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Achievement unlocked! 18 in all affinities Apollo t245 victory


Feb 29, 2020
I never played the North Sea Alliance before, because their bonus didn't feel interesting enough to me. Last days I decided to try them out finally and I was able to make a good game. Which was very surprising to me, because I started in a poor start location, and had aliens blocking my tiles each turn. I didn't attack them early as it would have slowed exploration too much.

Map was Fungal Mu Arae f and I took Artists, Cryotome and Electromagnetic Sensor as my start options.

After managing to build a good naval force I decided to prepare to attack the others but instead I was being attacked at all times from at least 2 other factions so I just defended, making use of the marshes.

Regardless around turn 170 I was doing ok militarily, affinity 15 - 7 - 5 when the next best was 4 - 7 - 11. (Hutama, who hated me all game long). But my empire was quite bad with regard to health, energy, and diplomatic capital. In fact I was using Black Market for 50 / turn for 1 floatstone in order to build the Drone Sphere, to make a good combo with the worker artifact bonus of 50%.

Until this point I only managed to build Panopticon in my second city and Guo Po Yaolan in my capital.

Despire having 15 harmony, I had no techs required to win Transcendence, and my science was too slow, my spies low level (delayed Computing a lot because infrastructure seems too important for this faction), so I was going for Domination Victory. I hit affinity 16 in turn 172 having 2 Shrikes that were devastating with Sky Chitin at this point.


Things started to snowball very quickly after I built the Drone Sphere, as I fixed my health with Biowells everywhere, and took Alien Genetics that gives them bonus culture in a peace deal. And harmony 12 gives +1 science from them so they are pretty good tiles.

Anyway, Hutama was very hard to reach to, all the others were in my reach. Hutama was behind rough terrain and marshes. And I only had 2 cobras (combat rover 13 harmony), building more was taking too much. So I decided to try and change my approach a bit. After finishing Drone Sphere I moved my capital to a zone with 5 xenomass and 2 titanium and a lots of other resources and planned to build Resurrection Device.

I decided to go for 18 in all affinities before winning, just to show Hutama who's the boss. He kept taunting me all game. 0 respect and 0 fear.

Here are some screenshots from the endgame - domination victory turn 245. Hutama had 140 defense capital but I sent 6 cobras and 2 Lev Destroyers, and had around 10 shrieks with range 17 when at full health who could reach the capital so he fell in the turn when I declared war.

I managed to build even more wonders including Tectonic Anvil in a newly settled city with ~10 canyons.
I built all those wonders, only Stellar Codex was captured.


These were my artifact bonuses:


These are my virtues: Started in prosperity, went to Might, then Industry, then Knowledge, then Prosperity for the last 3 policies.


And these are my cities. Normally I should have built more cities after fixing my health, but it was too boring to micro all of them so I didn't.

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