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Ad Infinitum

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Creation & Customization' started by Dumanios, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    Welcome to Ad Infinitum, my new work-in-progress mod for Beyond the Sword.

    It includes most of my civs, along with the Next War mod and some other things. This mod has an addon pack, but it isn't necessary (though nice to have), and is also compatible with my Custom Soundtrack mod.

    Full List of new changes.
    Spoiler :
    New Civilizations
    Led by Macdonald, Trudeau, Pearson, and Harper.
    UU: Canada Corps(Replaces Infantry, +1:move:, Starts with March)
    UB: Microwave Station(Replaces Broadcast Tower, +2 :c5happy:, +100% :culture:)
    Led by Tigranes II, Ashot I, and Andranik
    UU: Vishap Infantry(Replaces Swordsman, 0-1 First Strikes, +50% Hills Strength, Is an Archery unit
    UB: Khachkar(Replaces Monument, +3 Culture)
    The Luba
    Led by: Chibinda Ilunga(Exp, Fin), Kalala Ilunga(Agg, Org), Joseph Kabila(Agg, Pro)
    UU: Adze Warrior(Replaces Axeman, 2 First Strikes)
    UB: Mbudye Council(Replaces Library, +1 Food from city tile)
    Leader: Tenkamenin(Exp/Ind)
    UU: Soninke Warrior(Replaces Maceman, starts with City Raider 1)
    UB: Griot(Replaces Theatre, +1 Health)
    Led by David, Solomon, and Ben-Gurion
    UU: Maccabee(Replaces Swordsman, +1 Strength, +1 First Strike)
    UB: Kotel(Replaces Walls, +1 Happy)
    Led by Abbas, Mossadegh, and Khomeini
    UU: Qizilbashi Cavalry(Replaces Knight, 15% Withdrawal Chance, Starts with Morale, Doesn't require Iron, +10:hammers: required)
    UB: Bioresearch Centre(Replaces Laboratory, +1 :health:)
    The Mughal Empire
    Led by Babur and Akbar
    UU: Siege Elephant(Replaces Cannon, available at Chemistry, more expensive
    UB: Mausoleum
    Led by Dharmametsu, Hayam Wuruk, and Suharto
    UU: Pencak Silat(Replaces Pikeman, +2 :strength:)
    UB: Candi(Replaces Theatre, +1 :c5happy:, +4 :culture:)
    Led by Arpad, Matthias Corvinus, Lajos Kossuth, and Franz Joseph(along with Austria)
    UU: Huszar Cavalry(Replaces Cavalry, starts with March)
    UB: Jurta(Replaces Stable, -20% Maintenance, +4 XP for mounted units)
    Led by Charles V(along with HRE and Spain), Maximillian(along with HRE), Maria Theresa, and Franz Josef.
    UU: Grenzer(Replaces Rifleman, +25 Hills :strength:)
    UB: Opera House(Replaces Theatre, +2 :c5happy:, +3 :culture:)
    The Elves
    Led by Gloriana
    UU: Fyrdwell(Replaces Horse Archer, Starts with Woodsman I, II, and III), Elven Worker(Can build improvements in forests, can't chop down forests)
    UB: Forest Barracks(Replaces Barrack, gives the Enchanted Blade promotion to applicable units)
    The Dwarves
    Led by: Ymir
    UUs: Dwarven Warrior(Can build mines), War Golem(5 Strength, Can clear forests and jungles, +50% :strength: vs. mounted units), Mud Golem(Replaces Worker, 1 :c5strength:, more efficient, doesn't produce with food, costs 20 more :c5production:)
    UB: Stronghold(Replaces Castle, +10% Commerce)
    The Orcs
    Led by: Gar'thok
    UU: Ogre(Replaces Musketman+Cannon, +1 Strength, Deals Collateral Damage)
    UB: Tribal Council(Replaces Courthouse, +2XP to units built in city, but only 1 Espionage instead of two.)
    The Amazons
    Led by: Penthesilea and Marpesia
    UUs: Amazon Javelin Thrower(Replaces Axeman, +1 First Strike, is an Archery unit), Amazon Light Cavalry(Replaces Chariot, +1 First Strike)
    UB: Archery Range(Replaces Barrack, +3 XP for Archery Units)
    New Leaders(All with unique diplomusic)
    Reagan of America
    Hiawatha of Native America
    Itzcoatl of the Aztecs
    Ix Yohl Iknal of Mayapan
    Quilago of the Incans
    Cetshwayo of Zululand
    Haile Selassie of Ethiopia
    Sunni Ali of Mali
    Hamilcar Barca of Carthage
    Baibars of Egypt
    Abu Bakr of Arabia
    Nebuchadrezzar of Babylonia
    Urukagina of Sumeria
    Ataturk of Turkey
    Khosrau II of Persia
    Nehru of India
    Jayavarman VII of the Khmer
    Wu Zetian of China
    Liu Bei of China
    Oda Nobunaga of Japan
    Meiji of Japan
    Hirohito of Japan
    Sejong of Korea
    Timur of Mongolia
    Gorbachev of Russia
    Knut of Scandinavia
    Ludwig I of Germany
    Hitler of Germany
    George I of Greece
    Basil of Byzantium
    Romulus and Remus of Rome
    Philip of Spain
    Joan of Arc of France
    Afonso Henriques of Portugal
    Maurits van Nassau of the Netherlands
    William Wallace of the Celts.
    Arthur Pendragon of Britain
    New Techs
    Everything from Next War
    Requires Stealth and Robotics, unlocks Scramjet Fighters and Squadron Factories
    Mass Driver
    Requires Needlejet, unlocks Mass Driver Tanks and Scramjet Bombers, mines produce +1 production.
    Planetary Colonization
    Requires Mass Driver, Advanced Shielding, and Astrogation, unlocks Scramjet Ghost
    New Units
    Special Forces
    26 :strength:, 2 :move:, can Paradrop 5 tiles, starts with Blitz and Commando, Gunpowder unit, requires Plastics, Radio, Flight, and Rifling, limited to three at a time
    Jet Bomber
    Essentially the vanilla Stealth Bomber, minus evasion.
    Upgrades from the carrier, 24 :strength:, 7 :move:, can carry 5 fighters, more expensive, available at Advanced Flight.
    Shock Trooper
    36 :strength:, 2 :move:, starts with amphibious, +50% vs. Automatons, Cyborgs, and Mobile Artillery
    34 :strength:, 2 :move:, +50% vs. Armored units and Assault Mechs.
    50 Strength, 2 Moves, 1-2 first strikes, Gunpowder Unit, Requires an AI Entity
    Mass Driver Tank
    Upgrades from Modern Armour, 52 strength, 3 moves, requires Mass Driver, Rifling, Oil, and Aluminum.
    Scramjet Fighter
    Upgrades from Jet Fighter, 36 strength, 18 range, 250 cost, requires Needljet, Squadron Factory, Oil, and Aluminum
    Scramjet Bomber
    Upgrades from Jet Bomber, 30 strength, 18 range, 250 cost, requires Mass Driver, Squadron Factory, Oil, and Aluminum
    Scramjet Ghost
    Upgrades from Stealth Bomber, 60 strength, 60 range, 500 cost, requires Planetary Colonization, Squadron Factory, Oil, and Aluminum, National Limit of four.
    All of the units from Next War
    New Buildings
    Squadron Factory
    Buildings required for Scramjets, adds four air unit spaces, an airlift per turn, and +50% trade route yield.
    HERC Factory
    New Wonder that allows construction of Assault Mechs past national limit, but is very unhealthy.
    SETI Project
    New Project that can cause Aliens to aid you in war.
    St. Basil's Cathedral
    Does what Notre Dame does in the default game(Notre Dame gets new effects)
    Trans-Siberian Railway
    Railroads are built in one turn.
    AI Entity
    National Wonder that allows construction of Terminators.
    Taipei 101
    Wonder that adds 3 health, four culture per turn, and +3 relations with all nations.
    Other Stuff that's new
    Sid Difficulty(A new difficulty level above that of Deity.)
    New Traits(Three exclusive to the fantasy races, the fourth is called Strategist, which gives the morale promotion to Recon, Mounted, and Siege units)
    Unit Changes
    Only the Christian Missionary is called a missionary(Judaism-Jewish Rabbi, Islam-Islamic Imam, Hinduism-Hindu Brahmin, Buddhism-Buddhist Bodhisattva, Confucianism-Confucian Scholar, Taoism-Taoist Gentleman)
    Fast Workers are now called Punjabi Workers
    Paratroopers now paradrop 8tiles.
    Ships of the Line now have ten strength, a reduced bonus vs. Frigates, and can be built with copper.
    Caravels and Carracks cans upgrade into SotLs, but not Attack Submarines.
    Destroyers now upgrade into Stealth Destroyers, which can now bombard and intercept similar to the Destroyer.
    Stealth Bombers are now 30Strength, 35 range, and are more expensive, as well as having a national limit of 4.
    Navy SEALs now replace the Special Forces, with 28 strength, the ability to paradrop 7 tiles, and starts with Amphibious in addition to Blitz and Commando.
    Quechua Warriors are now axemen that with a bonus vs. Archery units.
    Jaguars are now six :strength:.
    Holkans gain a sizable bonus vs. Melee units.
    Impis now replace Macemen, with a 50% bonus vs. Gunpowder units. They still maintain their speed advantage.
    Oromo Warriors are renamed into Askaris
    Skirmishers are now 7 strength Longbowmen.
    Camel Archers now have a 25% bonus vs. Mounted units.
    Bowmen now deal Collateral Damage instead of having a bonus vs. melee units.
    Immortals are now cheaper Spearmen.
    War Elephants now cost 70 Shields.
    Ballista Elephants are now magical like Arabic camels, but have a cost of 70 shields.
    Keshiks now replace Knights, and have a 50% bonus vs. Melee units.
    Berserks are now called Huscarls
    Panzers now start with Commando in addition to Blitz, and have 1-2 First Strikes.
    Phalanxs are now called Hoplites, and are now 5-strength Spearmen.
    The Praetorian is now known as the Legio.
    Musketeers now have 10 Strength.
    Miscellaneous Changes
    Islamic Temples are now Islamic Mosques, with Islamic Mosques becoming Islamic Great Mosques.
    Christian Temples are now Christian Churches.
    Airports are required for any air unit past Airships.
    Apollo Program/Mission to Mars replaced with Unity Project.
    Stalin, Churchill, de Gaulle, Boudica, Darius, Ramesses II, and Pericles now have unique diplomusic.
    There is war music for a large amount of the civs.
    Saladin's favorite civic is now Organized Religion.
    Stalin, Mao, and Genghis have Christianity, Confucianism, and Taoism as favorite religions respectively.
    Monty's favorite civic is now Slavery.
    FDR's favorite civic is now Nationhood.
    The Future Era has it's own music instead of sharing with the modern era.
    The Vikings are now Scandinavia, the Ottomans Turkey, and the English Britain.
    America, Britain, and Scandinavia have new flags.
    New Opening Menu music for both BtS and Warlords.
    New Graphics for all of the leaders and a few UUs.
    Altered citylists for Arabia, Persia, and several other nations.
    Redone Government civics (Despotism, Monarchy, City-States, Police State, and Democracy)
    Fusion is a future era tech.

    Current Issues:
    Spoiler :
    Arcologies stack on top of eachother instead of replacing.
    The Kremlin uses Lubyanka graphics
    City-States lacks a random event.

    Download Link and to the Addon pack for animated leaderheads and most diplomusic.

    Sid Difficulty:


    Spoiler :
    Row 1: Punjabi Worker, Jaguar, Gallic Warrior, Legio, Vulture, Dog Soldier
    Row 2: Quechua, Samurai, Huscarl, Impi, Holkan, Immortal
    Row 3: Hoplite, Landsknecht, Musketeer, Janissary, Askari, Ogre
    Row 4: Navy SEAL, Bowman, Skirmisher, Cho-ko-nu, War Chariot, Numidian Cavalry
    Row 5: Camel Archer, Cataphracht, Keshik, Conquistador, Cossack, Ballista Elephant
    Row 6: Panzer, H'wacha, Carrack, East Indiaman, Canada Corps., Grenzer
    Row 7: Qizilbashi Cavalry, Siege Elephant, Fyrdwell, Pencak Silat, Elven Worker, Mud Golem
    Row 8: War Golem, Winged Hussar, Huszar Cavalry, Maccabee, Amazon Light Cavalry Amazon Javelin Thrower
    Row 9: Adze Warrior, Vishap Infantry
  2. Cethegus

    Cethegus King

    Feb 28, 2008
    Hello, could you upload some screenshots and add the thread link to the download page? Thanks.
  3. strijder20

    strijder20 Wallowing in irony

    Jun 28, 2010
    In Dystopia
    From what I can see, the Israel UU is underpowered (compared to the Praet, of course), the Armenian UU is seriously overpowered and makes them a :nono: target to attack.
    The Mughal UU is OP too, Cannons are Op on themselves and you can get Gunpowder quite early if you beeline for it.
    The other UUs are quite interesting, except for the Elves UU, which is OP too (HA is one of the best rush units, and you add two first strikes and faster heal rate? Compared to them, that Amazon Chariot UU is underpowered, at the least)
    What do the Dwarven UU replace?
    Paratrooper and Stealth bomber changes sound extremely OP too. What's wrong with ordinary SBs? And now the nuking-paradropping strategy allows you to nuke inland cities and raze them with Paras the same turn even if they are 12 tiles away.
    You listed some bonuses against cyborgs, but they aren't listed under 'what units are new'.
    Uh, I suppose 'magical' ballista elephants means they need no resource? That's somewhat OP too, guaranteed Ellies.
    What are the stats of Hoplites?
    Great to see some music changes.
  4. smortt

    smortt Warlord

    Jan 16, 2008
    Well, he is an armenian :lol::lol::lol:

    But, nice mod, maybe I'll try it sometime later.
  5. strijder20

    strijder20 Wallowing in irony

    Jun 28, 2010
    In Dystopia
    Now about the UBs.
    Bioresearch centre? :cry: One extra unhealth might allow you to run half a specialist. The Russian UB gives two of them.
    And if you are really so eager for extra food, the Baray comes 4 eras earlier.
    Canadan UB is fine, but a bit late. Of course, Canada's UB kind of has to be late.
    The Israelian UB is on the verge of OP. Compared to the Opera house, it comes a lot earlier, is cheaper (and ridiculously cheap with stone) and gives one extra happy.
    Candi is clearly inferior to Opera House, although that might depend on the amount of extra culture it gives. Maybe give it a free artist instead of extra culture?
    Oh, and I just saw this : 'Skirmishers are now 8 strength longbowmen'. Forget about taking on Mali pre-cannons.
    The other fixes seem fine, although the immortal might not be really worth it. What about a spearman with 100% vs archery units, like the RFC-DoC immortal?
    I also suggest you add only one leader to Greece (they already have two). First get every civilization to three leaders before you go over three.
    And perhaps you should add only Romulus, not Remus, as a leader of Rome.
  6. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    Well, I figure that since Romulus and Remus are one leaderhead, they'd both be in.

    Possible Changes(I'm glad I put this as a works-in-progress)

    Remove bonus vs. Melee from the Armenian Vishap.
    Perhaps give Maccabees a first strike?
    Push Mughal Siege Elephants back, but still before Steel.
    Perhaps remove Woodsman III from the Elven Fyrdwell?(The Elven Leader's traits grant most units Woodsman I and II upon construction)
    Reduce Paradroping range for Special Forces to 5, Navy SEAL and Paratrooper to 7.
    What to do with Stealth Bombers(60 Strength, 80% Evasion, and 35 Range for 500 Shields and a 5 gold per turn maintenance cost)(Reduce strength to a more manageable level?)
    What to do with Khmer Ballista Elephants(People whined about there UP-ness with the Elephant requirement)
    Make Skirmishers either only 7 strength, or perhaps a different UU?
    Give the Iranian Bioresearch Centre a :health: instead of just no :yuck:.
    Perhaps remove a :c5happy: from the Kotel, or remove the stone build bonus.
    Immortals with a bonus to Archery in addition or instead of lower cost?
    Who to add for Greece? Seleucus, George I, Leonidas, Philip, the list goes on.)
    Add Knut to Scandinavia.
    Add Flavour graphics, Ludwig I, and Hitler to Germany.
  7. Jwitti

    Jwitti Judas Maccabeus

    Sep 11, 2011
    I'll help!
    Fantasy being my favorite, my ideas:
    Elven UB: Magic Training (replace barracks?) free combat 1 OR +2xp from barracks (making it +5xp total) and make it 100% chance of intact capture (Like a world wonder)
    Dwarven UB: Stronghold (Castle) +10% gold
    orc UB: Tribal Leader's tent (IIRC orcs are tribal except in LotR in which they are creations) (Palace)+5xp +1culture instead of +2

    I'll playtest too
  8. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    Perhaps the Orcish UB could be a courthouse replacement?
  9. Jwitti

    Jwitti Judas Maccabeus

    Sep 11, 2011
    Sounds good to me. so, that would be -1 culture right, because as I see it it would lessen culture.
  10. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    I was thinking just the XP bonus, without the culture penalty.
  11. Jwitti

    Jwitti Judas Maccabeus

    Sep 11, 2011
    OK, your mod. Maybe I just don't like orcs.... :D
  12. Radio Noer

    Radio Noer The Devourer

    Sep 13, 2010
    The Old Northwest Territory
    Downloading now, will soon give 1st impressions :). Also, may I recommend integrating K-Mod AI into this (it could be a big project though due to all of the other leaders and buildings), it's awesome and Sid will truly be a theoretical victory.
  13. Civciv5

    Civciv5 Grand Emperor

    Aug 14, 2011
    Nergenshuizen, Belgium
    I'm glad to see that you used music of my mod Warmusic.
    But you didn't credit me,directly.
    Can you give me credit,directly?
  14. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
  15. Jwitti

    Jwitti Judas Maccabeus

    Sep 11, 2011
    idea for elven UB: make a new, "Magic" Promotion and have the UB give that for free (Make it not otherwise available)
  16. Civciv5

    Civciv5 Grand Emperor

    Aug 14, 2011
    Nergenshuizen, Belgium
  17. Jwitti

    Jwitti Judas Maccabeus

    Sep 11, 2011

    modern settler? I know Sid difficulty is brutal, but they're not modern yet right?
  18. dacubz145

    dacubz145 Deity

    Jun 21, 2010
    Windy City
    You should make it be able to play with 50 civs, due to the addition of civs
    also your welcome to add any of my civs if you please :D
  19. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    Oops. :lol: That's definitely getting fixed.
  20. Jwitti

    Jwitti Judas Maccabeus

    Sep 11, 2011
    it's actually tha archer I checked

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