Absinthehead... (Absence Thread)

Sorry to notify you guys so late, but I will be away likely without access to Internet from this Sunday to next Friday. Hopefully it shouldn't affect the team Pitboss too much.
anyone knows if bis is on vacation or something like that. I've noticed that he is always late in doing turns, if he even does:crazyeye:
Yes, he is on vacation. Will be back in 2 days or something.
I'll be AFK for a week from 18 August to 25 August. No access to internet is expected.
I'll be traveling until Wednesday. I'll try to keep up with things, but probably won't get to post much myself, or do any spreadsheet updating. And when I get back I'll probably actually need to do work at work, so it might not be until next weekend when I can catch up with demo-hacking and whatnot.
bistrita yes unfortunately,

bcool is around, doing a great job with the testing about religion and SH, he just said will be more busy with the SGOTM that started recently. SGOTMs are short though - 3-4 months and bcool is anyway participating at OK level.
I tried out Minecraft and immediately fell into an abyss. Haven't been so addicted to a single game since my wife got me Civ III for Christmas in 2002!

Looks like lots of stuff happened while I was gone. :cool:
LOL, right.

My oldest son asks e to try Minecraft and Roblox for a long time, which I decisively avoid. You give a good reason to continue refuse :D
I will be away this weekend and won't be able to play any turns on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. We'll need to make sure we have someone who can play and document for those days.
Wow! Disneyland seems to be quite popular destination lately :D ( Sommerswerd just returned from there last day)

Good luck with the towerclimbing and dragonslaying to get the princess ;)
I'll be out of town from now until the 20th. Heading to Disneyland to hopefully return with a fiancee. :eek2:
Wow! Maybe our planes passed each other in mid-air:D

Take her to Blue Bayou in Disneyland or to Wine Country Traittoria in California Adventure... both are the best restaurants there... If you got to Blue Bayou, go on Pirates of the Carribean either right before or right after the restaurant (Before is best)... You will see why.;)... Oh and you NEED reservations, there is no getting in otherwise.

Last thing... If you go to Blue Bayou INSIST that you will wait to sit next to the water, preferrably under the trees... its the only way to go. Have a great Time!
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