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A new Diplomacy Action : "Send a Huge gift".


Mar 3, 2013
Hello Civ6 Creation Community, Im a mod creator working on several games and i started the adventure some months ago. Today i almost finished all the mods i wanted to make for civ6 (Radiant Mods). In fact, there is only one left i really wanted to do, but can't manage to create because i lack some tougher coding skills, UI display skills, game deep mecanics understanding.

That mod would give you another Diplomatic Action (like sending a delegation / build an Ambassy) in the Diplomacy menu you can see when you go meet a Major civ Ai Leader. It would be available even if Ai would not be in in good terms with you.

On that menu, you could hit a button "Send a Tremendous Gift" to give or spend a big part of your gold (let's be crazy and say 2000 gold for instance) which when is accepted (could be fun to put a RNG and that guy could randomly refuse but still burn your money) could improve greatly your relationships (let's say +4 more). Ideas for name : Send a Tremendous, Somptuous, Splendid, Magnificent, Wonderful, Marvelous, Gift or treasure.

- With current game state, there are around +4 relationship pts are in need and can be critical without necessarily preventing the bad relationships from happening but giving one possibility to improve all the crazy bitter Ai players behaviours. It would just be a little push in exchange of a great (gold) sacrifice. The fact you are giving gold to an Ai player instead of spending it could be even more dangerous (intentional feed an adversary to gain access to his friendship and see the long term benefits).
- A lot of civ player love the non-aggressive / diplomatic wins. Such a mod could help them more to maintain good relationships with their friends/allies. I saw too much player starting to aim for a Diplomatic win but end up start a war becausse it's not possible anymore to maintain friend/ally relationship until the very end of long games.
- It adds more possibilities to the game, it's always another step possible even if it require (again) some gold.
- It could empty or damage that damned everlasting undepletable amount of gold we always have in civ6 (even if i fought real hard trying to lower that through my mods).
- Extremly realistic : Beautiful and crazy treasure gift were common in diplomatic History. More than asimple delegations they were often here for leaders to maintain best relationships, corrupt or seek forgiveness. I don't even need to name them, the well known Cleopatra building palace for Caesar, etc.

(Another topic but i was even thinking in my deepest mod fantasies to another action, similar to this one who could force-converting citizen to your religion in an other player city exchange of crazy amount of gold meaning realistically somekind of religious corruption. Or Spend huge amount of Faith to get Ai's favors / friendship. Or Even accept to convert our own citizen to raise friendship with an AI ! But i care more about my first idea of that gift)

Anyway i can't do it because adding that action seems a lot of work. I tried for a long time to understand all this mess in Diplomatic actions, all related xml files, UI files but i can't help to lose myself in this and can't figure how to really implement it. Not mentionning i don't have a clue how works the UI graphics in that menu.

If you are a way more skilled mod creator than me, please do it xD i would be so thankful for this. Im frustrated because that's my only one and biggest defeat in modding civ6 and i wanted to do that mod since a long time.
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