A wake all option would be nice :)


Dec 5, 2001
Stack movement is really nice, but I still find waking all the bombers on a carrier tedious especially when you have 4-6 cariers with 4 bombers each. Then if you move the carier, they go back to sleep :) An option to wake all sleeping units in a city, in a transport, or on a carier would be very very nice. That or just have all the bombers wake up when you wake the first one since its rarer to not want to use all 4 than just want to use 1.

If there is a way to easily wake all the bombers on the carier, please let me know.
Do you hold the "shift" key while selecting your units? That helps a lot by keeping the unit list open. Right-click your units' square to get the list of units, press & hold the shift, then wake them all up by clicking on all your units.
If you right click on a stack and then hold the shift key, you can wake the entire stack with only having to right click once. This helps a little bit, but it would be nice to be able to wake all of one type of unit. Also an option to take all workers off automation would help tremendously. I usually end up automating when railroads are first available, as the workers do a good job of laying down the tracks on their own. Taking them off automation when they are done is quite a chore though.
Rather than a wake all command, why not just make it so that aircraft don't fall asleep whenever the carrier moves? It's a real pain to have to reset your fighters to air superiority whenever the carrier moves, never mind activating bombers!
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