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A little help Por Favor with Panzer General III Scorched Earth

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Jan 25, 2004
OK Pz General III Scorched Earth. I just got done playing Order of Battle by Slitherine. Its an obvious remake of Panzer General, but thats beside the point. I started getting an itch to play. I am trying to install it on a Windows 7 64 bit machine and having a rough time of it. At first I could not even install it. I solved that by booting the system into safe mode and I was able to get the installation exe to run and successfully install the game. Then the text was and oddly coloured purple, I fixed that by unticking " smooth edges of screen fonts" in performance options. Then the game would freeze when I moved the mouse. I solved that by changing the Compatibility settings to Windows XP service pack 3. Now I can load the game start a campaign load the campaign but ultimately the game will freeze. That is where I am. I changed the compatibility settings using every imaginable combination. I am so close to success but stymied. Also, in the past I was able to get the game to run successfully but cant remember what I did to do that. So I know its possible. I am just wondering if I am missing a dll or files from dx 7 or something like that or even win 98 XP files. I realize no one here has the game but I am sure someone has had a similar issue with an older game.
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