A review of land-based bombardment units and an idea for improvement!


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Dec 27, 2001
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Initially, when i first sarted playing Civ3 i used to think land-based bombardment units were severely underpowered. Now after many patches and many games i lean to a slightly different outlook on these units, primarily based on the AI's use of them.

With the default stats:

1. Catapults and Cannons still are slightly underpowered.

2. Artillery are excellent and can lead to very one sided battles in the industrial period basically because the AI can't use them effectively in large stacks. By this time you should have a large amount of these due to successive upgrading over the eras and are able to level large AI invasion forces in very little time.

3. Radar artillery come a little late, but again very useful for the same reasons as Artillery.

The main reason the latter two are so effective is their rate of fire increasing to 2 and their extra square range.

So, as a way of balancing in favour of the AI i have thought of better stats for all these units:

1. Catapult 5,2,1 movement 1

2. Cannon 10,2,1 movement 1

3. Artillery 15,2,1 movement 1

4. Radar artillery 20,2,1 movement 2

This will favour the AI becasue the extra range for the earlier units means they can fire them at more targets from the confines of their cities, which is what the Ai prefers to do with their artillery anyway. Furthermore by reducing the latter 2 units to a rate of fire of 1 means that approaching AI units will not get quite so decimated so quickly, but are more likely to take a single hit as a result of the compensated strength increase.

Also the Ai artillery is mostly in evidence when the human player attacks one of their cities. When this happens any stationed Ai artillery gets one free shot, which can only do 1 hp of damage independent of a rate of fire of 2. By having a rate of fire of 1 this free 1 hp shot when on defence now becomes more like a normal shot again favouring AI strategies.

Altogether, i think these modifications will favour Ai strategies more and possibly alter the current dominance of the human when they reach replaceable parts and gain artillery!

What do you reckon? I think it's pretty good! ;)
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