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About Pie's Ancient Europe (PAE)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Ancient Europe' started by pie_at, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. pie_at

    pie_at PAE-Let's play ancient :)

    May 29, 2009

    If you like the ancient era, you will love PAE!
    Never before has a game come so close to the ancient times....
    Closer than Rome Total War, Age of Empires and all the other games......

    Let's play ancient history as you've never played before...

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    BTS BTS Ancient Era PAE Examples
    Techs: 92 34 194 Spoke wheels, Cuneiform, Shield bearer, ...
    Units: 123 56 236 Sea Peoples, Shortswordsman, Compositebowman, ...
    Special Units per CIV: 1 - up to 8 Warband, Principes, Hastati, Triarii, Sacred Band, ...
    Buildings: 97 56 151 Smoking hut, Vintager, Arenas, Guilds, ...
    Special Buildings per CIV: 1 - up to 10 Stone circles, Gymnasion, Levee, ...
    National wonders: 14 5 16 Leagues, Mint press, Bible translation, ...
    World wonders: 48 21 76 Sphinx, Great Wall of Gorgan, Circus Maximus, ...
    Projects: 4 (+7 Space) 0 4 Silk road, The Bible, St. Anthony monastery, ...
    Terrain features: 6 5 11 Burnt forest, Dense forest, Fair wind, ...
    Natural disasters: 0 0 13 Earthquakes, Meteorites, Vulcanoes, ...
    Bonus resources: 35 26 73 Lead, Tin, Bronze, Olives, ...
    Terrain improvements: 23 15 22 Salt mine, Lumber camp, Well, ...
    City specialists: 14 14 20 Freed slaves, House/Field/Mine slaves, Reservists, ...
    Unit promotions: 57 46 136 Skirmish, Furor, Parrying, Loyalty, ...
    Unit formations (new): 0 0 16 Flight, Shield wall, Phalanx, Flank, ...
    Unit classes: 10 6 13 Spearman, Skirmisher, Chariot, Elephant, ...
    Civilizations: 34 21 33 Etruscans, Britons, Iberians, Phoenicians, ...
    Leaders: 52 23 156 Sargon, Agamemnon, Salomon, Trajan, ...
    Religions: 7 6 13 Zoroastrianism, Celtic, Nordic, Egyptian gods, ...
    Cults/Corporations: 7 0 9 Isis, Cybele, Mithras, Hellenism, ...
    Civics: 25 13 36 Dynasty, Diarchy, Codex, ...
    Events: 159 92 155 Tomb raiders, Spartacus, Trade of women's hair, ...
    Quests: 18 9 22 Leper colonies, Spread of cults, Provinces, ...

    The full version of PAE V is finally there!
    Comment to PAE V:
    Comment to PAE IV:
    Comment to PAE III:
    Included Szenarios:

    Starting at 4000 BC:
    -) Europe XL (67x90)
    -) Europe large (84x64)
    -) Europe medium (84x44)
    -) Europe standard (64x64)
    -) Europe standard (64x64) - with randomized bonus
    -) Europe small (55x28)
    -) Europe mini (52x32)
    -) Europe Ice Age (84x64)
    -) World Ice Age (124x68)
    -) Eastern Mediterranean (150x89)
    -) Orient (100x54)
    -) Europe large (84x64) - with historical Barbarian Cities (Tribes)
    -) Europe medium (84x46) - with historical Barbarian Cities (Tribes)
    -) Europe standard (64x44) - with historical Barbarian Cities (Tribes)
    -) Hellenic Europe (90x54) - with historical Barbarian Cities (Tribes)
    -) Valley (84x52)

    Advanced scenarios:
    -) First Punic War 264 BC
    -) War of Diadochi 300 BC
    -) Rise of Egypt 4000 BC
    -) Greco-Persian Wars 480 BC
    -) Limes Germanicus 12 AD (fictional)

    More than 38 new game features:

    -) An authentic, historical correct tech-tree (Arrowheads, Spoke wheels, runes,...)
    -) Almost all standard ancient units (ram, slingshooter, skirmisher, threemanchariot,...)
    -) Historical ancient special units for almost every CIV you never played in other games before.
    -) Almost every unit has its historical based skin. Even some units have their second skin in classical times.
    -) All units, buildings, wonders and projects depend on historical facts and some of them are related to religions and/or resources
    -) An european map with England, Ireland, North-Africa and Asia Minor
    -) All resources gather from historical maps, even 4 different types of cereals
    -) 13 religions: Celtic, Nordic, Egypt, Phoenician, Sumerian, Greek, Roman, Zoroastrism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism
    -) 9 cults/cultures (corporations): like Isis, Mithras, Cybele, Hellenism,...
    -) Units can defect to other CIVs during fight
    -) Plot culture changes during won/lost battles
    -) Mercenaries ! Merchants ! Pirates ! Sea peoples !
    -) An amazing slave feature!
    -) Ranged attack with archers and catapults (1 plot only). AI knows to use!
    -) Religious expulsion with consquences !
    -) Roman roads (can only be built by legions and mercenary legions)!
    -) Terrain tundra and desert can not be settled. Endless barbarians !
    -) Rivers, desert and tundra are natural borders (-25%, -50%, -75% defence)
    -) Leprosy and plague haunt unhealthy cities
    -) Christianity earns importance (slavery revolts)
    -) Colony and Province Feature (with Auxiliary units)
    -) Lots of wonders!
    -) Fog of war gets black again
    -) Exciting Sea Peoples, Huns and Viking invasion
    -) More promotion steps (up to 5)
    -) Lots of historical special buildings, special units and elite units!
    -) Different city and unit skins!
    -) A great new vassal feature
    -) Ship features
    -) Grapes, olives, grain, cattle distribution
    -) Automated battlefield experience (promotions)
    -) Veteran and elite unit commendations
    -) Unit ranking (eg army organisation of the Romans, Greeks, Persians,..)
    -) Distribution of some bonus resources
    -) Hire or send mercenaries
    -) Army supply
    -) Provincial capitals
    -) Fear of superiority on battle field
    and lots of small stuff ...

    Multilingual: Yes
    English: 100%
    German: 100%
    Spanish: 98.9%
    French: 90.5%
    Italian: 72.5%
    (Pedia texts can contain english material)

    Multiplayer: Yes

    Random Maps: Yes

    For Version: CIV IV BTS 3.19

    For WINDOWS & MAC Users(!)

    If you miss the real ancient feeling, all ancient facets you know from books and films and the great roman scenario from CIV III, then ...

    try out and post your comments here or in the subthreads.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
  2. NiRv4n4

    NiRv4n4 King

    Jan 9, 2010
    Nice mod, I have been considering doing something like this for a while. I have only just recently begun to learn Python, and I fear that I will never get much farther than creating maps/scenarios.

    A suggestion I might offer you would be to expand the map to the east, and perhaps contract it to the north. The regions of Persia, Bactria, and Sogdia were all far more relevant to ancient Europe than Scandinavia and Russia. That's an issue with Europe maps; there is no consensus on where Europe ends and Asia begins (Bosporous and Dardanelles? maybe geographically, not at all culturally).
  3. mourndraken

    mourndraken King

    Nov 11, 2003
    54°30′59″N, 128°35'59"W
    This scenario is part of PAE and includes Indian kingdoms.
  4. Tigranes

    Tigranes Armenian

    Sep 11, 2008
    With all due respect -- how did you manage to place your subforum before RFC one? For ages I was thinking -- RFC is only second to FFH :D
  5. pie_at

    pie_at PAE-Let's play ancient :)

    May 29, 2009
    I don't know. It wasn't me. Perhaps due to the rating from the modpack-subforum? I am really happy that it is one of the upper mods in the big mod subforum.

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