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Absence Registry


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Jul 23, 2004
Red Sox Nation
(AS: To any mod, please sticky this thread)

If you are leaving for any period of time, you are free to post here stating when you'll return so others will know and if we need more people on your team to offset it.

Ok, I will start. ;) I will be gone July 21st (tomorrow) to August 25th. :( I fully trust RegentMan, the game is in his hands, and if I come back and people are unhappy, I know who to blame (just kidding! ;) ). Bye!
Currently my schedule book has the following days as unavailable:
24 July, 27 July - 1 August, 12-15 August, 19-22 August.

Also, starting 29 August I'll be in school fulltime and most likely unavailable on Mondays and Wednesdays, and possibly Fridays.
I've notified Whomp, but here is good too.

gone July 23-30 at beach :p
Aug. 3rd-6th I'll will be in Montreal (tix to Coldplay too)
I will be gone August 4-7 (and possibly longer).
I will be gone from Friday, August 19 to most likely Sunday, August 21. I will try to log on on the beginning of Friday and the end of Sunday.

EDIT - Trip cancelled. I will be here.
I am moving house this weekend. I doubt I will have much time to check in over this time. See y'all Monday.
[edit] I guess I started being active ;)
I'll be gone from 9/30-10/2
I'll be here sporadically, at best, for a few days.
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