Aanor's Huge Map of Europe Mod

xrang the II

Feb 11, 2002
I have found out the civilizations (and their UUs) that will be in use:
1.Rome (Legionary)
2.Britain (Man-O-War)
3.Germany (Panzer)
4.France (Musketeer)
5.Egypt (War Chariot)
6.Carthage (War Elephant)
7.Spain (?)
8.Poland (Hursia)
9.Austria-Hungary (?)
10.Greece (Hoplite)
11.Russia (Cossak)
12.Sweden (Carolean)
13.Denmark (Berzerker)
14.Turkey (Janissary)
15.Babylon (Bowman)
16.Bulgaria (Druzhinas)

What I need help with is:
Unique Units
Civlopedia Entries
Animated Leader Heads (They don't have to animated of course)
Units that have been already created that should be incorporated

This list will be edited so information will always be up to date.
A bunch are easy. You can leave the regulars as is (or just tweak as desired). Comments on the remainder:

Morroco - why Morroco? Seems a bit puny to be playing with the big boys.
Spain - conquistador. Musketeer with +2 att, -1 def
Poland - cossack
Austria(Hungary) - have to think about this one.
Sweden - Alpine troops. Paratrooper with a speed benefit.
Finland - has only been a country for a short while and wasn't a major European player. Maybe replace with Denmark or Netherlands?
Turkey - Cannon! Keep the same stats but make it cheaper as its UU benefit (simulate the fantastic amounts of cannon used by the Turks)
Ukraine - have to think about this one too.

Leaderheads are rough. I've had a lot of help from artists for my mod but none of it for leaderheads. You might need to just do some picture harvesting off the net for these.
Thanks, Shaitan...I picked Morocco because Western Afirca doesn't have a civ...but I could just focus on European civs...I think that Sweden should get this one Unique Unit that is being worked on, the 'carolean'. I guess maybe Finland should be replaced with Norway or Denmark. I don't think that Ukraine has much history either (although the Russian people did come from Kiev...), maybe Romania is better...? Like I said, the original post will be modified later this week as I'm going to do MAJOR RESERCH! Leaderheads...I was hoping for still pics anyway, as my computer is SO SLOW that the animation doesn't even really show (well it does but it takes forever to...). Really I wanted help on the actual 'leaders' that were the most important in that civ's history...THANX! Information will be added for sure later this week!
You have to be careful with the scandinavians. For a good chunck of time there were kings flipping around between Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

For Denmark, use King Knud I (Canute). He ruled Denmark and Scania (Southern part of Sweden) and extended Denmark's rule to England. He was the leader who started Denmark's fantastic period of expansion.

For the Swedes you could use Erik Jedvardsson. He's best known for converting the Finns to Christianity (on the edge of a sword). Gustaf I could be good too. He brought Lutheranism and nationalism to Sweden. Gustaf III was a great proponent of culture. The Swedish Academy was founded during his reign.

Another idea for the Polish UU - the Teutonic Knights.

More later...
Teutonic Knights? GREAT IDEA!...now if someone would do the unit animation...

Democratic Socialism
Constitional Monarchy

Someone, I believe, did a great government mod which I've downloaded...I'll incorporate that. Shaitan, are you the only one who cares? EVERYONE, COME, GATHER, GIVE ME FEEDBACK!:lol:
Make sure those governments have been playtested thoroughly. Like we saw in the British Isles succession game, there's a lot of nuance to adding a government. Way more than I thought of when I incorporated celtic_bhoy's Brehon Law.
I will playtest the WHOLE mod....whenever it's done....lol jk
Originally posted by xrang the II
Teutonic Knights? GREAT IDEA!...now if someone would do the unit animation...

NO, NO, NO! The Teutonic Knights were GERMAN, the forerunners of the PRUSSIANS. As a matter of fact, what we think of as Prussia (which is now owned mostly by Poland), was inhabited by a Baltic people (called, strangely enough, Prussians) related to the Lithuanians. The Pope of that time gave the Teutonic Knights the task of claiming the land inhabited by the Baltic Prussians for Christianity. The Teutonic Knights accomplished this by slaughtering all the Prussians when they wouldn't convert, and bringing in German settlers. As an added bonus, the German settlers took the name of the now exterminated indigenous people. :slay: Nice, eh?

I don't think the Teutonic Knights would be an appropos UU for Poland! :eek:
The only thing that comes to my mind with Finland is the Winter War of 1940, where Finnish troops held off the Soviet army for months. This suggests a UU based on Infantry, with a higher defense. Maybe call it Winter Warrior?
I don't know if Finland will even be a part of the mod...Norway...I think Norway is a better one. And as for the Teutonic knights, I guess you're right, I mean We were being more Geographical in the Unique Unit, sorry. Finland, btw, I think doesn't measure up with Germany or France. I don't remember Finland as being the most dominant force in Europe. Ukriane may be axed but keep in mind, if this is to be a mod/complement to Aanor's map then there will be no buffer between Russia and Austria...Thanks for the feedback, it was extremely helpful. I'm, like the idiot that I am, looking for the leaderheads first...I think that should be last but...well you know...More suggestions are welcome!:)
Could you replace England with Britain, or add the Scots? It's sort of unfair if you're Scottish and playing a European map you can't be your own nation and the next best thing is in fact the worst thing (i.e. England)

P.S. AHHHHH! Someone has my avatar! EVIL! EVIL! NOOOOO!
Ok, I've edited the list and I did the politically correct thing, I renamed 'England' 'Britain'. I think that helps as well with the Unique Units...Norway/Longboat Sweden/Carolean...Cathage/Elephant (?). I think that's the list. Europe is interesting because although there are alot of countries, there was only a few that truly dominated...Ukraine must be taken off...to be replaced by? Thanks for the heads ^ on the England/Britain thing, btw.:rolleyes:
Originally posted by Shaitan
Romania, Yugoslavia or Bulgaria might be good replacements for Ukraine.

Romania is iffy, for the same reason Ukraine is iffy. With the notable exception of Vlad the Impaler, Romanian history really doesn't amount to much in the grand scheme of Europe.

Yugoslavia is an artificial country that was created after WWI, and has already vanished. It attempted to lump together people who would be much happier killing each other rather than trying to make a country work. I'd vote "no" on that one.

Bulgaria, OTOH, is a great idea. At one time, Bulgaria was powerful enough to give the Byzantine Empire all kinds of headaches, and they were even able to stand up to the Ottoman Empire, for a while. I've found a link to a page with good info on Bulgaria in brief. The author of the page may have atrocious design sense, but the info is great.
I think Bulgaria is great! I also think that we're pretty much done on the civ list. But then again nothing ever really is done...:D OK, I've discovered all kinds of new unit animations in the Creation and Customization Forum, like Medieval Axe Thower, Crossbowman etc. What do you guys think about adding those to the mod? I've never done anything with new units...it's all foreign to me...:(

You really should replace Norway with Denmark. Norway got independent only in the 20th century, while Denmark, if not a major power, for many hundred years owned both Norway and the southern parts of today´s Sweden.

And Denmark had lots of Vikings, too, so you can keep the longboat in. :D

The problem is of course that all seagoing units will be almost worthless on a map of Europe only, so the longboat UU will be next useless. If you somehow could give them one boat from the start of the game they could expand into Norway and Iceland before the Swedish.
New unit animations are very cool but that should come later in the mod development. Perfect the units before you add new unit animations. The basic reason is that unit graphics are HUGE and there's going to be a lot of uploading and downloading during development. Make it easy on the people helping you by holding off on the large graphic additions until the mod is fully developed.
Ok...I'm going to edit the first post and update the Unique Unit information...oh and another thing, didn't the Vikings have a 'berzerker'...you know the guys with axes taking their shirts off?:lol: Seriously, do any of you guys think that a Berzerker would be a quality UU?:confused:
oh, before I make the UU list, what do you think about Poland getting the Cossack and Russia getting the Mig-27 (whatever) to replace the American F-15?
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