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A.I survivor Sulla

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by 8ball19772, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. 8ball19772

    8ball19772 Chieftain

    May 13, 2013
    I wanted to ask if i can get some help on how to create a map to run a A.I Survivor game. I seen Sulla's Youtube channel and i thought it would be neat to watch one on my PC.
  2. Fippy

    Fippy Micro Junkie Queen

    Mar 17, 2013
  3. ArchGhost

    ArchGhost Prince

    Aug 2, 2016
    Sullla does some fiddling with XMLs to change colors and stuff, but you can do all of the same setup (except changing civ colors) within the game and using the cheat keys.

    1.) mod the civilizationIV.ini by adding the debug mode line ( add "CheatCode = chipotle" without the quotes under the [Game] header). Location of the .ini depends on your OS and installation path, but it's usually either in the game root folder, or the "My games" subfolder in "(username)'s Documents" in newer versions of windows

    2.) start a custom game. Add in the AIs you want, pick the map script, other settings, etc. Remember that the turn order is based on what player slot each AI is in (Sullla sets this manually in the XML based whether an AI is seeded or not, and used to tie it to alphabetical by name other than that) and that the game will automatically grants them techs/units based on the difficulty you select (you only have to select difficulty for yourself to set all the AIs to it).

    3.) when the game starts, open the worldbuilder. Use the Map Mode button and create a small area on the edge of the map with the Terrain tab. Make a single patch of any terrain you can settle on (plains, tundra, ice, whatever) and surround it on all sides with peaks.

    4.) use the Player Mode button and gift yourself a Settler from the Units tab (select it and then left click, right click deletes a unit) in the fenced off area. DO NOT delete your initial settler yet! Exit WB and settle the one in the spectator dungeon, then delete the other settler. Make sure that there is no physical way into the city from the ocean else you will give the AI trade routes after Astronomy!

    5.) In the Player Mode, under the Units tab select Great Spy (make sure you yourself are selected in the drop down menu) and place one Great Spy in each AI capitol. Drop a LOT of them into your own city (50+).

    optional - use the Edit City Mode button, click the Buildings tab in the popup window, click your city, and add all the buildings that give or multiply espionage by highlighting them with a click - Scotland Yard, courthouses (all variants), jail (both variants), intelligence agency, security bureau

    6.) close WB and have all your Great Spies in the AI cities infiltrate the city (large EP boost, and establishes contact with AI). Have all your Great Spies in your observer city join the city as Great Spy super specialists. You should be generating a TON of EP per turn on the AIs, and will always have access to seeing their demographics and see what they are teching. Note that this causes a quirk where the AIs will attempt to run the EP slider to catch up to you at the maximum setting of 20% pretty much all game, but it affects them all equally and they can never run missions against you, so...it doesn't matter much.

    7.) open WB back up and open Player Mode again. Gift the barbarian player Archery (select player name of choice from the drop down menu on the right side, then just click the tech to highlight it in the Technologies tab of the Player Mode window).

    After that gift yourself the following techs:
    -Alphabet - allows you to see the tech standings of the AIs immediately instead of only when they all get Alpha themselves. Build Research to avoid completing anything
    -Currency (optional) - allows you to build Wealth, I like to build 1g a turn to match the turn counter. Also reveals a rough picture of how much gold the AIs have in trade
    -Genetics (optional) - prereq for Future Technology tech
    -Stealth (optional) - prereq for Future technology
    Since you will be getting QUITE A LOT of beaker from settled Great Spies, you need to tech something with no "first to research" bonus that you'd undercut the AIs out of, and use something that is expensive to minimize interruptions, so I like Future Tech for that.

    8.) click the Diplomacy Mode button. Select your name from the left side drop down menu. Drag all the sliders under the names of the other players all to way to the right, setting them to +100 relations with you (should always be Friendly and never plot war against you in any circumstance)

    9.) Close Worldbuilder. Hit Ctrl + Z to remove the fog of war and grant city examination privileges. Watch the AIs play.

    You can also optionally use the Reveal Tile Mode and hit the Reveal All Tiles button. This will update your information as if you just traded a map, so you will be alerted to things like when a wonder is complete (also it lets you see them in the Info Screen menu when being built so you don't have to look at each city), or when cities change hands. The downside to this is it will immediately grant you the Circumnavigation bonus so no AI can get it naturally, if you care about that.
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