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A letter to Sid Meier

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by gokinmen, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. gokinmen

    gokinmen Chieftain

    Feb 23, 2018
    Dear Mr. Sid Meier, QA, Support, and Development team,

    I would like to begin off with the release of Rise and Fall that I really do like the game so far.

    However, I am aware that Mr. Sid Meier spoke about making civ 6 esports competitive and there are issues with the game that may not be completely labeled as bugs but rather as areas that the developers need to improve for the game to be multiplayer format playable. Rise and Fall added much needed depth to the game that makes it more entertaining and immersive, but I am still having the same problems with the game that I have had since its release, or that even stretch back as far as civ 5.

    I will speak to the issues I have seen so far, as with some solutions to these issues. As such, I would appreciate if Mr. Sid Meier and his creative team were allowed to see this post so that they may discuss it as areas for improvement.

    My qualifications for offering these solutions lie with my peers and I playtesting, my degree in business administration and associated courses, and my experience offering advice in numerous developing games.

    The issues are as follows:

    1. AI Intricacy & Intelligence (including Diplomacy and War)
    2. Actively balancing Civ leaders and Nations
    3. Multiplayer Connectivity issues, and Desync Problems
      • This issue is almost to generalized to go into detail on.
      • The nature of the Desyncs is a complete mystery with or without mods or different settings.
      • Players randomly crash and then have even more issues when they come back to a game.
      • Among assorted other connection issues not beguiling of a multiplayer game.
      • My friends and I have yet to complete a game without there being a crash or desync.
    4. Comebacks and Snowballing
      • After a player gets ahead they seem to snowball making it hard to come back or win in any category after a certain point in the game. This reduces the appeal to finish out a multiplayer game.
      • If declared war on in a game in which another player destroys most of your cities, your civilization’s viability for most win conditions is essentially eliminated. Making War in Multiplayer not very appealing or fun when playing with friends.
      • There needs to be more options or abilities for those who fall behind early in a game to be able to make a comeback rather than just watching their friends get to enjoy their snowball into victory.
      • If a player or friend gets wiped out of a game by another player or AI, their game is essentially ruined, they should have options to continue playing or some ability to bring their civilization back to continue having fun or be viable to make a comeback into the game to still have a chance at winning.
      • It is very hard to compete with a player or civ that completely dedicates everything to science and was able to acquire the science wonders. There needs to be a way to still reasonably compete against a player or friend who has the perfect storm for victory without having to declare all out war against them, which you will lose because they eclipse you in science.
    5. Multiplayer Game Speed Issues...
      • The Game speed has improved since civ 5 but it is still incredibly hard to finish a game in a single sitting, and even harder yet to come back to a multiplayer game to finish an on-going session.
      • Viability for a full multiplayer session is low as of yet, greater speeds of gameplay or an entirely separate set of rules for a 1,2,3, or 4 hour dash may be necessary.
    6. Quality of Life problems
      • Steam Overlay has issues

      • Unit Reports in the Reports Section
      • The Ability to Ignore leaders by right clicking their Icon
      • In-game UI sometimes crashes, disappears, or greys out
      • Resource Icons in-game sometimes bug, and/or get stuck on screen
      • Ability to Automate the Game including but not limited to Units(religious, builders, explorers, war?), Production (including being able to queue one item other than what the city is currently working on), and city management (with the use of governors?).
      • Option to force automated units ignore threats
      • Allow access to the Civilopedia from the Main Menu
      • Ability to look up a unit or feature in the civilopedia via right clicking on it, better information on how to use spies, better information on the inherent bonuses some classes have on others, and in general more in-depth entries in the civilopedia for advanced players.
      • Ability to remove districts even at a high cost, and harvesting a resource for some of its worth when you build a wonder or district over top of it.
      • Inadequate information depth on tooltips
      • Allow access to the advisors in multiplayer for new players
      • General UI Improvements or the option to switch on an advanced UI
      • More turn time limitation options or afk skip turn timers
      • Decreasing the civilian unit cost increase over time it seems a little excessive later in the game as it hurts players who are late in their development or who have just gone through a massive war.
      • Remembering game settings or the ability to save different rulesets

    7. Mod Stabilization for Multiplayer Use
      • With the workshop I can understand how this would be tricky, but a way of verifying the integrity of a mod compilation prior to use in a multiplayer or singleplayer setting would greatly improve the quality of experience with this community who are using mods to either play a custom setting or make up for the inadequacies of the game itself. These mods that make up for the game’s failings should be investigated for integration into the game itself. If not by direct integration then by option to turn it on or off as an official sponsor part of the game itself.
    8. Other Misc Suggestions
      • With the New Era system in the game, having the era screen have a report button to show who the richest countries of the era were or most cultured or scientific and give them rewards at the end of an era for such.
      • Ancient Outposts, forts, castles, etc.
      • People miss the world congress, or maybe the option to create more than one world congress similar to the Axis Nations versus Ally Nations of the world wars.

    Nature of the Solutions

    Perhaps my list is a little long, but I wanted to make sure that I was giving as high of quality feedback as I could. While some of these issues you may not view as being issues, many of us in the community have had issues with these, and merely wish for the game to be as high quality of an experience as possible so that we can convince our friends and family to play these games with us.

    Certainly many of these issues are simple fixes that require changing a few data entries, the ones that I offered solutions to are those that do not require playing with existing code entries. For these issues I invite you to look towards your modding community for solutions, or visit the forums both here, on steam, and on reddit where game balance and generalized annoying issues are being discussed in great detail. These posts would not be here if the players did not care about the game. Modders work tirelessly trying to create their own solutions to problems they have posted about for years, and players look for answers from support to try and make the developers aware that game has issues that they cannot resolve. They hope for more than a bandaid to these issues, they look for hotfixes and patches in hopes that this game will aspire to be the best multiplayer game in their playlist. That years from now, they will still come back to this game and be able to have fun playing it their friends and family on a saturday night.

    We all understand that your trying to make money, and that you want to do this through dlc. All we merely ask is that you make this game something that we want to spend hundreds of dollars on so that we can get new civilizations, leaders, rulesets, maps, or scenarios. Right now now my friends are having buyer’s regret about civilization, and I keep reassuring them that the developers are working to solve all of our problems with this game. However, they are not nearly as patient as I am. That is why I write to you, that is why I ask that this be forwarded on to Sid Meier himself and his development team. I write because I care, and because I have been buying your games since Sid Meier starting releasing games.

    Thank you for reading my letter, and thank you in advance for becoming one of the greatest game companies in the world by making this game the most epic game of the century.


    Jacob Tessmer

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  2. gokinmen

    gokinmen Chieftain

    Feb 23, 2018
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  3. seankhan

    seankhan Chieftain

    Nov 11, 2009
    Mr. Sid Meier spoke about making civ 6 esports competitive,this would be worth spending money on,after all who wants to play a strat game with an ai.ive resorted to playing this game at a max of 175 turns,ultra speed deity 1 turn building,but alas the ai still cant win.so real people would be a game changer.
  4. God of Kings

    God of Kings Ruler of all heads of state

    Aug 20, 2012
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    If Sid Meier wants to learn how to make Civ VI a competitive e-sport, all he has to do is to visit South Korea for at least a month and learn how the most gosu e-athletes compete.

    If Civ VI becomes popular in South Korea, then Sid Meier would succeed in creating a competitive e-sport.

    Hint: the top Korean Civ VI players don't only play as Seondeok.
  5. Olleus

    Olleus Warlord

    Oct 30, 2005
    I very much doubt Sid Meier had anything to do with the design of Civ6 as anything but the most distant consultant. The last Civ game he worked on was Revolution, and that was derided by the community as nothing but a dumbed down console game.

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