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About Capt'n Nemo


Feb 5, 2002
Tartu, Estonia
:rolleyes: Have anybody heard about further versions of Blitz, which is in download section called as Beta? Transfer'd to ToT maybe? In fact I dream that this guy would have a decent updated Web-site...

P.S. Blits is with thy most incredible outlook I've ever meet in Civ2MGE!
The captain has with the failure of being able to make the blitz turn out as he wanted, retired from the world of civilization.
The fact that the scenario's beta was released is due to the fact that the work on it was terminated :(
Requiescat in pace, vir illustrissimus, creator clarissimus,
capitanus Nemo, qui reliqui nos opera incredibilia:
de fronte Rubra atque de fronte Secunda;
semper in memoria nostra, vale!
id est:
Rest in peace, noblest man, most famous creator,
captain Nemo, who has left for us incredible works:
about Red Front and Second Front,
forever in our memory, farewell!

easy as that:)
Yeah, really sad...

PS Gaius, trhree tips...

Estonians were called "Finni" in latin works. Aestii was used for baltic tribes. ;) :)

"Requiescat in pace" is used only for dead people in catholic liturgies... :crazyeyes :lol:

To express a praise, use vocative case instead of simple nominative case.

Ave atque vale, Prom. :)
to Prometheus

3.tip -- requiescat is in 3rd singularis, therefore I cannot use vocativus (i guess) regardless to praise:)

2.tip -- though I don't have C(orpus)I(ncriptiones)L(atinarum)
nearby, I'm quite sure of use requiesco verb in ancient tombs
[abbrev. as REQ, REQEBIT, REQESCET, REQUIE etc. etc.]
I couldn't use "Hic iacet":D And as for civ-community - captain Nemo is dead (or do You assume there really is a guy called cpt.Nemo? - name has perished i.e. man has perished)

1.tip even though Estonians were Finni, there never was any proconsul in Baltic :D So if I may I can claim as proconsul Aestiorum
of Baltic province, lol
Nevertheless, most of the world and Russia on other hand consider Baltic States/Pribaltika as homogenious (regardless to
hard pushing of our politicians in EST to be a Nordic Country:D )

thanks for pointing out anyway:goodjob:
You forgot the "t" after reliqui. It should be third person singular. Also shouldn't the nos be nobis, dative? Because he is leaving the great works for us, dative of reference. :o

One morething, Prom, where are you reading on this thread about the Finni and Aestii?

Nice work with the Latin, Gaie! <--- (vocative) :D :goodjob:
ANZAC, I couldn't argue with that t-thing can I:( And
I don't know where I came out with that Acc.Duplex thing.

Gaius better shuts up now...
Gaius, I'm not trying to shut you up, just pointing out some stuff. Otherwise, it's a good composition you made there. I'm just too picky, I really like Latin, my favorite language, though you can't really speak to anyone in it... :( :D
Originally posted by The ANZAC
I really like Latin, my favorite language, though you can't really speak to anyone in it... :( :D

Don't all Catholic priests talk latin? I'm sure they've got lots of interesting things to talk about ;)
Case -- language of Vatican is italian anyway, so if You didn't think about some prayer texts they are casually using, You could be wrong:)

ANZAC -- There still are neo-latinists, whom You can freely speak with. For example, in Finnland exists some radio-program like news, absolutely in Latin (not all day of cource). Then there are couple (I've seen one) news-groups, which speak Latin (I don't know classical or Vulgar, maybe classical with neologisms), and in humanities.classics i've seen some casual latin:)

So count on scientists rather than catholics to speak Latin with.

Who wants to argue over linquistic trivia at a time like this?
Nemo has gone, a master craftsman...

Now who will pick up the torch of unit design?

Ahh, now I see that Aestii thing!

Case: Actually, a priest is teaching me Latin.

Gaius: I'll have to go to Finland then :)

Curt: Well, we have Case, BeBro, and Jimmy and to a lesser extent me and FMK edit nemo units. Check out the graphics thread to see my work. But yes, nothing will ever completely replace nemo :(
Originally posted by The ANZAC

Curt: Well, we have Case and Jimmy and to a lesser extent me and FMK edit nemo units. Check out the graphics thread to see my work. But yes, nothing will ever completely replace nemo :(
Why thank you Anzac, I am afraid I may have developed a sort of drawers block at the moment. I have been working on an AMX-30 for a couple of weeks now and can not get it right. I do believe believe though that praise for me is undeserved, even if I do like to hear it. I think BeBro should definately be on your list though, true he does do mostly older units, but I think you just need to look at the units he made for my ill fated Vietnam scenario to see what he is capable of.:D (I do think his ancient units are primo' as well though)
Jimmy: Maybe yoiu could send me the AMX-30 and I'll give you some feedback on how it is? Just an idea....

How were the units BeBro made? Could you email them to me?
I had a go of making an AMX 30 a while back, and it's definetly harder then it looks.
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