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A Wish-List/Request

Nov 27, 2001
Denver CO, United States of America
Take it for what you will but I've been trying to finish my mod for some time, only to find something else to overcome (usually because I come up with an idea that just adds to the load). I need some help finishing up some units and other help with making new units as well. No one would be bound by anything but I definatly need some help if I want to get my mod out the door before next year. I doubt nayone is feeling enough goodwill towards me to help but its worth a shot to see if someone can.

1. Self Propelled Artillery - This would take the place of the Radar Artillery which would become Rocket Artillery which is a whole other story. The Self Propelled Artillery or SPA could simply be a modified Mech Infantry with an extended back length of the Turret, and a highly extended and widened barrel. If anyone is interested in making this unit tell me and i'll post the proper pictures.

2. AWACS - I need someone to Finish up an E-3 Sentry, or the in game name, AWACS. I have the default animation completed, which is simply the default image posted by Psychlo some time ago. A run and death animation is needed to complete this unit.

3. Heavy Bomber - I need someone to modify the AWACS unit to a green version of itself to become the B-52, or the in game name Heavy Bomber. The B-52 has two engines per pylon however (put two engine's where one engine is on the AWACS) and a different pilot view port, and these should be added. I was also thinking of building larger bombs for the bombard animation. If anyone is interested I will also post the neccesary pictures.

4. Supersonic Bomber - Someone once posted they were working on the B-1B unit, and posted a very nice picture, but I haven't seen anything on it for some time. I was hoping it would be modeled off of the Tu-160 Blackjack, but the B-1B bomber would do just as well. If anyone wants to make this unit i'll post everything thats needed.

5. Trebuchet - Some people seem to be already planning this unit, so this is just here to remind everyone a lot of people want this unit :).

6. Armoured Swordsman - The Tuetonic Knight Dark Sheer is working on, or the swordsman that Bjorn was working on would do fine for this unit. I told Dark Sheer I would make this unit but time constraints and some other things decided to abolish this possibility, sorry. Im just posting it incase these units in production somehow get lost in the cracks.

I myself will still be working on the Carrier (the normal Carrier being renamed to Super Carrier) using Irfan since all of my free trails are gone and nobody has AS/PSP anywhere within a 50 mile radius of me (okay maybe not 50). If anyone could help me with these - even one would make me joyous - then you'd have my eternal appreciation. Everyone who contributes to my mod will be named in it for their help and the work they completed. My mod will be (its coming close to completion, besides all the units I need made. Don't worry theres a lot more added then just whats listed above) called Scipio+Others Realism Epic. It will make Civilization III more tactical, realistic, and hopefully funner all based upon the Scipio Modification of Marla's Map Edition IV (this map is unreleased as of yet). So don't worry whatever you contribute will be recognized, I just need some help :). Thanks...
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