A start that made me slam my head against my desk


Oct 6, 2007
It's not *really* much of a story. It was just one of the most disheartening sights ever when I started the game.

It was a FfH game, and when I looked around I saw Yggdrassil, just a few tiles away!

And then I looked closer...

It's on a one-tile island...

:( :cry: :mad: :sad:
What's wrong with it? It seems like it will be a good capital. I joined an online game and took over someone else and they started on a one tile island.
Anyways, settle 1 NW. You'll get all teh resources that way.
he's talking about the resource to the north that is on a 1 tile island.

In this mod (Fall from Heaven) that particular resource only appears once (if at all) in a game.
That's Yggdrassil, not oranges ;) Well, it gives +2 health, +1 happy and appears, as said above, only once if at all in a game.

I'd build a city OVER it, it's worth it.
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