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A Wonder I'd overthrow my own mother for


Nov 7, 2001
I'd sacrifice any progress through the entire ancient age for a wonder that put a temple in every city. The automatic first expansion of cultural boundaries in every city would be absolutely invaluable! A temple is almost always the first thing I build in a new town (unless I absolutely must have a barracks). Can you imagine how much easier developing a newly conquered portion of the continent would become. It'd be pure heaven!
That would be a must have Wonder, probably too must have as it would likely totally unbalance the game. One of the things I like in Civ3 compared to the other Civs/CTPs is that there are no early/ intermediate must absolutely have Wonders. The Chichan Itxan, however it is spelled, Wonder which appeared in a couple of mods and gave a courthouse in every city was almost in that league.
I have to agree it would make a GREAT wonder. And I don't see it as unbalancing the game if everyone has a shot at building it. Sure, at the lower levels the human player has a BIG advantage of building it, but at Monarch or above..........???? Was there not a Wonder in Civ II that if you were first to build it put a Cathederal in every one of your Cities??? Mick's Cathederal, I think it was. Anyway, I thought this was worthy to reply too.

On another note, what would be a good name for this Wonder?

"The Temple of Doom" ??? (minus Indiana Jones), "Stonehenge"...........................................?????
If you could make small wonders be "global improvements" then it wouldn't unbalence as much.
I experimented with making the Oracle give a temple in every city. It worked fine, but with one major drawback. The temples never got any age bonus in culture.
Sounds extremely powerful, especially with the culture bonus too. A bit like super-mikes in civ2 (gave you a cathedral free in every city).
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