A note about Barbarians, Custom Worlds, and "Team 22"


May 4, 2023
There is an old issue with the WorldBuilder that will sometimes cause barbarians not to spawn on maps with scenario data. This issue has a fix, but past explanations are somewhat unclear and even misleading, so, after grappling with the problem myself, I've decided to make one (hopefully brief) post about it in case anyone runs into the problem again.

The issue arises if you are populating the scenario with more than twenty-one players (whether major civilizations or city-states.) Each time you add a new one (by hitting that little plus button in the scenario dialogue,) it's assigned some kind of index you cannot see (in WorldBuilder, leastways) or alter and a team number based on this index, which you can see and alter. The two fields are independent of each other: you can change a player's team, but its original index will remain the same and is based on the order in which you added players to the list: specifically, a new player will be assigned to the first vacant index ("put a pin in that," as they say.) The twenty-second index is supposed to be for barbarians: if a player is assigned to it, they (the barbarians, I mean) will be disabled. You will know you have done this when you add a player and it is assigned to Team 22. That player, the player and not its team, is disabling the barbarians. It isn't enough to change its Team to something else: it must be removed from the list entirely. Now, if you want more than twenty-two players, you must add them all as well as an extra one (to replace the one you'll remove) before removing it. Any player you add after removing it will simply be assigned that index again (that's the pin I mentioned before,) and you'll be barbiless again.

So, in brief:
1. Add all your players, making a note of whoever is assigned to Team 22 by default
2. Add an extra player
3. Remove the player you noted
4. Change your extra player to replace the one you removed
5. Make changes to team numbers as your scenario requires--do this last to avoid confusion
(Honestly, I think you could probably assign someone to Team 22 as long as you've done everything else right, but I didn't test this so I will superstitiously recommend against it)

If someone knows more about this topic than I do, I will gladly welcome any corrections or further clarifications.
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