ActualQuotes mini-mod currently second in GameFlood mod contest


Sep 10, 2005
My little mod is right now second in the mod contest over at GameFlood. I didn't even realise this until I saw the news on the the CFC main page.

Now, this thread is not meant as merely shameless self promotion. ActualQuotes is the only Civ 4 mini-mod in the competition, and I thought maybe I could solicit some of your votes so that we can beat the Command & Conquer mods we're up against.

So please vote!

I'll give each of you a cookie if you do. :)

And it is a nice mod (but I would say that, wouldn't I?). Try it.

Oh, and have a cookie.
I give you a hearty congratulations, Willowmound. I hope you win; it's about time some Civ4 modders get awards. :)
I have no idea. I'd be very interested to know. Why don't you download it from GameFlood and try? And let me know if it works or not?

I'm happy to report the mod works fine on a C4W Mac, after I've "zapped gremlins" from Civ4DiplomacyText.xml using TextWrangler (or BBEdit, or any other editor that can do that).

Better to download it from this forum, as GameFlood seems to require registration, an external program to handle gameflood:/ URLs, etc.. didn't bother checking if Gameflood was mac compatible or not, so I just clicked the link in your sig :)

That' great.

Yeah, GameFlood requires registration. I suggested you get it from there, as number of downloads goes toward the mod's ranking in the competition.

The mod was actually in first place there for a while, but Kael has uploaded an FfH minimod add-on over night, which immediately attracted about eight million votes. Looks like he's aiming to win every dang category.

That' great.

Yeah, GameFlood requires registration. I suggested you get it from there, as number of downloads goes toward the mod's ranking in the competition.


"Safari can’t open “gameflood://download/TITLE/25/ID/8733/PROD/0/3EB8B238-7C3F-41F1-BD76-09787D9AEC78” because Mac OS X doesn’t recognize Internet addresses starting with “gameflood:”."

I'm assuming Gameflood requires a third-party application to handle downloads? Do they have a Mac download? Otherwise, can't download the mod from there :) Hassle-free, no need to create yet another account, etc.

You can choose: either use that download-thingie, or download it in the normal way. No matter. As long as you get to enjoy the mod :)
Thanks dude! :)

In the next round, the top three mods in each category will be put before a panel of judges. By the looks of it, the mod will make it there. All thanks to your votes!

After that, we can only wait and see what the judges like.

Thanks all, once again.
Can it be used in conjunction with another mod at the same time?
Sure can! If you put in in your cusstum assets folder, it will run whatever else you load. Or copy it into a mod's corresponding folders and it will run with that mod only.

Click here for more detailed instructions (bottom of post #1).
Is it possible to use this mod with a non-english version of Civ4, or will that lead to "mixed" languages? (I.e. the new quotes in English, and the standard quotes, for example, in German?)
I haven't done anything to the non-English languages in the files. But I have copied and pasted a lot, since there is more text in the mod than in the normal game. So if you were to try this mod with another language, you'd probably get some really bizarre results I'm afraid.

Now, if anyone wanted to make translations...
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