th survivors began coming. It wasn't uncommon for those fortunate enough to stay alive to return to reims, not as full units but only as individuals with horrid sights forever etched into their minds and cynical veiws on the french government but this wave was different, they told of great metal beasts dominating the battlefeild and slowly approaching the city. At first the Defenders wern't afraid, huge metallic beasts, impregnible, it all seemed very unbeleivable. but then more and more survivors told them and they began to prepare their guns and build fortifications around the city. The Pyramids must stay in French hands.
General Switch of the northern army of Warwick was commanded to bombard the former english heartland and to take infantry to defend his artillary but he was not to take a single city.... it puzzled him to a great extent but as his Emperor Commanded. The Shells flew through the air landing on the troops in London, beating them into a pulp as his troops stood by, waiting to do something, anything, and looking to him for orders against this patheticly weakened foe, hope in their eyes. he shook his head.
Daedlus was a simple marine. far from home although not seasick, what would the drill seargents have thougght to see him seasick? How many push-ups would they have commanded from him? He looked to the foreign shore, ever aproaching always warning them with it's rocky cliffs, for the first time today he could see a small village on the far side of those cliffs it was surrounded by destroyers who rained shells upon the Chinese city constantly, the ship pulled up to the town. Daedlus wass anxious, this would be the first ever use of amphibious warfareHe stepped off the boat with his comrades, the chinese had had some idea of what was going on and they didn't like it, machine guns fired back at them, marine after marine fell with Infantrytman after infantyman. finally the infantry's numbers were overwhelming and Daedlus returned to the ship, alone to join the second group of marines, those that would attack later.
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The second landing was more successful, with the marines wiping out the Infantry and securing the beachhead as a temporary base. Persian troops soon arrived in the small town to help in it's defense and to help insert it into the Empire. an Airport was built linking this small city to the rest of persia and tanks were brought to continue against the Chinese threat.
The French infantry in Reims looked to the sky to see the planes drop their bombs. it was a scary time to be French, with the english fighting to the death to reclaim their former cities to the north, Persia bombing them every day and demolishing the French airforce with her cities. The Zulus had, with persian help, turned back the invasion into their lands and rumors held that by next spring Joan would have an invasion by the Zulus to deal with. China had been busied by persian warships and had been demolished all of Mao's ports were closed although the russian fleet, necissarily powerful as Russia had always depended on far off colonies was the only millitary force on the Axis side that was holding it's own. The brave french soldiers stood between their homeland and the Persian tanks, France had no tanks yet and had nothing to deal with them. they opened fire on the Persian charge, and watched bleakly as their bullets were deflected harmlessly. they continued nonetheless, praying for a lucky shot, although it never came.
"Sir reims, Paris and tours are under our control, French counter attacks have proven ineffective and Most of England is english once more, The Zulus are mobolizing, shall we make peace with france while we pummel her allies?"
Xerxes thought, this was a sound plan, his tanks and troops could be much better used elsewhere, ending the front against the chinese and after china fell he was sure that Russia would see reason."Let it be so."
Joan was exstatic to see the emissary from Persia come to her throne room, and while it cost her a bundle she was very glad to have that front ended, her advisors thought she could retake her lost cities but she understood that all she could do was loose more, she must bide her time and build her forces untuil the next, inevitable world war.
The Persian tanks did worser to china than they had to france, although by all accounts the fighting was as bloody and desperate as the feircest had been at the Great Line. The chinese people had no intention of being ruled by an Emperor from a land that they had barely heard of before, revolts lasted for extended periods of time. Mao was finally approached by the Persian envoy, Mao began:
"Shall it finally be over? will Persian forces stop engaging mine over farmer's crops? wil there be a time to rebuild now?"
"Only if you agree that there shall be chairman."
"I do."Mao said, for now he thought to himself.
Catherine met the Persian ambassador yet again, in the end she figured that this had been her most succesful war, she had lost the least, bu next time..... she would be more succesful yet..... she would win.
here the pic is the formerly noone land is russian.
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Shaka was finally content with himself. he still might not be the leading nation on the planet but he was closer now and the Persians were far better than the french to be second to. Persia had always felt that all of mankind was equal, France still beleived that she was destined to rule again and their supremacy complex hadn't been hurt by their massive losses during the war. He currently was trading heavily with the Persians and the English and his nation had begun to assert dominance over the nations below him, he was still not the best but with Persia on top he noticed it less. All of his joy put aside he had many problems to deal with, many of his cities starved due to bad harvests and others rioted due to poor conditions and because they still saw themselves as french. it would be a long day.
Elizabeth looked over a map of her ressurected nation, she was quite pleased although due to a significant loss of culture with the french improvements the city boundaries had dropped, meaning that the farms further away from her cities couldn't bring their grain to mar and while they survived the population in cities had fallen drastickly. Elizabeth was also forced to disband units and drop her tech even more because her coffers had rediscovered the cost of running an Empire. she wondered how long it would be before she turned a profit again.
Xerxes was completely taken care of on his original colonies and in the Persian home continent, including the captured french towns, who's culture had rebounded quickly due to the Wonders. His nations problem lay in the distant Chinese cities under martial law where soldiers shot the rioting hordes and nothing was ever really accomplished. he wished that he had let the chinese only be injured by the lopss of their fleet and by the bombardment of their coastal towns, alas their was nothing he could do now but either deal with it or return the cities to chinese hands and the second choice was so increadibly awful that he had no choice but to begin the acts to help make the chinese cities more Persian.
Joan was sitting in her throne thinking sadly of days past when her glorious republic dominated the earth from a city that was no longer even her's. her palace was a makeshift and her throne was little more than cardboard, what does it say for a nation that it's ruler sat atop a throne that was worthy of only a child? She was disturbed from her thoughts by the door to her near empty palace creaking open and a group of three men entering, Jean-Claude and his lackeys she noticed.
"We are here to announce that your Power is now entirely cerimonial."Jean Began, Joan knew him as a bloodthirsty man enraged by frances defeat.
"WHAT!! You can't do THAT!! I'm the QUEEN!!!"she replied angrily.
"sorry but the senate voted 75-5 to instate the head of the Pheonix party, myself as the Prime Minister of our nation, i shall lead us back to our glory days, vit will be a long, hard road but i will do it."
Joan had despair in her eyes, she couldn't really argue with that overwhelming of a vote. The Pheonix party, though she didn't like, it beleived in killing all of France's "enemies", surviving Germans in the surviving colonies especially. she knew that tyhe nation wouldn't last long under the guidance of such madmen.

here's the Pheonix flag of France.


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Xerxes didn't like how things were going in France. The new attitude it was taking was sure to end up in war but that was the last thing his people needed, they were stilll shocked by stories of the terrors at the great line. He was on his way to the new French capitl, Marseilles, to meet with Joan and talk her out of this madness.
"I have no control over this any more Xerxes, my power is gone. If you want to speak to someone with power you'r going to have to meet with Jean-Claude the despot who's running things now. he won't listen to you though he's too busy designing terror camps to impound germans in."Joan said with a tone that made known the fact that she had long since given up.
Bursting into the prime Minister's office XErxes demanded loudly that his sister's power be restored to her.
"Hah!,"Jean Claude replied,"Why you cannot make me and with my new army you should fear me! now go back to Persia."
Xerxes was ashamed that he followed the orders of someone less than a ruler.
"TO THE GLORIOUS CHINESE PEOPLE I PRESENT HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Emperor Mao!!" the herald shouted from the balcony where mao would make his speech.
"Freinds, four years ago many of our great cities were taken by the Persians who had the gall to attack the grand land of the setting sun, we shall regain our cities soon thoough, our Navy was disgraced in the last conflict but it shall rule the seas now, i am here to inaugriate the Imperial class Aircraft carrier the Zhiwenu and send it off to meet many others of it's like, in preparation for the greatest fleet of all time to rule the waves!!
Just as the day ends in china so will the Persian Empire!!!"
Shaka was intimidated by the growing forces in what remained of france, he didn't have the forces to take them on and a war couldn't help him in the slightest, he only hoped that his allies wouldn't let him down.
"Catherine my freind, let us plan the assault with which the Allied side will begin to crumble."Jean Claude said politely.
"I do not think that a direct invasion to Persia would be the proper way to start the war, we should destroy britain first and theninvade the remaining two powers, with the English lands we'll have bases to attack them on many Fronts."she replied, a coup wasn't neccisary in russia as the entire nation was constantly on the lookout fof fevenge against persia, who had been attacking them from the start.
"Brilliant,"he replied.
The Chinese Aircraft carriers and destroyers snuck up on the small Persian colony, it was undefended.
Xerxes had been in near endless meetings trying to stop the war from happening, he was currently meeting with the chinese ambassodor.
"Mao wishes for you to cede control of Zohak to him immediately or face the consequences."
"What?!" he responded to the preposterous demand.
"You did what Jean-Claude told you to, now do as china commands."
The rage showed through Xerxes's face he was turning red and his teeth were gritted, he knew that politically toi start this war was toi be suicide but he was enraged. control slowly crept over his face.
"No.... not a chance in hades or the feilds of heaven."
"Then be prepared for war."The chinese envoy replied.
The Joint Russian/French tanks were once again plowing through Britain, war had been declared but Shaka couldn't help his ally and Xerxes was hard to approach these days, disunity will be our victory Jean-Claude prayed.
Hammurabi didn't know what to do, here Jean Claude was, asking for his help against the Persians, saying that a war would help them both. Hammurabi didn't know if he could stab his trusted freind in the back likew that. after hours of pondering he replied,
"Let it be so"
The long lost scrolls of persia were found later and the people demanded to know what exactly had happened to the mighty persians and their less significant neighbors.

Hammurabi was trapped in his throne room, the purple hole had swallowed all that had tried to leave and it was growing, from his meager sources he had learned that such holes were appearing throughout the world, one hgad swallowed the entire Persian and Russian fleets as they prepared to fight the battle that would determine the fate of Russia. China was wholly gone now and no-one knew why, or what was happening.
The Troops shot their weapons and bravely stood against the purple haze, Persian and frenchman, Zulu and russian fought side by side against this unstoppable foe. slowly it advanced, Destroying everything in it's path, Cathedrals were cramme with people looking for hope. The soldiers fought futilely against this unknown foe. then the great white light appeared. it slowly grew to a supernova, filling the sky. The last thought of three rulers was.. "it's really quite beautiful"

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The soldiers fought futilely against this unknown foe. then the great white light appeared. it slowly grew to a supernova, filling the sky. The last thought of three rulers was.. "it's really quite beautiful"

well the Computer got a virus and so i had to have the hard drive reformatted...... lost everything on the computer. sorry it took so long

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