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A slight Dissapointment on Civ4

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Mallek, May 31, 2006.

  1. Mallek

    Mallek Seraphym Vampire Hunter

    Nov 4, 2003
    Loughborough , England
    Although Civ4 is the best yet, I feel I'm left behind both in time and know-how to make my own mods and units for Civ4 - like I did in civ3.:(

    To that end I wonder if it would be possible to beg and plead with firaxis to make an expansion pack just for modding - it doesn't need to be all signing all dancing ( but it wouldn't hurt) - but just a pack that allowed you add new units and create new ones using present model components (like in soul calibur 4 or dynasty warriors 5) with ease. And obviously a function that allowed the more skilled and proffesional modders out there an easy way to add their respective 'brilliant units' - of course all this would apply to the adding of ; buildings, wonders, and so on..........:confused:

    the floor is open................:king: :spear: :salute:
  2. RogerBacon

    RogerBacon King

    Nov 16, 2003
    I don't remember being able to do much modding in Civ3. I remember I found the locations for attack, defence, movement, and hit points with a hex editor but that was painful compared to Civ4.

    In Civ4 modding is really easy and it comes in levels. On the easiest level you have plain old XML editing. I had never seen an XML file before I got Civ4 but basically they are text files with specific formatting so that the program that reads them knows where everythign is without having to do a lot of parsing.

    The next level up is Python scrypting. I had never worked in Python before but it is easy. All Python code is exposed so you can download someone else's work and look at it for examples. Another nice thing about python is that it reloads everytime you alt-tab back in to Civ. So, you can make changes and see the effects right away. If you don't like the results you can just alt-tab back and change things back.

    The last level is C++ coding. This takes a little more skill but it is pretty easy to make changes to existing code. Unfortuntely you have to compile C++ so you can't alt-tab out and make changes in real time while playing a game.

    Civ4 is the most moddable game ever and I thank the designers for that very much. I hope all game companies follow in their example.

    Roger Bacon
  3. warpstorm

    warpstorm Yumbo? Yumbo!

    Dec 19, 2001
    Snack Food Capital of the World
    Like RogerBacon said, this is in there already. The learning curve may be a bit intimidating, but they gave pretty much everything except the 3D modelling tools to rework the game to your hearts content.
  4. TheLopez

    TheLopez Deity

    Jan 16, 2006
    Mallek, as I am to lazy to type out a full response to your post I echo both RogerBacons and Warpstorms responses. I further add you check out my component library in my sig to see that in fact it is very easy to mod Civ4.

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