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Adapting Policy Cards

Discussion in 'Gedemon's Civilization, a total overhaul project' started by Gedemon, Dec 7, 2017 at 6:21 AM.

  1. Gedemon

    Gedemon Modder Moderator

    Oct 4, 2004
    I like the policy cards mechanism of Civ6, and I do plan to keep it in the mod, but a lot of the policies will need a complete rework to fit the mod's mechanisms.

    Here is a list of policies that need to be adapted or removed:

    Policy Type Effect
    God King Economic +1 Gold and Faith in the Capital no religion mechanism (yet)
    Strategos Wildcard +2 Great General points per turn no great people mechanism (yet)
    Land Surveyors Economic Reduces the cost to purchase a tile by 20% no tile purchase
    Inspiration Wildcard +2 Great Scientist points per turn no great people
    Revelation Wildcard +2 Great Prophet points per turn no great people
    Insulae Economic +1 housing in all cities with at least 2 specialty districts separated housing, less districts
    Charismatic Leader Diplomatic +2 influence points per turn No mechanism to use influence/envoys yet
    Diplomatic League Diplomatic The first envoy you send to each city-state counts as 2 envoys No city-state
    Literary Tradition Wildcard +2 Great Writer points per turn no great people
    Bastions Military +6 City defense strength, +5 City ranged attack strength no ranged attack for cities
    Natural Philosophy Economic +100% Campus district adjacency bonuses no campus
    Scripture Economic +100% Holy Site district adjacency bonuses no Holy Site
    Naval Infrastructure Economic +100% Harbor district adjacency bonuses limited adjacency bonuses
    Navigation Wildcard +2 Great Admiral points per turn no great people
    Meritocracy Economic Each city receives +1 Culture for each specialty district it constructs less districts
    Retainers Military +1 amenity for cities with a garrisoned unit no amenity mechanism (will be replaced by "needs")
    Sack Military Yields gained from pillaging are doubled for districts less districts
    Professional Army Military -50% discount on all unit upgrades maybe applied to reinforcement costs (would be OP at50%)
    Merchant Confederation Diplomatic +1 Gold from each of your city-state no city-state
    Aesthetics Economic +100% Theater Square district adjacency bonuses no Theater Square
    Medina Quarter Economic +2 housing in all cities with at least 3 specialty districts separated housing, less districts
    Craftsmen Economic +100% Industrial Zone district adjacency bonuses less adjacency bonuses
    Town Charters Economic +100% Commercial Hub district adjacency bonuses no Commercial Hub
    Traveling Merchants Wildcard +2 Great Merchant points per turn
    Colonial Offices Economic +15% faster growth for cities not on your original Capital's continent
    Invention Wildcard +2 Great Engineer points per turn
    Frescoes Wildcard +2 Great Artist points per turn
    Wars of Religion Military +4 combat strength when fighting civilizations that follow other religions
    Simultaneum Economic Doubles Faith yield from Holy Site district buildings
    Religious Orders Economic All religious units gain +5 religious strength in theological
    Triangular Trade Economic +4 Gold and +1 Faith from all Trade Routes
    Rationalism Economic +100% Science from Campus district buildings no Campus
    Free Market Economic +100% Gold yield from Commercial Hub district buildings no Commercial Hub
    Liberalism Economic +1 amenity to all cities with at least 2 speciality districts
    Raj Diplomatic +2 Science , Culture , Faith and Gold from all city-states you're Suzerain of
    Symphonies Wildcard +4 Great Musician points per turn
    Expropriation Economic Settler cost reduced by 50%. Plot purchase cost reduced by 20%. no plot purchase
    Military Organization Wildcard +4 Great General points per turn
    Resource Management Economic 1 copy of a Strategic Resource allows you to produce or purchase units requiring it in every city different mechanisms
    Laissez-Faire Wildcard +4 Great Merchant points per turn
    Nobel Prize Wildcard +4 Great Scientist points per turn
    Economic Union Economic +100% Commercial Hub and Harbor district adjacency bonuses
    New Deal Economic +4 Housing, +2 Amenities , and -8 Gold to all cities with at least 3 specialty districts
    Gunboat Diplomacy Diplomatic Open Borders with all City-States, and +4 influence points per turn towards earning Envoys
    Five-Year Plan Economic +100% Campus and Industrial Zone district adjacency bonuses
    Collectivization Economic +4 Food from domestic Trade Routes need to be balanced with the food values in the mod
    Containment Diplomatic Each Envoy6 Envoy you send to a City-State counts as two, if its Suzerain has different government than you
    Heritage Tourism Economic +100% Tourism from Great Works and Artifacts
    Sports Media Economic +100% Theater Square district adjacency bonuses, and Stadiums generate +1 Amenity
    Satellite Broadcasts Economic Triples Tourism from Great Works of Music
    International Space Agency Diplomatic +10% Science per City-State you are the Suzerain of
    Online Communities Economic +50% Tourism output to civilizations to which you have a Trade Route
    Collective Activism Diplomatic +10% Culture per City-State you are the Suzerain of

    And here is a list of effects that I'd like to attach to some policies (existing or news), I'd like your help on the design/naming:

    Those two to control the debt (multiple level, with a new card every 2 eras for example):

    - allow units to buy supply (for reinforcement/upgrades), even when the treasury is low (raising the debt, with a gold limit per turn)
    - allow cities to buy resources (for construction/ repairing), even when the treasury is low (raising the debt, with a gold limit per turn)
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017 at 6:32 AM
    Amom likes this.
  2. Knasp

    Knasp Chieftain

    Sep 10, 2011
    I haven't given it much thought but I have some general suggestions:
    • District adjacency bonus could be changed to a building combo bonus (in each city) or a cumulative bonus for each city having the building (i.e. the number of libraries).
    • Faith bonuses could be changed for culture bonuses (although I think religion should be implemented in some way later).
    • Diplomacy category could be renamed "Trade" and the "green" policies would then influence foreign trade (affecting rate of imports/exports between cities and Civs), maybe affecting migration? The regular Economic policies would then refer to domestic policies in particular.
    • Great people wildcard policies could either be changed to reflect some completely different category, or they could be changed to give access to unique units/buildings/improvements etc that you can only access while having that policy.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017 at 9:36 AM
  3. heinous_hat

    heinous_hat Chieftain

    Sep 28, 2010
    under the weather
    For the ancient era into classical, something like "Liturgical Institutions" would be appropriate... essentially, voluntary (or semi-compulsory) philanthropy from wealthy citizens pays for military upkeep, civic improvements, or whatever is called for. Such a policy could even tie into population class numbers, and religion (when that takes shape). So, for example, a higher proportion of wealthy citizens could have greater effect. Likewise for a high faith output, since liturgy is a civil/religious concept. In later eras, tax themed policies would be more appropriate, although philanthropy might remain as a weaker option, or a supplement.

    BTW, the vanilla district policies that affect buildings directly (Rationalism, Free Market and... I forget the name of the culture policy) are functional. I routinely pick these, as they're among the handful of economic policies that are actually useful.

    I like this idea of a synergistic bonus for multiple building copies, if it's doable.
  4. Knasp

    Knasp Chieftain

    Sep 10, 2011
    I'm just gonna throw out a couple of ideas:

    Maybe it could be tied to reduced income from fighting/plundering? Meaning that you'd get less gold when you plunder or defeat enemy units (to repay the debt). Otherwise the trade off could be that production of new military units is slowed down (or it could lower the output of science/culture/non-military resources).

    Another option would be a policy like "Citizen soldiers". This policy would represent soldiers paying their equipment out of their own pockets. In return the soldiers are promised their fair share of war spoils, meaning that you get reduced income from plundering, and that any captured equipment/enemies are "lost" (i.e. sold in order to repay debt).To expand upon this you could have military units loosing morale every turn they're not getting any plunder from tiles/enemy units. In time, the rising indebtedness of soldiers (unless plundering) could cause a transfer of lower class citizens to slaves, middle class to lower... and so on.

    A later 19-20th century policy for when the State is incurring debt in order to build/upgrade army could be called "War bonds".
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017 at 9:35 AM
  5. gaborpesti

    gaborpesti Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2014
    Policies are about choice. What about providing 1-1 policy for every material separately? Or malybe 2 one somehow making that 10% better (10% better spearmen) and the other speeding up manufactory spead of spears...

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