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A leader for each victory type


May 1, 2019
For a civilization of your choice, nominate leaders who would be, based on history, the best suited for each victory type.

As an example, here's Hungary:

Science Victory - István Széchenyi
While Széchenyi never was an official leader of Hungary (his highest office being Minister of Public Works and Transport), he, as an aristocrat and a member of the Hungarian diet, contributed to the modernisation of Hungary to a degree that even his fiercest political rival considered him "the greatest Hungarian".
He founded the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, introduced horse racing, casinos (clubs), steam boats and steam trains to Hungary, supported river regulations and the first permanent bridge over the Danube in Hungary, just to name a few of his achievements.

Culture Victory - Matthias Corvinus
King Matthias doesn't really have to be introduced - he is already the leader of Hungary in Civilization VI. Matthias' abilities in Civ6 mainly focus on his military achievements, mainly the creation of the Black Army, a mercenary army.
However, Matthias also had a cultural side to his rule. As a king, he brought Renaissance painters, poets, sculptors to Hungary, and built a palace in Visegrád filled with Renaissance art. His library, the Bibliotheca Corviniana was one of the largest libraries of the time.

Domination Victory - Árpád
Árpád was the Grand Prince of the Hungarians at the turn of the 9th century. Under his rule, the semi-nomadic Magyar tribes were able to conquer the Carpathian Basin from the Moravians and the Bulgarians, and fought off the German invasion at Pressburg in 907. The Hungarian mastery of light cavalry and feigned retreats helped both in securing the new homeland and in plundering Western Europe.

Religion Victory - Stephen I
Stephen I was the first king of Hungary. While the conversion of the country to Western Christianity already started under his father, Géza, Stephen was the one who did most of the work. He defeated his distant cousin, Koppány (who supported Eastern Christianity), he gained a crown from the pope and became the first king of Hungary, and helped the Christianisation of the country by establishing bishoprics and monasteries, and by supporting the construction of churches. After his death, Stephen became a Catholic Saint in 1083.

Diplomacy Victory - Charles I
After the death of the last Árpádian king (Andrew III), Charles I of Anjou won the fight for the Hungarian throne. His rule mainly focused on defeating powerful oligarchs and aristocrats who gained regional power in the previous decades. However, later during his rule, he reformed gold mining in the country, increasing revenue, as well as becoming more influential internationally. In 1335, he met the Bohemian and the Polish king in Visegrád, creating a strong alliance between the three countries.
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