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Absolution 4: Tabula Rasa


Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!
Next Orders Due by May 18th

Absolution 4: Tabula Rasa is a fresh start, story driven game. Do not be intimidated that we are a few turns in, there are NPC's with PC equivalent stats and any New Faction will be brought in on a level playing field.

This is a list of Updates:

Update 1: The Dawn of Man
Update 2: Legends of the Pre-Ancient World
Update 3: The Bounty of Exploration
Update 4: The Balance
Update 5: But Who's Buying?
Update 6: Race for the Future
Update 7: What Makest Thou?
Update 8: Shiny Stones of the Future
Update 9: If You Want to Build Cities...
Update 10: A Friend in Need
Update 11: Spread your Wings
Update 12: Gravity's Pull
Update 13: The End of an Era

On the Subject of Starting Zones: It was a fun and workable idea for the first ten turns, but I no longer am concerned about it. Where would you like to start?


FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT: Regardless of any trait or building bonus the cost of no unit, technology or building may be less than 1.

You can pick 1 Trait for your faction, and you can change that trait whenever you want throughout the game, but on the following turn you will have no trait as the transition is made. The trait you start with may affect your starting statistics, but after your first turn traits will not affect statistics past their explicit advantage.

You will lose 4 Social cohesion when you change the Trait of your faction. 1 will return when you have a new Trait, and another will return the turn after that.

Trait List:
Militaristic: Militaristic Factions may assign tactics

Commercial: Commercial Factions gain 1 extra economy while exporting a trade good.

Scientific: Scientific Factions receive +50% production from buildings or projects that provide Research per turn.

Industrious: Industrious Factions pay 3 less for construction of buildings.

Religious: Religious Factions may acquire 4 vassals without Reputation restrictions. Religious Vassals do not count towards Vassal cap.


Stories will be divided up into multiple camps again, such as:

Scientific Stories: Will provide either 1 or 2 points towards a specific research project. 1 per technology per turn.

Cultural Stories: Will add 1-4 points to your Reputation, and increase your esteem in the eyes of the NPCs and local peoples.

Militaristic Stories: Will allow 1 unit to use a tactic. 1 per unit per turn.

Commercial Stories: Will be worth either 1 Economy or can be used to generate a Trade Good for export. 1 per turn, Added Economy goes to your savings and is not spendable on the turn you write the story.

Construction Stories: Can add 1 to a Building Project. 1 per turn.

Any extra stories in a category that only provides for 1 per turn will be counted as cultural.

Economy: It will cost 3 Economy to upgrade your Economy one level. When you advance an age your economy will be halved and the upgrade cost will be re-evaluated. This isn't because I am mean or want you to have less money. This is so that I can control the relative size of economies.


Tactics (Only Specified Units may have more than 1 Tactic per turn): Assign a tactic to a unit if you have written a Militaristic story or are a Militaristic Faction and watch the sparks fly.

Retreat: If it gets a bad roll, this unit will retreat.
Bombard: This unit only attacks half as hard, but is not risked in attack.
Ambush: Adds 2 Attack Power.
Fortification: Unit cannot attack or move, adds 4 Attack Power.
Wariness: Negates an enemy's ambush.
Charge: Negates an enemy's retreat, can Negate Bombard in some situations
Burning: Target a Building for attack

Agent Tactics

Agent Tactics may only be assigned to Agents.

Light Fingers: +1 to Steal Technology
Eyes on the Ground: If an attempt to cause a Social Cohesion problem succeeds you are put in contact with a dissident leader.
Intercept: If an enemy Agent attempts a mission near where this Agent is stationed that mission is 50% less likely to succeed.
Arson (Requires Engineering): +1 to Sabotage Building
Check Papers (Requires Paper Ledgers): +1 to Expose Traitor


You will be able to commission research projects for the age. There will be a limited number of technologies listed, when the terminal technology is researched by someone they progress to the next age.

There will be a couple of bonus listed technologies every age that will be less expensive for certain types of nations.

But there could always be technologies that aren't listed that may be required for certain projects. Say you wanted to train horsemen you would have to research Domestication, or wanted to build The Pyramids, maybe you would have to research Stonemasonry. These would not be listed, but would be added after a player discovered the need for it (or requested to begin researching some technology of their own devising). Nonessential techs will be significantly less expensive than the essential techs.

Some techs you don't see here are not non-essential, but rather just in a future era.

Tech List

Bronze Age Technologies
Ballistics (Cost -3 for Militaristic Factions) (Required for Catapult) (Required for Forge): 5
Guilds (Requires Writing), +2 Social Cohesion, Allows Agents to Divert Trade Goods (Required for Freelancer): 3
Masonic Code (Requires Guilds) (Required for Temple of United Purpose) (Required for Walls) (Required for Quarry): 4

Writing (Required for Library) (Required for Courthouse): 6
Sailing (Required for Galley): 7 EP.
Iron Working (Requires Sailing, Requires Writing) (Required for Swordsman) (Terminal Tech): 7

Iron Age Technologies
Engineering (Cost -5 for Industrious Factions) (Required for Arena) (Required for Tower) (Required for "A Safe Place to Talk") (Required for Arson): 20 EP
Paper Ledgers (Cost -2 for Commercial Factions) (Required for Tax Office) (Required for Expose Traitor) (Required for Check Papers): 20 EP
Chivalry (Requires Engineering) (Requires Paper Ledgers) (Required for Knight) (Required for Sabotage Vassal State): 30 EP
Reinforced Armor(Requires Chivalry) (Required for Pikeman) (Terminal Tech): 30 EP

Hammered Steel (Requires Chivalry): -2 to Knight Cost: 15 EP
Carrier Pigeons (Requires Iron Working): +1 Tactic per Turn: 20 EP


You can purchase generic military units or devise your own unique units. Some might require technology. I use Random.org. Your units will roll a number, any tactics will be added after the roll. How big the number is depends on how big a number they can roll. Some fast units can auto-retreat if they get a bad roll, this does not count as their tactic. These units are listed Name: Maximum possible roll.

Agent (Requires Subterfuge: NonCombat)

Warrior: 3
Chariot (Requires Wheel: Auto-Retreat): 5
Spearmen (Requires Bronze Working): 6
Horsemen (Requires Bronze Working, Requires Domestication): 7, Autoretreat
Swordsmen (Requires Iron Working): 8
Freelancer (Requires Guilds): 3 (+1 to units stacked with Freelancer) (Limit: 3)
Catapult (Requires Ballistics): 10 (Can Only Bombard) (Defenseless)
Galley (Requires Sailing): 4 (Naval Unit)(Carry Capacity: 2)
Longship (Requires Cartography): 6 (Naval Unit) (Carry Capacity: 3)
Knight (Requires Chivalry: Can use 2 Tactics): 12
Pikeman (Requires Reinforced Armor): 14

Unit Costs: How much will it cost you up front. Upkeep is charged 1 Economy per 10 units.

Spoiler :

Warrior Cost: 1
Chariot Cost: 2
Spearman Cost: 2
Horsemen Cost: 3
Swordsmen Cost: 3
Catapult Cost: 4
Freelancer Cost: 3
Galley Cost: 4
Longship Cost: 6
Agent Cost: 6
Knight Cost: 12
Pikeman Cost: 6

When you enter a new age all of your weakest units from the previous age are automatically upgraded to the weakest units of the new age.


Buildings are mostly open to you. Please feel free to PM me your own building ideas for either unique wonders or simple revolutions in architecture and society. Generic buildings will be provided for each era, along with a single generic wonder. The Generic Wonder can be built in more than one place, but after the final turn of construction no others can be built and the investment of rival builders is converted or returned. (meaning, if you tie, both factions keep the wonder)

Generic Stone Age Buildings:

Barracks: Allows you to assign 1 Tactic to 1 Troop, Cost: 5 Economy
Farm (Requires Agriculture): +1 Social Cohesion, Cost: 3 Economy
Roads (Requires Wheel): Allows troops to travel further, permits trade, Cost: 2 Economy

Generic Stone Age Wonder:

Stonehenge: Reduces Cost of Upgrading Economy by 1, Built By Zulappi

Generic Bronze Age Buildings:

Library: (Requires Writing) +1 Research per Turn, Cost: 5 Economy
Forge (Requires Ballistics): -1 Land Unit Costs, Cost: 3 Economy (Every 2 Forges Will cost 1 Upkeep per turn)
Walls (Requires Masonic Code): +1 Attack Power to any unit defending walls, Cost: 4 Economy
Courthouse: (Requires Writing) +2 Social Cohesion, Cost: 3 Economy
Parlor: (Requires Acupuncture) +1 Social Cohesion, +3 Reputation, Cost: 3 Economy
Quarry: (Requires Masonic Code) +1 Wonder Construction per turn in city where Quarry is constructed. No city may have more than 1 Quarry, Cost: 7 Economy

Generic Bronze Age Wonder:

Great Lighthouse: 10 EP (Requires Sailing) (Requires Saltwater Access) -1 Unit Cost for Naval Units, +2 Tactics Per Turn for Naval Units, Built by Satura

Bronze Age Mini-Wonder: (1 per nation)

Temple of United Purpose (Insert Your Name Here): 6 EP, 2 Trait Changes Free of Social Cohesion Penalties, 1 Per Faction, Requires Masonic Code

Generic Iron Age Buildings:

Arena (Requires Engineering): +3 Social Cohesion. 5 Arenas Reduce your Corruption Thresholds by 4. 6 EP.
Tower (Requires Engineering): +1 Tactic to Units Stationed in a Tower, +3 Attack Power to Units Stationed in a Tower. 8 EP.
Tax Office (Requires Paper Ledgers): Allows Revenues to be collected from Caravans/Wanderer Merchants, allows 50% revenue from exports. Allows Taxation (Direct Revenue Shift) from Vassal States (when built in said Vassal State). 6 EP.

Generic Iron Age Wonder:

"A Safe Place to Talk" (Requires Engineering): Agents in Foreign Territories are twice as likely to succeed on missions. Agents in Foreign Vassal States are 50% less likely to be detected. 25 EP.

Iron Age Mini-Wonder (1 per nation):

The Training Grounds (Requires Iron Working): Each Agent Stationed in the Training Grounds has a 10% chance to expose enemy agents in your territory. 10 EP.


How strong is your Social Cohesion? Various factors will influence this, such as population size and Reputation. It will be listed as a number between 1 and 18. A 1 means that you have no social cohesion, your citizens all seek their own benefit and work independently towards ends that do not help your state. You will get 3 Corruption subtracted from your economy for having cohesion lower than 10 and 2 subtracted for a cohesion lower than 13 and 1 corruption for Social Cohesion lower than 16. It will be represented in story form in a variety of ways (organized crime, separatist communes, overpowered unions or executives, immigration problems, whatever) and you can deal with this in story form exclusively if you want.

But the question you have to ask is, what makes a good, cohesive society, what does the population want?

The population wants reliable distribution of goods and services, along with a clear direction for the future. If you provide these things they do not care how you provide them or where you are going, but they want to eat and provide for their families and they want it to "mean something."

When I know you are bringing your society in a direction and have captured the imaginations of your populace I will advise your citizens of this and they will respond accordingly, this could be done in orders, in stories, in diplomacy. Everything you do will help or hurt social cohesion.

You will lose 4 Social cohesion when you change the Trait of your faction. 1 will return when you have a new Trait, and another will return the turn after that.


Caravaners and Trading

Trade is handled in two ways in this game. On the one hand a nation can produce trade goods that it exchanges with other nations, these sort of transactions are handled between players (or, in some cases, a player and an NPC) through a case by case negotiation. Building roads give these traders a clear and relatively secure path, and when these sorts of traders lose the Trade Goods they've been sent to exchange it's directly on you and may endanger your profits.

You can create Trade Goods in a Commercial Story or stumble across them by chance. They are all considered "Luxury Goods" and there are no "Strategic Resources" here for our purposes.

When two factions make a trade, just like in Pieces, the receiving faction receives an Economic benefit from the foreign good (1 extra per turn). Commercial factions, however, receive an extra 1 Economy for 2 turns after exporting any trade good.

Trade agreements last 4 turns.

Trade Routes are different. Trade Routes are managed by privately owned Caravaners, they do not require roads or any assistance from your nation in making trades because these are pioneering and enterprising merchants who sell things to make a profit for themselves. You don't get a cut.

But these Caravaners do need things from you, permission to get into your cities, protection while in your borders, stable sources of revenue, all of these things are provided by your nation state. But what do you get in exchange?

It depends on how many nations and what sort of nations are open to these caravans (and, for a short time there will be Eastern and Western Caravans but ultimately they will be merged). They are random bonus machines that work to equalize your accomplishments. Let's say that three commercial nations each supported a group of Caravans that traveled between them. Each turn one of those nations has a chance to get an extra economic point. Which nation gets that chance is chosen randomly, but each nation in the trade route gets a chance before any of them get a second chance.

But let's say instead that there are Caravans that travel only between a pair Industrious and a Scientific nations. The same rules of alternating chances at a bonus apply, but the nature of the bonus is different. This Industrious nation gets a chance at a free point of research, The Scientific nation gets a chance at a free building point.

Bonus amounts do not stack if you have more than 1 nation of a type in your trade routes, although they do increase the likelihood that a specific type of bonus will be received.

Vassal States:

Only Mod created NPC's can be converted into vassal states. The NPC has to agree to it and your Reputation must be >30. In order to sign a Vassal State treaty both factions must possess Writing.

You may not trade with a vassal state. You may export a vassal state's trade goods. If you chose to dictate how their economy is spent you may, but you don't have to. You may write stories for Vassal States.

You may only have 2 Vassal States. A second Vassal State requires a Reputation higher than 50. If your Social Cohesion drops below 12 you will lose control of your Vassal States.

After 8 Turns with a Vassal State you have the option to peacefully consolidate them into your Nation.

Agents and Subterfuge

Agents may steal technologies, cause social cohesion problems (in others), solve social cohesion problems (for yourself), or sabotage buildings. These activities depend on random number generation between 1 and 10. These numbers are halved per each Agent assigned.

Steal Technology: Must generate higher than a 8 to steal a chosen faction's chosen technology.
Cause Social Cohesion Problem:Subtract RNG by 7 to determine Social Cohesion damage your agent does to the chosen faction.
Solve Social Cohesion Problem: If generated number is less than 4 then the problem is exacerbated.
Sabotage Building: Must generate higher than a 6 to damage and remove the effect of a building. Higher than a 9 to Damage a Wonder. Damaged Buildings can be repaired.
Divert Trade Good (Requires Guilds): Must generate higher than a 8 to divert a trade good to a chosen faction.
Expose Traitor (Requires Paper Ledgers): Must generate higher than a 6 to expose a Foreign Agent in your Territory.
Sabotage Vassal State (Requires Chivalry): Must generate higher than an 8 to sever ties between a Vassal State and it's Patron.
Assassination (Requires Potent Poisons): Must generate higher than a 7 to kill a targeted unit.


Each time you have an Agent in a foreign state for any reason they have a 25% chance to be discovered. This number doubles per Agent in that foreign state.



Name: Satura / Aureas Orangesmith / Terrance888
Capital: Waset
Economy: 3(-4)/11
Trait: Industrious
Reputation: 63
Technologies: [Iron Age] Subterfuge, Cartography, Acupuncture, Engineering, Paper Ledgers (1/20), Astrology (1/20)
Soldiers: 1 Cataphrat (Border Defense), 1 Inquisitor (Waset), 1 Inquisitor (Levant), 1 Inquisitor (Napata), 1 Longship (Lotalogas), 1 Swordsman (Border Patrol), 3 Heavy Catapults (Land of the Sun Battle Lines), 3 Galleys (Between a Rock and a Hard Place)
Buildings: Farm (Waset), Great Lighthouse (Lotalogas), Orangesmith's Archive (Sereg), Roads, Oracle of the Farseer (Waset), Archiver's Mint (Waset), Grand Temple of Zorrkanism (Waset), Forge (Sereg), Forge (Waset)
Trade Goods: Gold (To Land of the Sun 2 Turns Remaining), Seasoned Drunk Hare (To Tatui 3 Turns Remaining), Stone Wares (To Persia 3 Turns Remaining), Potterscraft (To Zulappi 4 Turns Remaining), Jewelry (To Persia 1 Turn Remaining), Akten's Ale (To Land of the Sun 3 Turns Remaining), Hemp (To Punt 2 Turns Remaining), Pitch (To Punt 3 Turns Remaining)
Social Cohesion: 11

Name: The Shang Empire/ Emperor Li XII/ Tycho
Capital: Laozai
Economy: 6.33(-2)/12
Trait: Commercial
Reputation: 28
Technologies: [Iron Age] Rafting, Acupuncture, Astrology (1/20)
Soldiers: 1 Swordsman (Border Patrol), 1 Swordsman (Laozai)
Buildings: Artisan's Plaza (Laozai), Farm (Laozai), Roads (Rivers)
Trade Goods: Precious Gems (To Korea 4 Turns Remaining), Rice (To Korea 3 Turns Remaining), Shang Brandy (To Heavenly Dragon 1 Turn Remaining), Pearls, Wooden Statues
Social Cohesion: 12

Name: Empire of the Heavenly Dragon/ Emperor Chao Longwei/ Blaze Injun
Capital: Junjan
Economy: 8(-4)/14
Trait: Industrious
Reputation: 53
Technologies: [Iron Age] Astrology (1/20), Engineering (4/15), Potent Poisons (1/8)
Soldiers: 2 Swordsmen (Siege Ulaanbaatar) 4 Swordsmen (Junjan), 3 Swordsmen (Patrol), 1 Horseman (Patrol), 2 Swordsmen (Soo), 1 Swordsman (Baejoi) 2 Horsemen (Border Patrol) 2 Swordsmen (Parsgadae), 1 Swordsman (Tapei) 1 Galley (Soo), 1 Galley (Explore) 2 Swordsmen (Bia Xi), 1 Swordsman (Galley), 1 Spearman (Singhai), 1 Spearman (Chaojan), 1 Agent (Undisclosed Location), 1 Chao War Junk (Janji), 1 Galley (Janji), 1 Swordsman (Janji) 1 Spearman (Xi'an), 1 Spearman (Kialong), 1 Spearman (Ningbo), 2 Chao War Junks (Ocean Patrol), 2 Swordsmen (Chao War Junks), 1 Spearman (Janji)
Buildings: Roads, Forge (Bia Xi), Grand Temple of the Heavenly Dragon (Paranaa), Imperial Merchant Inn (Junjan), Imperial Merchant Inn (Bia Xi), Imperial Naval Harbor (Hoona), Courthouse (Soo)
Trade Goods: Dragon Smoked Salmon (To Korea 4 Turns Remaining), Black Tea (To Shang 2 Turns Remaining), Silk (To Korea 2 Turns Remaining), Red Spices (To Persia 4 Turns Remaining), Exotic Lumber (To Kitanato 1 Turn Remaining), Beef on the Hoof (To Shang 2 Turns Remaining), Salt
Social Cohesion: 15

Name: Paranaa / Vassal of the Heavenly Dragon
Capital: Paranaa
Economy: 4/6
Trait: Religious
Reputation: 10
Technologies: [Iron Age] (Heavenly Dragon Technologies) Astrology (2/20)
Soldiers: 1 Swordsman (Paranaa), 1 Horseman (Siege Ulaanbaatar)
Buildings: Great Dragon Temple (Paranaa), Imperial Merchant Inn (Paranaa), Wall (Paranaa), Forge (Paranaa)
Trade Goods: Holy Dragon Pendants (To Korea 4 Turns Remaining), Baskets (To Kush 1 Turn Remaining), Goats (To Paupa 2 Turns Remaining), Honey (To Persia 3 Turns Remaining)
Social Cohesion: 14

Name: The Seasworn Cartel / Anne Teach / FreemanUNCG
Capital: Queen's Port (Sicily)
Economy: 3(-2)/3
Trait: Miliaristic
Reputation: 25
Technologies: [Iron Age] Subterfuge
Soldiers: 1 Swordsman (Queen's Port), 1 Galley(Queen's Port), 1 Galley (Explore), 1 Swordsman (Landlubber's Retreat)
Buildings: Roads, Library (Queen's Port)
Trade Goods: Gold (To Tatui 3 Turns Remaining), Pearls (To Kurdia 3 Turns Remaining), Pirate Stories
Social Cohesion: 12

NPC Stats

Name: Celestial Kingdom of Kitanato / Soru XIV/ NPC
Capital: Kitanato
Economy: 4/6
Trait: Religious
Reputation: 20
Technologies: Bronze Age, Writing, Acupuncture, Sailing
Soldiers: 2 Spearmen (Kitanato), 2 Spearchuckers (Nippora), 2 Spearmen, 1 Galley (Explore)
Buildings: None
Trade Goods: Miniature Statues (To Heavenly Dragon 2 Turns Remaining), Haiku Scrolls (To Heavenly Dragon 3 Turns Remaining), Chex Boards (To Shang 3 Turns Remaining)
Social Cohesion: 14

Name: Magan / Philosopher King Osama/ NPC
Capital: Levant
Economy: 2(-2)/2
Trait: Scientific
Reputation: 20
Technologies: [Iron Age] Engineering
Soldiers: None
Buildings: None
Trade Goods: None
Social Cohesion: 11

Name: Zulappi / The Great Sha-mun / Eltain
Capital: Zull
Economy: 4/9
Trait: Industrious
Reputation: 46
Technologies: [Iron Age] Subterfuge, Domestication, Ballistics, Acupuncture
Soldiers: 1 Spearman (Zull), 2 Spearmen (Stone's Outpost), 1 Horsemen (Expansion)
Buildings: Barracks (Zull), Stonehenge (Zull), Walls of Zull (Zull), Courthouse of Zull (Zull), Library (Zull), Farm (Zull) Library (Zull), Barracks (Dreadsea), Library (Stone's Outpost), Farm (Stone's Outpost), Courthouse (Dreadsea), Roads
Trade Goods: Zulappi Beer (To Cyria 2 Turns Remaining), Wicker (To Iberios 3 Turns Remaining), Ritual Urns (To Kurdia 2 Turns Remaining), Comfy Cushions (To Iberios 1 Turn Remaining), Naked Shoes (To Satura 2 Turns Remaining)
Social Cohesion: 17

Name: Nubia / King Malach / NPC
Capital: Napata
Economy: 2/5
Trait: Militaristic
Reputation: 10
Technologies: [Iron Age] (Satura Technologies)
Buildings: Forge (Napata), Aureas' Forge (Napata)
Trade Goods: Spices (To Land of the Sun 2 Turns Remaining), Roasted Koughfee (To Punt 2 Turns Remaining), Silver (To Persia 3 Turns Remaining),
Social Cohesion: 11

Name: Kurdia / Consul Seter / NPC
Capital: Leba
Economy: 2/4
Trait: Industrious
Reputation: 10
Technologies: Iron Age, Subterfuge, Ballistics
Soldiers: 2 Swordsmen (Ur), 2 Kurdish Archers (Ur)
Buildings: Tower (Ur), Courthouse (Ur), Farm (Ur)
Trade Good: Fragrances (To Zulappi 2 Turns Remaining), Raw Glass (To Seasworn 3 Turns Remaining) Dyes
Social Cohesion: 16

Name: Kingdom of Korea / King Sim / NPC
Capital: Seoul
Economy: 3(-1)/5
Trait: Militaristic
Reputation: 10
Technologies: Bronze Age, Acupuncture, Writing, Sailing
Soldiers: 2 Spearmen (Seoul), 2 Spearmen (Expansion), 1 Spearman (Manchu)
Buildings: Barracks
Trade Goods: Furs (To Shang 4 Turns Remaining), Rice Wine (To Heavenly Dragon 3 Turn Remaining), Feathered Hats (To Heavenly Dragon 3 Turn Remaining)
Social Cohesion: 13

Name: Cyria / High General Stormwind / NPC
Capital: Syrius
Economy: 2 (-1)/2
Trait: None
Reputation: 10
Technologies: [Iron Age], Subterfuge, Ballistics
Soldiers: 2 Swordsmen (Ur), 2 Swordsmen (Leba), 1 Freelancer (Ur), 1 Cyrian Archer (Ur)
Buildings: Library (Syrius)
Trade Goods: Linens (To Zulappi 3 Turns Remaining)
Social Cohesion: 14

Name: Tatui / Wise Man River / NPC
Capital: Tatui
Economy: 4(-1)/6
Trait: Scientific
Reputation: 10
Technologies: [Iron Age]
Soldiers: 3 Swordsmen (Tatui)
Buildings: Courthouse (Tatui), Courthouse Tatui
Trade Goods: Pickled Grouper (To Satura 3 Turns Remaining), Silver (To Seasworn 2 Turns Remaining), Epic Poems (To Satura 3 Turns Remaining)
Social Cohesion: 15

Name: Iberios / King Floof VI / NPC
Capital: Cartagena
Economy: 2(-1)/3
Trait: Militaristic
Reputation: 20
Technologies: [Iron Age] Subterfuge, Ballistics
Soldiers: 1 Swordsman (Cartagena), 1 Agent (Undisclosed Location), 1 Galley (Leba), 1 Iberion Archer (Afrikus), 1 Swordsman (Seville), 1 Iberion Archer (Ur)
Buildings: None
Trade Goods: Olive Oil (To Zulappi 4 Turns Remaining), Dainty Wooden Statues (To Zulappi 2 Turns Remaining), Furniture
Social Cohesion: 13

Name: The Khanate / Tabo Khan / NPC
Capital: Ulaanbaatar
Economy: 6(-2)/4
Trait: Militaristic
Reputation: 20
Technologies: [Bronze Age] Subterfuge, Domestication, Writing, Guilds,
Soldiers: 1 Horseman (Ulaanbaatar), 2 Spearmen (Ulaanbaatar)
Buildings: None
Trade Goods: None
Social Cohesion: 10

Name: Persia / High Priest Kopeth / NPC
Capital: Pasargadae
Economy: 6/11
Trait: Religious
Reputation: 20
Technologies: [Iron Age] Guilds, Ballistics, Subterfuge
Soldiers: 3 Spearmen (Pasargadae)
Buildings: Roads
Trade Goods: Incense (To Heavenly Dragon 3 Turns Remaining), Sacramental Whips (To Satura 3 Turns Remaining), Baskets (To Satura 3 Turns Remaining)
Social Cohesion: 16

Name: Punt / King Kong IV / NPC
Capital: Punt
Economy: 8(-1)/13
Trait: Commercial
Reputation: 20
Technologies: [Iron Age], Subterfuge, Ballistics, Guilds, Acupuncture, Paper Ledgers (2/20)
Soldiers: 1 Swordsman (Punt),
Buildings: Library
Trade Goods: Wine (To Nubia 1Turn Remaining), Spices (To Heavenly Dragon 2 Turns Remaining), Playing Cards (To Satura 3 Turns Remaining)
Social Cohesion: 13

Name: Kush / Consul Shaggy / NPC
Capital: Indus
Economy: 4(-1)/4
Trait: Industrious
Reputation: 20
Technologies: [Bronze Age], Writing, Guilds, Sailing, Acupuncture
Soldiers: 3 Spearmen (Indus), 1 Freelancer (Indus)
Buildings: Barracks (Indus), Roads, Library (Indus)
Trade Goods: Herbal Extracts (To Heavenly Dragon 1 Turn Remaining), Fragrances (To Heavenly Dragon 3 Turns Remaining), Sitars (To Heavenly Dragon 3 Turns Remaining)
Social Cohesion: 13

Name: Paupa / The Council / NPC
Capital: Prinz
Economy: 5(-1)/5
Trait: Scientific
Reputation: 10
Technologies: [Bronze Age], Writing, Sailing
Soldiers: 2 Spearmen (Prinz)
Buildings: Barracks (Prinz)
Trade Goods: Aloe (To Heavenly Dragon 2 Turns Remaining), Cinnamon (To Heavenly Dragon 3 Turns Remaining)
Social Cohesion: 13

Name: Wovvolk / Chief Pat / NPC
Capital: Lo-Rus
Economy: 5/5
Trait: Militaristic
Reputation: 10
Technologies: Iron Age
Soldiers: 2 Swordsmen (Lo-Rus), 1 Agent (Undisclosed Location)
Buildings: None
Trade Goods: Furs
Social Cohesion: 16

Name: Zora / The Zorr / NPC
Capital: Zora
Economy: 6/6
Trait: Religious
Reputation: 10
Technologies: Iron Age
Soldiers: 1 Swordsman (Zora)
Buildings: 1 Barracks (Zora)
Trade Goods: Fine Saddles
Social Cohesion: 16


Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!
Nonessential Techs

Rafting (cost: 4 EP): Allows the use of Rivers as Roads.
Domestication (cost: 3 EP): Allows construction of Horsemen.
Acupuncture (Cost: 4 EP): Allows construction of Parlors.
Subterfuge (Cost: 4 EP): Allows construction of Agents.
Astrology (Cost: 20 EP): +4 Social Cohesion, +10 Reputation
Cartography (Cost: 5 EP) (Requires Sailing): Allows expanded contact, Allows Soldiers to travel further, Allows Longship
Potent Poisons (Cost: 15) (Cost -7 with Ancient Ruin) Allows Assasinations

Unique Units:

Patent Holder|Unit Name|Attack Power|Cost|Notes
Satura|Inquisitor|4|4|May: Cause Social Cohesion Problem, Lower Bound on Solve Social Cohesion Problem, Lower Bound on Expose Traitor (when used by and when used against), May Sabotage Buildings, May Sabotage Vassal, auto-intercept (unless in combat), Twice as Likely to be Detected by Agents at Training Grounds
Iberios|Iberion Archer|4|2|+4 to Bombard
Heavenly Dragon|Chao War Junk|8|6|Naval Unit, Carry Capacity 1, +1 to Bombard
Heavenly Dragon|Deshi War Junk|8|6|Naval Unit, Carry Capacity 0, +3 to Bombard
Seasworn|Boarding Party|5|2|+1 to Ambush When Stationed on a Naval Unit
Satura|Heavy Catapult|8|5|+3 to Bombard, Defenseless
Cyria|Cyrian Archer|4|2|+4 to Bombard
Kurdia|Kurdish Archer|6|1|+2 to Bombard
Wovvolk|Bear Cavalry|8|3|Autoretreat

Unique Wonders

Obelisk of the Golden Handed: +Economic Expansion (1) +1 Gold Production | Owned By: Satura
Artisan's Plaza: +Economic Expansion (2.66) | Owned By: Shang
Walls of Zull: +1 Bombard for A Unit in Zull |Owned By: Zulappi
5 Tablets of Dragon Wisdom: +1 Free Tech | Owned By: Heavenly Dragon
Market of Merchants: Doubles Commercial Trait Bonus | Owned By: Satura
Soo River Harbor: +Economic Expansion (1) -1 to Galley Cost | Owned By: Heavenly Dragon
Warehouse of Wonders: +1 EP per turn from Exports | Owned By: Satura
Oracle of the Farseer: +.5 Research a turn per Trade Route rounded down | Owned By: Satura
Archiver's Mint: +1 EP per Trade Route | Owned By: Satura
Imperial Naval Harbor: -2 to Naval Unit Costs | Owned By: Heavenly Dragon
Aureas' Forge: -2 to Land Unit Costs | Owned By: Satura

Story List

Stones | Zulappi | Construction (+1)
Shiny Rocks | Satura | Commercial (+Trade Good: Gold)
Creation Myth | Kitanato | Cultural +2 Reputation
Marketplace Hustle | Shang | Commercial (+1)
Fu Shan & The Crafty Ant | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
Stonehenge | Zulappi | Construction (+1)
State of the Union | Satura | Cultural +2
Fu Shan and the Fish Weeds | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
The Coming of the Raft Clans | Heavenly Dragon | Commercial (+Trade Good: Dragon Smoked Salmon)
Finger of Aset | Satura | Construction (+1)
Capital Gains | Shang | Commercial (+Trade Good" Precious Gems)
Legend of the Warrior Dance | Satura | Militaristic (+Wary)
Life in Korea | Korea (NPC Story) | Militaristic (+Fortify)
Diaries of Mahru Palu | Caravaners (NPC Story) | Cultural (+7 Giggles)
Shades of Devotion | Satura | Cultural (+3)
Diplomacy from a Different Perspective | Zulappi | Commercial (+Trade Good: Zulappi Beer)
King Shushi and Nomad Hi Nuko | Heavenly Dragon | Cultural (+2 Rep | +1 Social Cohesion)
Obelisk | Satura | Construction (+1)
Fu Shan and Mei Hua the Muddy Legged Girl | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
Artisan's Quarter | Shang | Cultural (+2 Reputation, +1 Social Cohesion)
Like the Stones | Zulappi | Cultural (+2 Reputation, +1 Social Cohesion)
Legends of Yore | Satura | Cultural (+2 Reputation, +1 Social Cohesion)
King Longwei and the Water Dragon | Heavenly Dragon | Cultural (+2 Reputation, +1 Social Cohesion)
The Golden Goblet of Grain | Satura | Commercial (+1 EP)
Just Diplomacy | Zulappi | Commercial (+1 EP)
The Lone Mother Wolf and the Spinning Table | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
King Longwei and the Dragon Guard | Heavenly Dragon | Militaristic (+Wary)
The Five Tablets of Dragon Wisdom | Heavenly Dragon | Construction (+1)
Log Rolling | Satura | Scientific (+1)
Hu Jue, Merchant Chief of the Caravan of Exotic Wonders | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
The Propagandist | Zulappi | Cultural (+3 Reputation)
A Builder's Life | Zulappi | Construction (+1)
An Engineer's Pluck | Zulappi | Militaristic (+UU: Engineer)
Which Wicker's...Wicker | Zulappi | Commercial (+Trade Good: Wicker)
The Black Tea Circle | Heavenly Dragon | Commercial (+Trade Good: Black Tea)
Krunner's Kampf Kuisine | Satura | Militaristic (+Fortify)
Krunner's Kampf Kuisine | Satura | Commercial (+Trade Good: Seasoned Drunk Hare)
Old Mistress Soo of the Mie River | Heavenly Dragon | Construction (+1)
Jocasta's Journey | Satura | Scientific (+2)
In the Light of the Great Stagnation of my Society | Land of the Sun | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
A Cultural Study | Zulappi | Cultural (+3 Reputation)
For Want of Agriculture | Land of the Sun | Scientific (+1)
To Build a Farm | Land of the Sun | Construction (+1)
Bolin and the Young Fish Girl | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+2)
To Color my Clothes | Land of the Sun | Commercial (+Trade Good: Dyes)
Playing with Mud | Satura | Scientific (+2)
Just a Plaything or More? | Satura | Commercial (+Trade Good: Stone Wares)
Hard Won Bounty | Kitanato | Scientific (+1)
The Market of Merchants | Satura | Construction (+1)
The Saturan Monetary System | Satura | Cultural (+3 Reputation)
King Shirong's Grand Southern Move | Heavenly Dragon | Construction (+1)
King Shirong and the Stormy Weather Meeting | Heavenly Dragon | Commercial (+1)
The Shaman's Message | Zulappi | Cultural (+2 Reputation)
Nuathor Laid in the Sun | Zulappi | Scientific (+2)
Training Day | Korea | Construction (+1)
HEY YOU GUYS! | Satura | Commercial (+1)
Dragons of the Mountains | Panaraa | Commercial (Trade Good: Holy Dragon Pendant)
General Yongrui and King Shirong's Garden Kingdom | Heavenly Dragon | Militaristic (+1 Tactic)
The Furs of a Fish Girl | Heavenly Dragon | Commercial (+1)
Gen's Way and the New Dragon's World | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
The Mason who was Awesome | Zulappi | Cultural (+2 Rep.)
An Unlikely Series of Circumstances Coincide | Zulappi | Commercial (Trade Good: Ritual Urns)
Jingfei and the Points of Physical Persuasion | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
On Personal Property | Satura | Scientific (+2)
Mistress Miyan Fishing Clan Builder of Soo | Heavenly Dragon | Construction (+1)
Dear Aset Worshiping Cultists | Satura | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
The Working of Bronze | Kitanato | Scientific (+1)
The Coming of the Hanghui | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
The Smell of Her | Land of the Sun | Commercial (Trade Good: Fragrances)
Lady Ling and the Secret Silk | Heavenly Dragon | Commercial (Trade Good: Silk)
Lady Ling and the Secret Silk | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+2)
Clay and Bronze | Satura | Commercial (Trade Good: Potterscraft)
Clay and Bronze | Satura | Scientific (+2)
Diplomacy... | Zulappi | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion, +2 Reputation)
Shinestone; The Boon of Winter? | Zulappi | Scientific (+2)
Bronze as the Gods Intended | Land of the Sun | Scientific (+1)
Emperor Shifang and the Winter Codes | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
Eastern Hats and Dragon Shells | Heavenly Dragon | Cultural (+3)
Mistress Miyan and the Night Alley Meeting | Heavenly Dragon | Construction (+1)
The Definition of Heresy | Satura | Cultural (+2 Reputation)
Boat Builder Xu Gui and the Question of Northern Ships | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
Hey you Guys! Part 2 | Satura | Cultural (+2 Reputation)
Everyone Wants to Negotiate | Korea | Commercial (+Trade Good: Rice Wine)
Foul Heading | Zulappi | Militaristic (+1)
Warehouses of Wonders | Satura | Construction (+1)
The Tales of Cin Fu | Heavenly Dragon | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion, +1 Reputation)
Aktan and Zorro | Satura | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
Zorro and Aktan | Persia | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
Lady Ling of the Silk Eyes | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
Emperor Shifang's Edge | Heavenly Dragon | Construction (+1)
Skills Within | Satura | Commercial (Trade Good: Jewelry)
The Red Spice Circle | Heavenly Dragon | Commercial (Trade Good: Red Spice)
For a few tokens more... | Tatui | Commercial (+1)
Seli Khan, Tricks are for Kids | Khanate | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
By the Stones, What a Treat! | Iberios | Commercial (+Trade Good: Olive Oil)
Northern General Bia Xi and the Silk Khanate | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
The Finest Baskets under the Watch of the Dragon | Paranaa | Commercial (+Trade Good: Fine Baskets)
Admiral Fan Qianfan's New Mie River Guard | Heavenly Dragon | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Record of Riches | Satura | Scientific (+2)
On the Road to Persia | Heavenly Dragon | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Oracle of the Farseer | Satura | Construction (+1)
Cin Fu and the Dragon's Puzzle | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
The Cut of Your Sails | Iberios | Scientific (+2)
Wicker Supplement | Zulappi | Commercial (+1)
Akten's Ale | Satura | Commercial (Trade Good: Akten's Ale)
The Future Empire in Cat Prints | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)


Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!
On Whether or Not You have the Right to be Offended | Satura | Cultural (+2 Reputation)
Three Sheets to the Wind | Iberios | Scientific (+1)
The Marks of Iberions | Iberios | Scientific (+1)
Shah-Mun had Grown Very Old | Zulappi | Cultural (+2 Reputation, +1 Social Cohesion)
Courthouse, Multiple Meanings? | Zulappi | Construction (+1)
Life's Finer Things | Zulappi | Commercial (Trade Good: Comfy Cusions)
Kep of Paranaa | Paranaa | Construction (+1)
Bricks and Bones | Satura | Scientific (+1)
Is that a Dirk or are you just happy to see me? | Satura | Military (+1 Tactic)
Bones and Bricks | Satura | Construction (+1)
By Ancestors come Empires | Heavenly Dragon | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
Yunghui Master of Forges | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+1)
Hey You Guys | Satura | Commercial (+1 EP)
Kough Kough | Sudan | Commercial (+Trade Good: Roasted Koughfee)
Nobody Expects the Saturan Inquisition! | Satura | Military (+UU Inquisitor)
Cities of Satura and the Tready of Kurdia | Satura | Cultural (+6 Reputation)
Forges of the Orangesmith | Satura | Construction (+1)
Hurled at My Enemies | Iberios | Scientific (+2)
The Smashed House | Iberios | Commercial (+Trade Good: Dainty Wooden Statues)
Actually it's just Depressing | Kitanato | Commercial (+Trade Good: Haiku Scrolls)
The Settling of Kurdia | Kurdia | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
The Oracle Sees Black Sails in Your Future | Satura | Scientific (+2)
Spears of Sudan | Sudan | Construction (+1)
Biok Hanoi and the Tree Race | Heavenly Dragon | Commercial (+Trade Good: Exotic Lumber)
The Gifts of Anne Teach | Seasworn | Commercial (+Trade Good: Pearls)
Blood and Silver | Tatui | Commercial (+Trade Good: Silver)
With the Wind at Our Backs | Cyria | Scientific (+2)
Cyria Trader's Quarrel | Cyria | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion) Bonus Story
History of Sudan | Sudan | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
Legacy of the Farseer | Satura | Cultural (+3 Reputation)
Laozai | Shang | Scientific (+2)
Fu Nin Boy Cattle Merchant | Heavenly Dragon | Commercial (+Trade Good: Beef on the Hoof)
The Prince Heir and the Dragon Empire Puzzle | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+2)
The Paranaa Goat Merchant Far from Home | Paranaa | Commercial (+Trade Good: Goats)
The Time Has Come | Punt | Construction (+1)
One Bar at a Time | Kurdia | Commercial (+Trade Good: Raw Glass)
Gi Huin, Dragon of the Summertime | Heavenly Dragon | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion, +4 Reputation)
Saturan Jokes | Satura | Cultural (+2 Reputation)
Jungleese Goods | Satura | Commercial (+Trade Good: Hemp)
Forges of the Orangesmith | Satura | Construction (+1)
The Inquisitor General | Satura | Cultural (+2 Reputation)
The Xerxes Commemorative Library and the Gifts of the Dragon | Persia | Construction (+1)
Silvertin | Satura | Scientific (+1)
Yiu Doo: Imperial Collector of the Graceful Flower Girl | Heavenly Dragon | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Silver of Zorro | Sudan | Commercial (+Trade Good: Silver)
Tirade of Trade | Satura | Cultural (+1 Reputation)
The Great Lighthouse | Satura | Cultural (+1 Reputation)
Disaster | Satura | Cultural (+2 Reputation)
Map Making | Sudan | Scientific (+1)
A Feather in Your Hat | Korea | Commercial (+Trade Good: Feathered Hats)
A Farm Along the Nule | Zulappi | Construction (+1)
The Prince Heir and the Walls of Paranaa | Heavenly Dragon | Construction +1
A Game of Chex | Kitanato | Commercial (+Trade Good: Chex Boards)
A Shoe By Any Other Name | Zulappi | Commercial (+Trade Good: Naked Shoes)
Inspector Wa Shi and the Courthouse of Soo | Heavenly Dragon | Construction (+1)
The Cinnamon Challenge | Paupa | Commercial (+Trade Good: Cinnamon)
Manly Scents | Kush | Commercial (+Trade Good: Fragrances)
Blood in the Water | Seasworn | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion, +3 Reputation)
The Weaving of Parsgadae | Persia | Commercial (+Trade Good: Baskets)
Boarding Party | Seasworn | Militaristic (+UU: Boarding Party)
Shadow of a Robe | Satura | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Sentification | Satura | Cultural (+1 Reputation)
Portage | Zulappi | Commercial (+Trade Good: Pearls)
Portage II | Zulappi | Construction (+1)
Orion's Belt and the Rat Cave | Satura | Militaristic (+Tactic)
A Failure of Orders | Heavenly Dragon | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Vast Open Waves | Punt | Militaristic (+Tactic)
The Crown Prince Begins | Heavenly Dragon | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Money and Murses for Malach | Sudan| Commercial (+Trade Good: Exquisite Coinpurses)
Go Kuai of the White Mountain | Heavenly Dragon | Commercial (+Trade Good: Salt)
King Hadrian the Scientific | Satura | Scientific (+2)
Social Group Struggles | Satura | Cultural (+3 Reputation)
Bronze and Iron | Satura | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Master Builder Ji Shin and the Deadly Devices of Baejoi | Heavenly Dragon | Scientific (+2)
A Sales Pitch | Satura | Commercial (+Trade Good: Pitch)
Lead to Lead | Satura | Militaristic (+UU: Heavy Catapult)
Hadrian the Scholar and Malach the Mage | Saturan | Cultural (+3 Reputation)
Merp of the Bees | Paranaa | Commercial (+Trade Good: Honey)
High Quality Deck of Cards | Punt | Commercial (+Trade Good: Playing Cards)
Keeping Records | Sudan | Scientific (+1)
The Vengeance of the Magicians and the Burning of the Camps | Kush | Commercial (+Trade Good: Sitar)
Epic Poems | Tatui | Commercial (+Trade Good: Poetic Epics)
Basically for Free | Satura | Construction (+1)
Zorro's Children on a Sea of Zulep | Sudan | Scientific (+1)
Stoney Hearts Club | Satura | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Thunder of Terror | Satura | Militaristic (+UU: Cataphrat)
Heavy Carpentry | Iberios | Commercial (+Trade Good: Furniture)
Malach and Octavian in Punt | Satura | Cultural (+3 Reputation)
The Spears Begin Their March | Shang | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Malach and Sheba Sittin' in A Tree | Sudan | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
Important Nobles of Satura | Satura | Cultural (+2 Reputation)
At Aureapolis, The Armies of Satura Gather | Satura | Militaristic (+Tactic)
The Woodcarvers | Shang | Commercial (+Trade Good: Wooden Sculptures)
The Iberion Efforts | Cyria | Militaristic (+UU: Cyrian Archer)
King Hadrian | Satura | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Recruiting in Nubia | Satura | Militaristic (+Tactic)
In the Serengeti | Satura | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Charge! | Satura | Militaristic (+Tactic)
Wealth of the Shang | Shang | Construction (+1)
Progress is Power | Shang | Scientific (+1)
Golden Stars | Shang | Cultural (+4 Reputation)
The Warm Breeze of Singhai | Heavenly Dragon | Construction (+1)
The Second Golden Council | Satura | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
The Stoner Alliance | Kurdia | Construction (+1)
Water Water Everywhere but not a Drop to Drink | Satura | Construction (+1)
Cheer up Emo Kid | Magan | Commercial (+Trade Good: Blown Glass)
Replacements | Zulappi | Construction (+1)
The Fruits of Flowers | Heavenly Dragon | Commercial (+Trade Good: Soapnuts)
Hadrian's Ointments | Satura | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion, +3 Reputation)
Fuedalism | Satura | Cultural (+2 Reputation)
The Season of Kimonos | Korea | Commercial (+Trade Good: Kimonos)
tree.. KISSING.. first comes Love | Satura | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
The March of the Swords | Shang | Militaristic (+1 Tactic)
Honeyed Mead | Kush | Commercial (+Trade Good: Mead)
Snake Oil | Satura | Commercial (+Trade Good: Snake Oil)
The Domestication of Bears | Wovvolk | Militaristic (+UU: Bear Cavalry)
And the Zero Becomes One | Satura | Cultural (+2 Reputation)
How about a Nightcap? | Seasworn | Commercial (+Trade Good: Rum)
Books of the Seasworn | Seasworn | Scientific (+1)
Too into RP | Seasworn | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion)
Courthouses of Tatui | Tatui | Construction (+1)
Law and Order | Seasworn | Construction (+1)
Succession | Seasworn | Cultural (+1 Social Cohesion, +3 Reputation)
Amber Wealth | Shang | Commercial (+Trade Good: Gold)
Celestial Urns | Kitanato | Commercial (+Trade Good: Ritual Urns)


Jul 30, 2009
Name: Zulappi / Shaman Han the Great / Eltain
Capital: Zull (Located in Cairo)
Economy: 2(Total Economy)/2(Spendable Economy)
Trait: Industrious
Reputation: 1
Technologies: None
Soldiers: 1 Warrior (Zull)
Buildings: None
Trade Goods: None
Social Cohesion: 8

Early Zullappan culture was centered around the worship of Water, known then as the giver of life and the catcher of dreams. Dreams were harvested from the Nule River by the shamans of the day, if you could call them that, and read. They were read as fortunes, and whatever the dreams told to the shamans, they then told to the people, who would follow suit and do whatever the Shamans told them to. This would eventually lead them to the Eternal Happiness at the end of the long tunnel that is life.

EDIT: 2 EP > Barracks.

Java was a stone-aged cave-man. He had many hobbies, like hunting crocodiles, and picking river-weeds for his family to eat. Java had a dream of pushing rocks once. He told the Shaman, and the Shaman read the Nule River. The Shaman told him to push rocks.

And so he did!

Java pushed the stone rock over. He grunted. "Rock hard to move." He pushed it over again. Angrily, he smashed another rock into it. The rock cracked and fell apart, revealing a spherical stone. "This rock easier to push." He pushed the rock happily day and night.

Java is often congratulated on being the inventor of the game of Pushrock. Many attribute it to the stone he wielded one fateful day, or perhaps the Nule river for inspiring him. At any rate, the game of Pushrock was not a complicated one.

The game consisted of two teams of 3. The goal of each team was to push their own rock as fast as they could to the designated spot. Often the Shamans would tell them where to push their rocks, and sometimes they weren't even spherical rocks. The Shaman would have them pile the rocks afterwards. He called this structure a Barracks. The Shamans could read the River, afterall, and should be listened to. This structure was from then on called a Barracks.

"Novel word. Hard to say. Rocks hard to push. Shaman give us food?"

"Shaman let you get your own food after. Go back to play, Java. Good boy."

Shaman Han (The Great) stood watching his stone structure rise. With only 6 worke-cough, players, the building would probably take, like, 3 turns to build. Long enough he wouldn't live to see it finished. Damm.


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Jul 22, 2007
Workwork Workshop
Name: Satura / Gideon the Golden Handed / Terrance888
Capital: Waset (Located at Egyptian Thebes)
Economy: 2(Total Economy)/2(Spendable Economy)
Trait: Commercial
Reputation: 1
Technologies: None
Soldiers: 1 Warrior (Waset)
Buildings: None
Trade Goods: None
Social Cohesion: 8

2EP -> [Early? Primative?] Gold Mine

"Everyone wants yellow rock these days. Yellow rock rare, easy to make pretty. See, you don't even have to smash it, you take hard rock and you smush it. You carve it; Pretty nice rock!"

Gideon watched as the Priest of the Golden Sun showed off his Golden medallion given to him after rising from a Noviate and demonstrating its power with a nugget of the strange stone. Why worth 10 Hides per handful? Too soft to chop wood, too weak to cut meat.

He watched in the Waseti market with his wars. Hunting is good, got 14 hides since last market day. One day he can watch his sons hunt for him, and maybe give his blessings to them. Not yet though, they are still very young. Too young. Must wait for the Dog Star three more years before he can start teaching them the Javelin.

The sunset and he walked home in the darkness. Too bright during the day, and too hot. He walked to the dry riverbed of Hammamat towards the village of Eliat, his lodge is about halfway there.

The Silver Moon shone onto the ground, full that night. Perhaps he can hunt under the moonlight with his new spear he brought. What strange creatures live in the silver twilight? He looked around when a glint of yellow caught his eye on the edge of the gorge.

What is this? He thought when he pried the stone from the soil. Then he remembered the Preist: You smush it, you carve it, no smashing- carve pretty rock.

He carefully put the small nugget on the ground and pressed a rock on it. It smushed.

He held it and carved it with his knife, it cut.

Gold! This piece can buy him the best meat between market days! He was so happy he kicked the wall of the gorge.

It trembled and a layer of soil fell to reveal more gold.

Enough to buy himself a kingdom. He thought.

That is what he did.

Story List
All is Mine
Update 1
From Wit to Wisdom
Of Aset's Tomb, of the Golden Debt
Update 2
First Contact
A Diplomatic Entry and Exit
The Logical Response
It All Goes Downhill


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Aug 3, 2009
Name: Land of the Sun / Bado I / bestrfcplayer
Capital: Ur (Located near the intersection of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers)
Economy: 2(Total Economy)/2(Spendable Economy)
Trait: Scientific
Reputation: 1
Technologies: None
Soldiers: 1 Warrior (Ur)
Buildings: None
Trade Goods: None
Social Cohesion: 8

Story to come later.


Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!
A hearty welcome to Terrance and bestrfc.

Your nation colors in the stats will hopefully line up to the colors on my map palette, but if they get changed before we start you know why.


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Nov 1, 2008
Albany, New York
Name: Celestial Kingdom of Kitanato / Sita I / Omega
Capital: Kitanato (Located in present day Nagasaki, Kyushu, Japan)
Economy: 2(Total Economy)/2(Spendable Economy)
Trait: Reilgious
Reputation: 1
Technologies: None
Soldiers: 1 Warrior (Kitanato)
Buildings: None
Trade Goods: None
Social Cohesion: 8

A brief summary of Kitanato creation myth:

In the beggining, there was just Kōtei,* the creator of the world and the chief deity. One day, he looked at the emptiness in front of him and decreed that this will simply not do. He then gave birth to three dragon sons, and gave them the power over the creation of the universe. The eldest, Epokku, created the flow of time and the sense of continuity. The second, Wāpu, made space, gravity, and direction. But the youngest, Shinigami, could not make anything on his own. Frustrated by this, he took the present world and warpped the accomplishments the previous two made. He undone gravity, made time fluctuate, and warped objects through different directions of time and space.

Kōtei was not amused by this betrayal from his son. He took the present state of the world and warped it to another plane of existence, and restored this plane to how it was. Kōtei then banished Shinigama to the second plane, where he wanders in solitary confinement to this day. With the world back to how it was before, Kōtei realized his world was empty besides his two remaining sons. He then created another son, to replace his fallen one, and three daughters in his likeness; the first humans. The three twin daughters, Chie, Jihi, and Atai went on to create the virtues of Kitanato culture. Chie made wisdom and intelligence, Jihi made emotion and benevolence, and Atai made bravery and valor. The son, Kurieitā, would create sculptures of animals and bring them to life. The world seemed in balance, so Kurieitā retired to his sisters and created more humans. Kōtei and the two dragons also retired from creation, content with occasionally looking over to make sure everything was alright.

It was to seem that anything created by Kōtei was immortal, but not the animals or humans his children made. This was a sad fact of life to Kurieitā, for he had to watch his children live and die. But Shinigami found a way to communicate outside of his world, and came into Kurieitā's sleep. He told him that he could grant him immortal beings, but only if he got the souls of the dead mortals in return. Overjoyed, he agreed and set out on creating two masterpieces. He first made a giant beast the size of a mountain, known as Kyodai. Then, he created a giant fish that made the blue whale look like a minnow. This was known as Ribaiasan. As Shinigami made the creatures immortal, he corrupted their souls and gave them powers unlike any creature before. He hastily accepted the job of collecting the dead and returned to his realm before Kōtei found him.

The two monsters entering the Earth was catastrophic. Kyodai and Ribaiasian shared an enmity against each other. This was not helped that Shinigami blessed them with the strength to control the lands and sea respectively. As the two fought, the world around them was destroyed. Kurieitā went up to Kōtei, warning him of the destruction the two are causing. Seeing the feuding, he told Kurieitā to make a creature immediately. He went to work, sculpting a powerful dragon comparable to Kyodai and Ribaiasan. Kōtei blessed the creature as Sukai, and sent him down to end the fighting. He easily fought off the two beasts, who retreated downwards into the pits of the earth and the ocean. Kōtei then ordered Sukai to patrol the skies and never let them escape, for their second coming would inevitably be the end of this world. The world around was damaged, however, so Kōtei tasked Kurieitā to create another creature that could repair the earth. Kurieitā did so, creating a beast similar to Kyodai but humanoid in shape. Kōtei then blessed this creature as Oberisuku, who was tasked to wander the battlegrounds and rebuild the continents together. Oberisuku faithfully set out, and when he was almost done, he raised an island out of the ground, calling it Kitanato. This, he claimed, would be the site where humanity will rebuild, and prosper like no other. He went into the mountains, and laid there for eternity, promising to return if humanity was ever threatened again.

Thus, the story of Kitanato begins...

Spoiler :
Well, this was supposed to be brief. Got a little carried away. :lol:

If you could make my color a nice Byzantine, that'd be nice

2 EP on Spearman


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Jul 22, 2007
Workwork Workshop
Golden Gideon, what a name! he thought, and it was so easy too.

Indeed. After one market cycle he managed to dig out three bags of gold. One for the master- the Priests, one for his son- The old Chief, and one for the little girl down the lane- throwing chunks of gold in the market while screaming his name.

After that, he marched to the town square with his golden crown. "Beautiful" he said as the people all crowded arounded him. "Just Beautiful. The gold of the earth and the gold of the sun, matchs the gold of my veins."

"Where is the gold?" asked someone. "Mine" said Gideon.

"Mine, make me king and it will be owned by all through my hands."

And so they did.

He lead them through the gorge to the outcrop. It was easy. With gold, he hired hunters who hate digging to guard him. He gives them gold and they buy food and women in the town. What do they buy? He doesn't care as long as they protect him.

He goes to his digging spot. "Mine" he said proudly, pointing into the edge of the gorge. "Now dig!"

"Gideon's Mine! Gideon's Mine!" cried the townspeople, digging at the rock. So far so good, lots of gold. Too much, must get rid of the extra somehow, he thought.

Ah, think of that later; buy some hippo-meat to take home. "Mine, all mine." he thought.

"My mine? I mine? Me I? Mine? Mine. Right. Mine. All Mine."

What is that hole called again? "Mine. Not yours; Mine."

All is right with the world.


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Jul 31, 2011
Name: Great Kingdom of Shang/ King Li I/ Tycho
Capital: Laozai (near the mouth of the Yellow river)
Economy: 2(Total Economy)/2(Spendable Economy)
Trait: Commercial
Reputation: 1
Technologies: None
Soldiers: 1 Warrior (Carthage)
Buildings: None
Trade Goods: None
Social Cohesion: 8

2 EP ---> Market

The makeshift market bustled with people coming in from the countryside to sell their crops and people from the city opening up stalls to buy up grain and wheat while they sold farming tools and oxen and other important things needed by the farmers. The clank of copper and silver coins in strongboxes could be audibly heard in many parts of the market, a wonderful sound like falling rain...

Tang thwacked him on the head for that one. "Lao, we have work to do you know!" The other man scratched at his stubbly beard, not nearly long enough to stroke like the older architects could do.

"I know Tang, but can't you stop to enjoy the sights for once?"

"Not enough time, Lao, and we have vital work to do! The king himself told us to have the plans for this new market of his ready as soon as possible! I'd like to keep my hands and head, thank you very much."

Lao grunted; the king could grow very impatient sometimes, though he did not hack off heads with wild abandon like Tang thought. The king was more measured than that, only people that refused to work got their heads and hands hacked off. Lazieness could not be tolerated after all.

"By the looks of the way things are around the current market, building a larger one will be rather costly, but will bring in more gold in the long run through better tax keeping efficiency." Lao scratched at his own beard, eyeing his surroundings. "A beautiful market will be created here, rather large. I would hazard a guess that we will not see it completed in our lifetime Tang. Too much material has to go into it."

Tang's irritable face softened and nodded. "Indeed. The foundation of the market will be the hardest part, stone and everything else needed... but maybe we'll get our names on it when it's finished?"


Blaze Injun

Night Radio KYSE
Feb 3, 2005

If accepted.

Name: Kingdom of the Heavenly Dragon/ King Shushi/ Blaze Injun
Capital: Junjan (On Lake Donting, China)
Economy: 2(Total Economy)/2(Spendable Economy)
Trait: Scientific
Reputation: 1
Technologies: None
Soldiers: 1 Warrior (Junjan)
Buildings: None
Trade Goods: None
Social Cohesion: 8

Fu Shan & the Crafty Ant. (scientific)

Fu Shan lazily watched the ant make its way along the lakes edge. "Were are you traveling to little bug?" He rolled over onto his stomach to watch closer. "Do you smell the fragrance of the Dragon's Garden?"

The ant took no notice of Fu Shan as it walked back and forth along the lapping water. It turned and rapidly retreated to the grasses that raggedly grow along the shoreline.

"Are you wishing that you could swim to steal away the Dragon's flowers?" Fu Shan turned his head to look out over the water to the mountainous island located in the middle of the wide lake. He turned back to see if the ant was gone. 'There you are."

He watched as the ant climbed a dried blade of grass & began to cut across it in a zig zag pattern. The blade fell to the ground & the ant moved to another dried blade and repeated the process.

"What are you up to wise little bug?" Fu Shan said as he watched more intently.

As the second blade fell the ant moved quickly to the ground and began the zig zag cut to the opposite ends. Once done it dragged the blades one at a time to the shore.
There it lined them side by side.

'How strange you are." Said Fu Shan as he laid his chin in the wet soil to look closely.

The ant turned the ends onto each other folding the teeth of the zig zag like fingers locking on a hand. Then using its mandibles to pierce the grass, inserting the folded teeth into the opposite blade. Done, the tiny ant dragged its newly constructed boat to the water and launched.

Fu Shan could not believe his eyes at first. "Amazing!" He sat up and watched as the tiny crafted floated away. Thoughts began to run though his brain. Fu Shan locked his fingers together and smiled wildly. There was so much that had to be done. Thought out. Ways of cutting, measuring and locking had to be created. Time had to be taken to "put the pieces" together.

Fu Shan was just the man for that kind of lay about life.

Blaze Injun


Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!
Alright, many of you put your first orders in the stats post, so I'm going to say that the first update will be before the 7th, depending on when the rest send in their starting orders. If these are all the orders I get, it'll be on the 7th, if I get the rest before then I'll update early.

Signups are still open if there are any interested parties.

Happy New Years.


Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!
Updates will shift narration depending on the era. Don't get too worked up about the fact that our stone age narrators are stuck using apparently supernatural means to see the events of the world.

You may engage in diplomatic relations with anyone in your cradle or at the edge thereof.

If your stats in your economy say 2.66 it is not because I will accept economic moves by the decimal, it is because .66(et cetera) is 2/3rds of 1, and your economy needs one more invested before it will grow.


Update Soundtrack: Rainy Day Women 12 & 35 by Bob Dylan

"Eye of Newt, Tongue of Elephant, Horn of Ram. Tell me what you see, and I'll tell you who I am."

Wisps of steam rise from the Cauldron, yes, she can see it all.

The door flies open, torches and stones in every hand on the other side, she screams at the sight.

"Wait!" she shouts, "I can tell you everything you want to know."

"Too late for that witch, we've had enough of your dark omens and terrible poetry."

The man at the front of the line grabs her by the arm and drags her away from her cauldron, out the door, one of his associates kicks over the boiling concoction, watching the assorted ingredients sink into the dirt, now mud, floor.

"I can tell you of Zull," she shouts, being dragged away, "Of the people of the river, hard working and noble, they have quickly constructed a barracks to train soldiers."

(Zulappi: Barracks: Complete, Reputation +2)

"Or do you want to hear of their neighbors, the Satura, crafty traders, a mine nearly completed, if they invest another economic point into it, their Economy shall grow."

(Satura: Economy (2/3), Reputation +4, +Trade Good: Gold)

"Silence, witch, we will hear no more of your talk," but the stoning area is a ways from the village, lest such activity take place in haste, and so they have no option but to listen to her as she rambles on about her visions.

"The Land of the Sun, pioneers of the future with the ways of science, but alas, their economy has been banked for the turn as their leaders seek a proper direction. Their social cohesion will begin to slide if they don't find a purpose soon."

(Land of the Sun: Economy Banked. No Orders.)

"Kitanato, far to the East, their faith is strong and their warriors ambitious. Although they lack the Bronze for proper spears they are fierce with their wooden pikes."

(Kitanato: Reputation +3, Unique Unit (Spearchucker (Attack: 4, Cost: 2)) +1)

"Silence," and a hand strikes her across the face.

What does she have to lose, "Wait, I will tell you of Shang, a Trader Kingdom who have nearly completed a market. Their economy is on the verge of expansion, send your scouts to the North, see if we cannot obtain some of their trade goods."

(Shang:Economy (2/3), Reputation +2, +1 Economic Point)

The men of this village are not traders though, just simple hunters and gatherers, only a few had settled down to farm, they have no interest, and they drag her further along.

"Or The Kingdom of the Heavenly Dragon!"

The men pause now, "A dragon?" they ask her.

"A Mighty Dragon indeed, they build rafts and control the rivers as if they were paved paths."

(Kingdom of the Heavenly Dragon: Reputation +1, Rafting Complete, +Roads (actually rivers))

"Enough of your foul prophecies!" and the woman is pushed to the side of the Indus river, where stones begin to fall like mean-spirited hail, striking out in fear and mistrust.



Spoiler :



To: Kitanato
From: Warlord of Kyushy, Dam Pho

We require a tribute. Pay us 1 economy for the next three turns or face our wrath. We do not fear your pointy sticks.

To: Gideon The Golden Handed (Satura)
From: General of the Armies

Scouts report barbarian movements to the South, they don't seem threatening yet, but it could be a problem.

To: Land of the Sun
From: Caravaners

We are traders, and we seek the luxuries of every different place. If you can invest an Economy in our operation for the next two turns we can find you good trading partners.


Jul 30, 2009
2 EP> Stonehenge

1 Warrior set to Fortify in Zull

The sand along the Nule river shifts. It fills villages, and huts, and it gets into the smallest of crevices. Since time immemorial, it has been entirely more time-efficient to let lower levels fill with sand, and build over them, than try to sweep the inclement sand out every single day.

These sunken levels are often used to store grain, away from vermin, and also to bury one's deceased relatives. This has, however, led to miasma problems in many cases, and the practice is recently in decline, due to the Shaman's warnings.

The Shamans warned of a time when the sands would recede from the world, and the great cities of the Zullappi would tower high above the lowlands and the river, and the Zullappi would be heralded as bringers of a new era.

That time was far off, however. Another project that the Shamans have started is the construction of a strcuture they are callin the Timeteller. The Timeteller is, or will be, a series of stones arranged in a circular fashion, which would catch sunlight as it fell and mark on the (very thoroughly swept) stone ground the time of the day and year.

The Shamans have also enlisted alot more worke- err, players, in the construction. Already the base stones are in place, creating a large square groundwork which will have to be beaten down to circular shape. With Shaman supervision of course.

"It is glorious, is it not, Javasson?

Kava Java Javasson was, as his name implied, the son of Java in the family line of Javasson.

"Rocks pretty."

"Yes, Javasson, Rocks pretty. Undershaman Raul, what do you think of my masterpiece?"

The undershaman stood forward from some shadows. "It is growing, my master. Your over-arcing storyline is coming full circle. First barracks, then .. THE WORLD."

The Great Shaman Han shook his head. "No, no, Raul. You misunderstood me. I merely plan to construct this great Timeteller to teach the world about our simplistic ways, and the ways of the Game. The ways we have taught our many workers to play the Game."

Javasson pushed his boulder into place. It fell into a crevice between two stones on the ground and clicked into place, to eternally stand guard with constant vigilance over the growing town of Zull on the River Zule.


Discord Reigns
Jul 22, 2007
Workwork Workshop
1EP> Economy (Mine) [Stone Henge if Economic Story goes here]
1EP> Warrior

Gideon watched happily as the workers... his workers, dug the last shaft into the side of the Gorge. Outside of each shaft a golden mirror was placed to direct light into the womb of the earth, while each entrance is dominated by a column. After the last shaft is dug and the air-vents are drilled, these mines are last for a very long time.

As the sun went down he walked along the line of men, carrying bags and baskets of the gold ontop of their heads. An old hunting friend, Hirol, walked alongside him. His javelin was gripped tight within his hands. "Sir, we have reports from the south" spoke the warrior. "For the ears of the Golden One, only."

"Follow me" commanded Gideon "I know a shade-tower nearby where we can have some privacy."

The two split from the column of couriers as a second line, bearing fresh fish from the river and meat from the out lands, crossed alongside the first. A small group of warriors trailed them to ensure their security.

They entered the small structure. The tower was built by moving boulders over a cave, and letting the sparse rainfall to slowly fill the shaded pool. Dried food was hidden within such towers to extend the patrol range of the hunters which protected Satura. As Gideon surveyed the tower, Hirol washed his hands quickly and bowed.

"Scouts report barbarian movements to the South, they don't seem threatening yet, but it could be a problem." spoke the commander of his Hunters. "Their hunting bands are much too large to hunt even the Hippopotamus, or the Crocodile. I smell warfare in the air."

"Warfare?" asked Gideon. Even an experienced hunter he was, he hasn't fought any ritual battles with other groups yet in his youth, mostly due to his home's distance between Eliat and Wasat. "We have mighty champions like you, do we not?"

Hirol shook his head "No, I am not talking of ritual battles between tribes and challenges between champions. They've noticed that Wasat is more prosperous than ever before, and they will soon find out why." he leaned closer to the king, "And mark my words, when they do they will want it for themselves." he backed away, and leaned against the wall.

Outside, the sun is slowly rising.

"You're young, you're lucky, you're the King. You have far yet to go in this world" continued the old hunter, "but you must not think of just yourself. As King, even as you rule all of Satura, all of Satura depends on you. You must lead."

Gideon didn't let his doubt within him to show, but even he can feel his ears slowly burning and he thought of what he had done with his kingship so far- idly watching as his hunters lured and killed crocodiles for his enjoyment. Placing coin after coin into a priest's trembling hands until he declared that he will no longer challenge Gideon's authority. Spending bags of gold to bring women from across the kingdom into his growing palace.

He looked into Hirol's eyes as the sun shone through a high vent onto his figure. "I understand. Hear my command, O Hirol, leader of our Rangers. You must protect a messenger I will send to Zull. There, I hear tales of great stone structures and strong warriors."

Hirol nodded and bowed. "Yes, my king" and ran out into the blazing into, into the distance.

Gideon waited a moment, sighed, and walked stoically across the highlands back to the shadows of the Wadi.

To Shaman Han the Great

Hear me, for I am Gideon the Golden-Handed, and I bring news from the south.

Long I have heard of your great people, of your sports and of your towering structures of stone. Long too, have you heard of a land of gold. That is my land.

I bring a proposition. I share my wealth with trade, if you are able to find a suitable commodity in return. I also offer a simpler deal- your warriors know of certain tactics, we've heard, playing the great sport of Pushrock. We wish to bring the game of push rock to Satura and bring your warriors against the growing barbarians of the south.

What say you.

Blaze Injun

Night Radio KYSE
Feb 3, 2005

Fu Shan & The Fish Weeds (scientific)

The old man sat on the step the back door of his small wooden house. The house itself was made by using the same basic skills used in raft building. It was basically five rafts locked together. He was cleaning fish & throwing the guts into the tall weeds across the path the went by his small house. He was waiting for the local children to come hear the story of King Shushi & The Dragons Gift.

"Greetings, Mr. Nao." Fu Shan said as he lazily walked up the path toward the old man.

"Greetings, greetings Fu Shan working on another idea?" The old man looked up at the laziest man in all the Heavenly Kingdom. Not only laziest but the smartest. The old man gutted another fish and throw the entrails as usual.

"Ahhaa." Screamed Fu Shan as he dodged the flying fish guts. He spin and sat down in the dirt of the path looking at the old man. "What are you doing?!

The old man looked across the path to the tall weeds. "I have been throwing the guts into those weeds to try & kill them but they just get taller."

Fu Shan's eyes got wide. He got on his hands & knees and crawled into the weeds. His eyes taking everything in. He dug into the soil. Smelling it. Running it between his fingers. He pulled up plants looking that the roots.

"What craziness has come on you Fu Shan!" The old man stood dropping his knife and fish into the dirt at his feet.

Fu Shan stood to look at Mr. Nao. His clothes covered in fish guts and dirt as was his face. His hands still holding the tall weeds ripped from the ground. "Mr. Nao I believe you have lead to a idea that will benifit the whole of The Kingdom of the Heavenly Dragon." He step out of the weeds. "I believe that with the help of the fish entrails these plants have grown faster and healther." Fu Shan laughed merrily. "I will have to talk to King Shushi about this."

Blaze Injun
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