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AD 1640 North America

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Scenarios' started by Ambreville, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Ambreville

    Ambreville Deity

    Sep 28, 2006
    Windy City USA
    Another North American Colonization scenario... or not!

    Version 2.5 -- August 6th 2007 For Warlords 2.08

    European powers by now have established a few colonies in North America. Ships just arrived from Europe with news of a horrendous plague there. Everyone in Europe is dead and the land is poisoned. The crews and their passengers are the last survivors. The colonies are now on their own. No further shipments are to be expected from Europe. Meanwhile the native tribes struggle to survive and plan their own continental hegemony.

    The initial setup is (approx.) historical. This scenario is otherwise intended as an alternate history. The map covers the northern continent from the Eastern Seaboard to the Mississippi, and from Quebec down to Florida.

    This update includes 20 playable CIVs. Four are Europeans (France, England, Netherlands, and Spain). The other 16 are Native American nations, plus a number of "barbarian" tribes. The four Europeans are pretty even. If you plan on trying out the American Indians, the easier ones should be the western tribes, the Abenakis, and the Eries. The others will be more challenging, especially Iroquois, Hurons, Algonquins, Shawnees, Choctaws, etc.

    See Post #3 below for updates, known issues, and other wishful thinking!
    For screen shots, see the download page.


    To download the scenario, click here: AD1640 (new download link updated Mar 05 2008)
    ====>You will need the WinRar software to unpack the scenario. To install WinRar free of charge, click here: C/Net Downloads. Unpack the scenario folders into your Warlords Mods folder, in your computer's Program Files section. Scenario folders should be as follows:

    Main folder: Warlords\Mods\AD1640 North America
    Sub Folders: Assets, Public Maps (plus various .ini & readme files)

    When done downloading the scenario, drag & drop the shortcut icon from this scenario's mod folder to your desktop. Launch the scenario directly by double-clicking the shortcut icon on your desktop, or by double-clicking the WBSave file in the scenario's Public Maps folder. Otherwise, load the mod from the game's menu. After the mod is loaded, go to Single Player, Play a Scenario, and select AD 1640 North America.

    Note: DO NOT install anything in MyDocuments\MyGames\Warlords. The installation should remain in the Fireaxis section of your program files as indicated above.

    Game Hints

    Tech Research: On Turn 1, the time needed to research anything appears as hundreds of turns. Don't be spooked by that. As soon as your Civ builds libraries and monasteries, and starts growing, this research time will fall to a much more manageable number of turns. Also note that tech trading has been completely disabled in this scenario.

    Supplies: From update 2.2 on, when playing a Native American Civ, remember that it now needs access to a Supply resource to train musket warriors (and cannons later on). This resource is NOT on the map. You can only acquire Supplies from Europeans (if they built an Arms Dealer National Wonder, which comes with the Colonial Exploitation tech), or from a Portuguese Mission (a World Wonder available to Native American Civs with the Great Sachem tech). This means that not all American Indian Civs may have access to Supplies, and therefore Diplomacy becomes vital in this game. Know your friends. Make sure one of them is a colonial power. Do what it takes secure the vital Supplies from an ally! Colonial powers will often be willing to trade Supplies for something precious to them, like Horses. You can find the list of Diplomatic Alignments here.

    There is the odd chance that Supplies will pop up on the map anyway (since I simply renamed the otherwise unused Aluminum bonus). If so, rationalize this by assuming that a foreign trader gets what the mine really produces in exchange for which the owning Civ receives the extra Supplies.

    Max Units: Another major change is the addition of two more Civs to bring the total playable Civs to 20. As a result of the extra computer resources needed to run a 20-Civ scenario, I've included a city-based limit on how many new combat units can be trained. This is to prevent Civs from training huge, memory-gobbling armies. A unit counter runs on the upper left corner of the screen to let you know how close to its max limit your Civ is. The present limit stands at 15 combat units per city (although I had intended it be to at 5 per city). I've also put a hard 4-worker-cap per Civ, for the same reason. The only way to get additional workers is to capture them from the enemy.
    -----> The present maximum units limit is set at 15 for the first city, and decreases by 2 for every additional city (13, 11, 9, etc...) down to a minimum of 3 new units per additional city thereon. You can change this limit to a lower number if you wish, but be aware the AI may become unusually inactive as a result. To alter this limit, open with Notepad the <zMax Units Config.ini> file in the Mods folder, change the limit listed for the HUGE map, and save the file.

    Regarding BTS: There seems to be some conflict between BTS's auto-update of Warlords to v 2.13. This scenario is written for Warlords v 2.08 and it won't work with the later patch.

    Have fun!


    Ambreville, Woodelf & Fierabras (invaluable technical assistance), John "Trip" Shaffer (map), Zebra 9 & Jeckel (Python coding), Theron, Tremo & Fierabras (Dutch mod), Californiano, Chugginator, Sepamu92, C.Roland, GarretSidzaka, Rabbit White, AlazkanAssassin (new units), Arma (new resources), Chamaedrys (city graphics).

    My apologies if I missed anyone. Let me know!

    Here's a preview of the units available in version 2.0 (see below). More have been added since then. See the forum's old download page for more screenies.

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  2. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    This is right in the timeframe I enjoy. I hope to give it a spin sometime soon.
  3. Ambreville

    Ambreville Deity

    Sep 28, 2006
    Windy City USA
    Update 2.5 is now uploaded.
    Bugs & other known issues are listed at the end of this post. Latest changes are listed below.

    Updates -- August 6, 2007
    Spoiler :
    • Had to make a quick fix on tech trading (sorry!)
    • Moved tech trading from Alphabet to Great Sachem
    • Only native civs can now initiate tech trading
    • Moved Big Medicine Teepee wonder to Alphabet
    • Moved Permanent Alliance from Great Sachem to Peace Calumet
    • Added extra maintenance costs to European troops, as follows:
      +1	Light Infantry, Culverin, Frigate 
      +2	Conquistador, Mounted Militia, Rifleman/RedCoat, Grenadier,
      	Fusilier, Sapper, Cannon, Ship of the Line
      +3	Cavalry, Gatling Gun, Infantry, Artillery, Ironclad
      +4	Dreadnought

    Updates -- August 2, 2007
    Spoiler :
    • (Re-) Enabled Tech trading for all Civs
    • Incorporated last version of ZMaxUnit mod comp
    • Made Elizabeth Imperialistic rather than Philosophical
    • Cleaned up the list of techs available through Goody Huts
    • Increased City Attack rate for Sapper promotion
    • Increased bonus vs City Revolt for Gendarme promotion
    • Increased Experience bonus for Bayonet promotion
    • Increased Domination Victory Conditions from 51% to 60%
    • Reduced Religious Victory Conditions from 51% to 35%
    • Reduced Legendary City requirement from 50,000 to 25,000
    • Reduced the combat value of all mounted militia unit types 1pt
    • Reduced the combat value of cavalry & fusilier 1 & 2 pts respectively
    • Modified combat bonuses to the Grenadier & Lancer unit
    • Modified bonuses & combat values for the Fusilier & Conquistador units
    • Gave one free tech for researching the Scientific Method
    • Updated the Formations XML file
    • Updated features of the later game stages, as follows:
    • Tweaked the costs of later Industrial Era techs
    • Rifling tech now requires knowledge of Chemistry (instead of Army Reform)
    • Renamed Artillery tech --> Modern Armies
    • Modern Armies tech requires Industrial Revolution (Assembly Line)
    • Modern Armies tech enables both Infantry & Artillery units
    • Artillery and Infantry units require Rifling
    • Gatling Gun, Artillery, and Infantry units all require Barracks
    • Renamed Age of Dreadnoughts tech (Combustion) --> Modern Navies
    • Modern Navies tech requires knowledge of Modern Armies
    • Dreadnought unit requires coal, iron, drydocks, 1800 Medicine, Rifling
    • Added more Coal resources on the scenario map

    Updates -- July 7, 2007
    Spoiler :
    • Modified Calendar settings to a 6 Months per Turn format (Winter/Summer).
    • Reduced the scenario's max number of Game Turns from 1000 to 500
    • Disabled Fishing & Sailing techs for landlocked Civs (Python), thanks to Zebra9
    • Added Native graphics artstyle for Native cities, thanks to Chamaedrys
    • Added Native axeman unit, thanks to the Chugginator
    • Reskinned Spain's Horse Militia (renamed Lancer), thanks to Californiano
    • Ditto for England & Netherlands (renamed Hussar), thanks to AlazkanAssassin
    • Simply renamed Marechaussee France's Horse Militia (mounted-musketeer unit)
    • Fixed the animation for that mounted-musketeer unit
    • Updated flags for the Native Civs, Spain, & England
    • Modified team colors of England, Spain and several Native Civs
    • Added Iron requirement to build the Arms Dealer national wonders
    • Added Supplies requirement for Native Cavalry & Mustang Warrior
    • Tweaked relations between many Civs to trade Supplies more easily
    • Beefed up England (lagged behind other Euros when AI-controlled)
    • Greatly increased ship movement (mostly tripled)
    • Tripled the free move bonus from the Naval Reform tech
    • Doubled additional move bonus from Navigation I & II promotions
    • Disabled ship upgrades entirely from the scenario
    • Gave the Printing Press tech to the Euro Civs
    • Added a Tactics tech (to balance out tech research)
    • Added a "Gendarme" promotion (anti-city revolt + extra pillage yield)
    • Added a "Bayonet" promotion (extra experience + combat bonus)
    • Added a "Mounted" promotion (extra move & withdrawal vs a combat penalty) -- *
    • Added a "Sapper" promotion (combat bonus vs unit sacrificed in combat)
    • Added a new unit Engineer w/Sapper promo (builds roads, forts, cuts forests)
    • Musketmen can only build forts (they no longer can build roads)
    • Riflemen can neither build forts nor roads any longer
    • Spies & Cloud Runners can reveal enemy Cloud Runners
    • If revealed, Cloud Runners can now be killed by normal units
    • If at war, Cloud Runners cannot occupy a space with an enemy unit
    • Added Pillage to the Cloud Runners UNITAI definitions
    • Added Collateral to the Fire Acher's UNITAI definitions
    • Renamed Dog Soldiers -----> Musket Warriors
    • Renamed Native Infantry ----> Dog Soldiers
    • Switched the WWII Infantry graphics to WWI graphics
    • Disabled Forbidden Palace national wonders for Euro Civs
    • Enabled 3 national wonders per city for all Civs
    • Tweaked some of the Victory Conditions' requirements
    • Added Pirate-held Nassau citadel in the Bahamas, west of Florida
    • Added one Supplies bonus (Aluminum) inside the Nassau citadel (Harr!)
    • Added a Pirate galleon with city raiders & a culverin near Nassau

    Updates -- June 15, 2007
    Spoiler :
    • Limited the number of combat units each Civ can build to 5 per city
    • Added a unit counter to keep track of current units vs. max allowed
    • Added two playable Civs -- Sioux & Missouri (to a total of 20 Civs)
    • Python coding for MaxUnits provided by Zebra 9 -- Many thanks!
    • Python/dll file for 20 Civ game provided by Jeckel -- Many thanks!
    • Limited number of workers each Civ can build to 4
    • ----->Civs must now capture workers in order to have more than 4.
    • No worker at startup for Chippewa, Quapaw, Caddo, Sioux & Missouri
    • Added some roads connecting Native capitals to each other
    • Modified the layout of Barb cities on the western map edge
    • Gave a +20% defense bonus to Musketman & Musketeer units
    • Added Arms Dealer National Wonder -- provides Supply resources (to trade)
    • Added a Portuguese Mission World Wonder providing more Supplies
    • Dog Soldier, Native Infantry & Bad Medicine require Supply resource
    • Viceroy Palace now requires 6 courthouses instead of 4
    • Removed extraneous French explorer unit at startup (Lake Superior)
    • Slightly improved Diplomatic relations between Erie & England
    • Made Marsh feature impassable to Conquistador units
    • Changed the graphics for the culverin unit (looks like a mortar now)
    • Added new totem, wigwam* & teepee* graphics thanks to hrochland
    (*) See Known Issues

    Updates -- May 23, 2007
    Spoiler :
    • Added Swamp terrain to the map
    • Changed Ambush promotion to "Swamp Rat" (Native Civs only)
    • Swamp Rat promotion gives defense and movement bonus in Swamps
    • Mounted and siege units cannot enter Swamp tiles
    • 1700's Warfare tech renamed Army Reform
    • Added a 4-City-prereq for both Barracks & Stables
    • Updated cities initial builds (Barracks require Army Reform + 4 Cities)
    • Added a free Religious Powwow building to Native Civs' capital cities
    • Increased research cost of some of the later Euro-specific techs
    • Lowered research cost of some of the Native-specific techs
    • Added one or more free starting techs to Native Civs
    • Hot Air Balloons can now transport special persons
    • Caravels renamed Brigantines
    • Brigantines can carry 1 normal unit & pillage sea resources
    • Gave Brigantines a 50% defense bonus vs. Frigates
    • Increased Brigantine & Dutch Schooner's movement to 5
    • Gave Dutch Schooners a 50% attack bonus vs. Frigates
    • Dutch Schooner is 10% cheaper to build (else same as Brigs)
    • Brigantines, Schooners, Workboats can be captured in combat
    • Added new Canoe unit for Native Civs (sea coasts only)
    • Increased city attack penalty for all mounted units to -30
    • Cavalry now requires both Military Tradition & Rifling techs
    • Cloud Runners can now pillage
    • Renamed & enabled most pre-Renaissance Wonders (Native Civs only)
    • Fixed miscellaneous unit upgrades to the Dog Soldier
    • Fixed the Nationhood Civic for Native Civs (War Camps vs. Barracks)

    Updates -- May 4, 2007
    Spoiler :
    • Switched turn base to a Seasonal calendar (1,000 game turns)
    • Increased research to match the game's longer time frame
    • Edited team colors
    • Varied Native American CIVs starting techs to improve game balance
    • Gave Netherlands an animated "Dutch" Frederick LeaderHead
    • Replaced Dutch units' white flag with proper historical colors
    • Reskinned Pikeman using AlazkanAssassin's 18th century version
    • Replaced musketmen & musketeers aboard galleons with Light Infantry
    • Split Gunpowder into two different techs -- 1600's & 1700's Warfare
    • Disabled 1600's and 1700's Warfare techs for Native American Civs
    • Pikeman & Dutch Geuzen now require 1600's Warfare (no Iron needed)
    • Pinch promotion, Light Infantry & Horse Militia all require 1700's Warfare
    • European military units train in Barracks (prereq 1700's Warfare)
    • New Contraband tech enables new Native Infantry, Cavalry & Artillery UU's
    • Native Infantry & Cavalry units require neither Rifling nor Gunpowder
    • Native Artillery (aka Bad Medicine) requires neither Iron nor Steel
    • Disabled most 18th & 19th century techs (industry-related) for Natives
    • Native American fighting units now train in War Camps (prereq Archery)
    • Disabled Contraband tech & War Camp buildings for European Civs
    • Edited the strength, cost, and special abilities of several units
    • All mounted units now have a -20 City Attack penalty
    • Fixed several unit upgrade options, especially Native units
    • Biology tech renamed Farming Revolution
    • Communism tech renamed Political Reforms (prereq Age of Enlightenment)
    • State Property civic renamed Decentralization (prereq Political Reforms)
    • Scotland Yard wonder renamed Pinkerton Branch
    • Spy unit renamed Pinkerton Agent (needs new graphics)
    • Democracy enables Permanent Alliances for Europeans.
    • Assembly Line tech renamed Industrial Revolution
    • Combustion tech renamed Age of Dreadnoughts (prereq Steam Power)
    • Deleted Transport unit (along with all other modern units)
    • Medicine renamed 1800's Medicine (prereq Scientific Method)
    • Electricity renamed Telegraph (prereq Physics)
    • Added new building -- Telegraph Office
    • Physics tech enables Laboratory building
    • Deleted unvailable ancient/medieval units from the Tech Tree
    • Deleted all unused modern techs & buildings from the Tech Tree
    • Deleted all unused modern wonders & projects from the Tech Tree
    • Deleted Oil, Aluminium, Uranium resources & related terrain improvements

    Updates -- April 13, 2007
    Spoiler :
    • Default Civics now Native-only, added benefits & renamed as follows:
      Tribal Confederacy, Tribal Justice, Skill-Based Labor,
      Bartering, & Animism
    • Hereditary Rule civic renamed Monarchy, modified benefits
    • Added new/different Oligarchy civic in the place of Representation
    • Representation civic features partly "merged" with Universal Suffrage
    • Police State renamed Militocracy, modified benefits & pre-req. tech
    • Universal Suffrage renamed Representation, new benefits & pre-req tech
    • Environmentalism civic renamed Great Forest Wisdom (now native-only)
    • New Tech: Colonial Exploitation
    • New Tech: Naval Reform
    • New Tech: Lighter than Air
    • New Building: Viceroy Palace
    • New Building: Naval Academy
    • New Unit: Ship of the Line
    • New Unit: Marine Fusilier
    • New Unit: Light Infantry
    • New Unit: Horse Militia
    • New Unit: Mustang Warrior (see known issues)
    • New Unit: Aerostat (hot air balloon)
    • Added a reskinned Warlord/Great General
    • Many tweaks to the Tech Tree
    • Many more tweaks affecting general game balance in the WB file
    • New Spain now starts with one city in Florida and another in Texas.
    • Corrected spelling of Neuw to Nieuw (CIV & WBSave files)
    • Set up initial city builds for all playable cities.

    Updates -- March 30, 2007
    Spoiler :
    • Temporarily replaced apaloosa rider with horse archer due to unresolved graphics and interface issues :cry:
    • Updated general game balance issues
    • Added Religious Victory Conditions
    • Tweaked the initial spread of religions among Native American tribes
    • Fixed some issues with the location of Holy Cities
    • Initial shaded/revealed areas have been cleaned up
    • List of initial contacts between CIVs has been cleaned up
    • Fire Archer's promotions now correspond to siege weapons
    • MG unit can enter woods and jungle as they should
    • Siege weapons (machines) cannot enter woods and jungle
    • Graphical conflicts with the TechTree have been fixed
    • Tweaked the map as regards barb cities and resource location
    • Moved the Spanish fleet near Texas to emulate historical developments
    • Added new unique Tech "Age of Enlightenment" for European CIVs
    • Added four new unique Nat'l Wonders for the four European CIVs
    • Added new unique Tech "Way of the Thunderbird" for Native CIVs
    • Added three new National Wonders for the Ameridian CIVs
    • Limited the votes available through Peace Calumet & disabled UN.
    • Changed the text info re "UN" & "Secretary General" to read "Peace Calumet Powwow" and "Great Sachem" respectively

    Updates -- March 23, 2007
    Spoiler :
    • Plantations now can be used with Tobacco resource.
    • Lumbermill now requires only Machinery instead of Replaceable Parts.
    • Replaced the 3 Iroquois musketmen with Dog Soldiers.
    • Replaced horse archer graphics with native cavalry.
    • Swordsmen, macemen, catapults, knights, triremes, galleys no longer available.
    • Trebuchet has been changed to Culverin (smaller Cannon available w/Iron)
    • Culverin, Cannon, & Artillery cannot enter woods.
    • Longbowman changed to Native Fire Archer (a siege weapon equ. to Treb.)
    • Native Fire Archers can enter woods and are availble w/Drums of War.
    • City defenses work against musket & rifleman type units, and Culverins.
    • Musket & Rifleman type units can build Roads & Forts.
    • Workers can no longer build Forts. Forts take more time to build.
    • Forts also act as Camp resource improvement for Deer & Fur bonuses.
    • European CIVs cannot build natives troops.
    • Spearmen and axemen can also be built with the Stone resource.
    • Modified the resource mix on the map.
    • Added new native technologies (Lore of the Medicineman, and others).
    • Made some minor changes to the original Tech Tree paths.
    • Added new native buildings (reuses existing buttons/graphics)
    • Added Diplomatic victory conditions.
    • Changed the names of northern "Barbarian" cities.

    Updates -- March 19, 2007
    Spoiler :
    • Scouts can enter rival CIV's territory without open borders.
    • Changed the cost of trebuchet units to 80 (instead of 60).
    • Updated missionary & building labels to match religions.
    • Increased research cost of 20th Century tech by 50%.
    • Added new graphics for archer, axeman, warrior, and quechua.
    • Added new spy unit for Indians -- cloud runner (uses scout graphics).
    • Added new unique Tech -- Sweat Lodge (enables cloud runner)
    • Added new unique Tech -- Drums of War (enables defensive pacts)
    • Added new unit -- Dog Soldier (also enabled by Drums of War)
    • Added Tobacco & Timber resources.

    Updates -- March 15 2007:
    Spoiler :
    • Forts now yield 2 gold.
    • Reverted to the standard 1 Game Turn = 1 Year timeframe.
    • Tweaked diplomacy settings, especially for southeastern tribes.
    • Toned down the Dutch Geuzen stats.
    • Made minor map refinements. Added some resources.
    • Removed some of the pirate caravels, promoted the others.
    • Updated the list of Great Persons to reflect 17-18th century personalities

    Known Issues, Future Updates, Wishlist
    Spoiler :
    • BTS auto-upgrades Warlords to v 2.13, which isn't compatible with this scenario. This scenario is written for v 2.08.
    • (*) New Mounted promotion needs to be tied to the Horse bonus (more Python...)
    • If ZMaxUnits mod comp upgrades the active player's units instead of just the AI's click here for temporary fix.
    • Although Fishing & Sailing techs are disabled for landlocked Civs, the AI still researches the two techs despite the restriction.
    • Although Native-only wonders are disabled for Euro Civs, the AI still manages to build them despite the restriction.
    • Native Civs occasionally don't seem to be able to research the Calendar Tech.
    • Some problems with city graphics (not all buildings appearing in city)
    • None of the cyclopedia entries have been generated for new features.
    • Need some variety with leaderheads for Amerindian CIVs would be desirable
    • Need new buttons for most new native Units, Buildings, Religions.
    • Need make canoe movement along rivers possible to Ameridian canoes
    • Need a mod allowing a 3rd road type (paved road, as opposed to dirt road or railroad)
    • Need a mod enabling naval Zone of Control mechanics for ships & coastal cities/forts
    • Need a mod randomizing capture vs sinking of ships in combat (see boarding below)
    • Need a mod allowing cannons to attack enemy adjacent ships (like coastal batteries)
    • Need a mod allowing transported marine troops to attack/board enemy adjacent ships
    • Need a mod allowing coastal fortresses to automatically attack enemy adjacent ships

    Comments and suggestions are welcome!
  4. Ambreville

    Ambreville Deity

    Sep 28, 2006
    Windy City USA
    Thanks dude! Let me know what you think. :D
  5. Pax Canadiana

    Pax Canadiana Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2006
    I enjoyed playing this scenario. It's definitely worth trying for those of you who are unsure. I don't think I have any criticism of this game yet.
  6. Ambreville

    Ambreville Deity

    Sep 28, 2006
    Windy City USA
    Thanks. Which CIV did you play and how far have you gone?
  7. GarretSidzaka

    GarretSidzaka Deity

    Dec 17, 2002
    can you please post some screenshots??
  8. Ambreville

    Ambreville Deity

    Sep 28, 2006
    Windy City USA
    Hi Garret. Screen shots are in the file download page. :p
  9. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    I'm glad you added this to the updates thread. I already have it in the newsletter for tomorrow, but I'm glad to see people using it. ;)

    So far, so good. I love this scenario. :thumbsup:
  10. Ambreville

    Ambreville Deity

    Sep 28, 2006
    Windy City USA
    Many thanks! Any feedback/suggestions for the scenario?
  11. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    So far the only thing that stood out is that catapults and trebuchets seem reversed either for cost or pow. Nothing major yet.

    Louis has gotten two vassals by 1644. Is this good or bad?
  12. Ambreville

    Ambreville Deity

    Sep 28, 2006
    Windy City USA
    I'll look into the cost of siege weapons. Nothing intentional on my part.

    I was also surprised how easily Louis ended up with vassals, but I don't see this as a problem. The reason for this is that I designed the scenario to start with the "Beaver War" that opposed Iroquois vs. Hurons. Historically, what happened was that French explorers showed up just about then and made contact with Hurons who asked if they would come along on a raid into Iroquois land. The French did, and with their muskets, caused quite a bit of trouble among Iroquois braves they fought. From that point on, Iroquois became traditional foes of the French.

    I'll hide the rest to prevent spoiling anyone's game!

    Spoiler :
    Another important event occured when Dutch traders sold muskets to the Iroquois. Armed with these, eventually the Iroquois destroyed the Huron tribe, the Eries, and the "neutral tribe" (that's their name; a tribe south of Erie that did not want to be involved either way -- oh well!) Remnants of all these tribes fled all the way to the land of the Illiniwek (Illinois). Of course, the Iroquois also ended up becoming some of the best allies of the Brits.

    So, for Hurons and Algonquins to become French "vassals" early on isn't a huge problem. Actually it makes up for a bad starting position for the French, and also for the fact the French are the only European CIV without a Holy City to begin with.

    On the other hand, Iroquois may become vassals of the Brits, with whom they get along quite well (surprise, surprise!) This is especially true if the French start stomping all over them. You'll find that Ameridian tribes in this scenario form vassal alliances off and on all the time, with other Ameridian tribes or European CIVs. It didn't seem to go out of control.
  13. dreadknought

    dreadknought timelord

    Feb 15, 2002
    DOCTOR WHO 2005
    Going to try this and will comment in a few days::)
  14. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    Things are picking up pace and the scenario is playing terrificly. As the Dutch I'm gathering up some barbarian cities, but taking a heavy hit on maintenance/turn. It's a nice trade off so far, at least until my tech starts hurting.

    Any plans to add another resource the the map, fine timber? Having something like that in the NE wood help out as another luxury item. I recall that from the CivIII mod similar to this one that I played to death. :)

    I haven't looked to deep into the game, but is there anything that simulates trade with your home country? Luxuries like gold, tobacco (another resource needed unless that comes later in the timeline), and timber could be used not only as +:), but also a gold income/resource from the mother country. A way to keep pumping cash into the colonies.

    I'm also having a white flag issue with the Dutch. I haven't had this happen in over a year. No biggie since it's only them.
  15. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    A cosmetic suggestion; create a new Text XML file and change every reference of Judaism to Protestanism. You have Protestanism spreading, but it's using a Jewish missionary. :p
  16. Ambreville

    Ambreville Deity

    Sep 28, 2006
    Windy City USA
    Thanks for getting back to me with all this.

    I would LOVE to add new resources such as timber, and especially tobacco which is singularly absent in this setting. I just don't have the experience or the software to do that. I also wanted to add a special resource, "Musket Contraband", that appears randomly somewhere near European settlements and depletes after time. It can only be seen by Ameridians with the proper Tech, and it allows them to build a few musket-bearing braves before it's gone (special UU?). ;)

    As far as trade with the home-country goes, it would be logical to have it. Again, I don't have the technical expertise for the necessary coding this involves. The other problem with this is that it should imply regular shipping to and from the Old World. Historically, this would mean arrivals of troops and settlers, which would precipitate the collapse of Ameridian tribes. (OK, I'm splitting hair here!) I rationalized the absence of connection with the Old World in the scenario's intro with "the-nasty-horrible-plague-that-killed-everyone-there-so-don't-bother-calling-home!"


    I think pumping cash into the colonies could also make it too easy steamrolling the Ameridians. Once Europeans build up real steam in this game, they're almost unstoppable (around the 1800's). I might have to come up with special victory conditions for the Ameridians.
  17. Ambreville

    Ambreville Deity

    Sep 28, 2006
    Windy City USA
    Yes. I was hunting the forums earlier this afternoon, looking for an answer on how to change these labels. No luck so far. :(

    I need to do this for all of the religions in this scenario, not just for Protestantism.


    EDIT: Never mind. I just figured it out... duh! I'll fixe that in the next version (woo-hoo!)
  18. Ambreville

    Ambreville Deity

    Sep 28, 2006
    Windy City USA
    Answer Edited. Please disregard the earlier response.

    In this scenario Catapults cost 40 (Combat 5). Trebs cost only 60 instead of the standard 80 for Warlords (Combat 4). I'll fix that! Thanks for catching the glitch.
  19. dreadknought

    dreadknought timelord

    Feb 15, 2002
    DOCTOR WHO 2005
    Started with Shawnees (like to be the underdogs) //noble//epic speed.

    Unique leaderheads for the Indian tribes would be sweet if anyone could add them. Will post on how game goes as soon as possible.
  20. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    I'll look into it if you want me to. I think the TAM mod has some more resources and they had timber in CivIII so they likely do for CivIV.

    Maybe a new civic could add X gold/turn for certain luxuries and it expires by a certain time or with a tech. This expiration could simply be justified that they are no longer sending stuff home, but keeping it for themselves.

    I think the non-arrival of troops/settlers is a good thing. Let it be a bit alternate history in this respect. The colonies are producing units anyhow.

    I'm not sure what victory condition you could come up with for the Ameridians except some sort of removal of a certain % of European cities from the continent. A total victory seems unlikely. I'll think on it.

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