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About vassals again

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall - Dawn of Civilization' started by Maredias, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Maredias

    Maredias Chieftain

    Aug 7, 2015
    Hi and sorry if this has been discussed recently,

    (though I scrolled through the wiki and googled without finding an active thread so I can use this as my excuse :D ). But I think we all have been in the situation, where we've been building a marvellous empire for the past 300 years (hmm. CCCP, USA, hmnmm.) and then either you or your vassals (or preferably both) just collapse. And I like the collapsing mechanic, I really do. It's just that there's no diplomacy or a global war in the modern era if the world is filled with grey states.

    So I got this idea: what if you could actually "manually" affect your vassal's stability. One could compere this to e.g. the actions of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe during the cold war or to the Brittons and French trying to hold their empires together in the 50s.

    So my idea is, when your vassal is about to collapse / has suffered a terrible stability hit, you'd get a pop-up with some options:

    1) Intervene military

    Use your military troops in the area to fight the revolutionaries, maybe cause some unhappines or bad relations but also improve your vassal stability. This would also increase the likelihood of you placing your own troops on vassal territory for strategic reasons, as often was the case historically.

    2) Intervene economically

    Give your vassals financial aid, maybe pay some gold or gold per turn to increase their stability? For example, soviet union in east Germany.

    3) Intervene politically (maybe, I don't know wheter this would work or not)

    Use espionage / great persons / something else to improve your vassal stability.

    4) Leave them to be and your vassals might collapse or leave you alltogether.

    Also, the effects could become more drastic if your vassals are really trying to collapse. This way it becomes more expensive to keep your empire up and running if you really have some huge inner problems.

    Sorry if I was a bit unclear but I hope you go the idea :D I just like the idea of having a cold war kind of a situation withouth having all my vassals (hmm. Germany, Turkey) collapsing after I've won the war. This could probably help with the late game collapsing civs issue as well.
  2. BaneFire

    BaneFire Warlord

    Jun 6, 2011
    You can do the following:
    Give techs for free. Helps tech penalty.
    Give resources for free. Helps happiness.
    Buy civic changes. Helps with civic stability.
    Give them their cities back. Yes, sometimes you don't want to hold all their cities!
  3. mateyson

    mateyson Chieftain

    Mar 14, 2018
    Yes. BUTTT. After 4-10 turns vassal will find way to play in box.))
  4. JHLee

    JHLee Prince

    Aug 27, 2013
    This is what usually actually happens.
    Give techs for free. Triggers stability checks and they collapse.
    Give resources for free. Loses bonus for your own cities.
    Buy civic changes. Triggers stability checks and they collapse.
    Give them their cities back. You risk losing control over additional cities when they collapse.
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  5. Nyayr

    Nyayr Prince

    May 14, 2008
    I generally beat them hard on the armies though try to refrain from taking cities. Only holding those who are historical/contested.

    Talking about Europe in general. I do notice if you change their civics, often they 1 change it back, in a few turns In middle ages they have to be vassalage+tributaries+monarchy+manorialism (+10) Monarchy+clergy or Monasticism +2 Reg trade+/manorialism +2 for a lot of stability +14. I have this usually all the way up to taking democracy. When I trade my allies to adopt this they... switch back Hole Rome/Poland prefer elective, which has no bonuses weirdly).

    I do trade techs but yeah do notice that often makes them slid down the hill faster... Maybe if you have a high tech other nations are bound to collapse (tech neg) of it?
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