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Add-On Pack 1

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Road to War' started by Dale, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Dale

    Dale Deity

    Mar 14, 2002
    The Road to War: Add-On Pack 1

    RtW Add-On Pack 1 is the official extension to the Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword mod The Road to War.

    This Add-on pack has been created to fix bugs, add new content and make some changes as required. All bug fixes and changes are suggestions from the Community. So thank-you to all who made suggestions. :)

    Version Notes:

    The current version is Beta 3 and is dated 5 September 2007.

    The current version is for Beyond the Sword 3.03.

    Please ensure you use the latest version for compatibility and support. :)


    Please follow these instructions to obtain and install the Add-On Pack:

    1. Download the Add-On Pack:
    With Movies: http://rtw.apolyton.net/files/RtW_setup.exe 415 meg
    Without Movies: http://rtw.apolyton.net/files/RtW_NoMovies_setup.exe 140 meg
    2. Delete the Road to War folder from ..\Sid Meiers Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\
    3. Run the setup.exe for the version you downloaded.
    4. When prompted browse to the ..\Beyond the Sword\Mods\ folder to install. To check correct install you should have a Road to War folder once installation is complete.
    5. Start Civ4, the RtW and play!

    Change Log:

    - NEW: Full Intro Movie (with two types of music at random)
    - NEW: Cutscene Movies (two for each theatre)
    - NEW: Code Breaker (improved C3I & logistics)
    - NEW: Anti Tank Gun (early artillery)
    - NEW: Tank Destroyer (tank guns & destroyers)
    - NEW: Chiang Kai-shek, Hitler & Hirohito added
    - NEW: USSR invades Poland! (fortnight 2 September 1939)
    - NEW: UU graphics (most, some units don't have any)
    - NEW: Captured cities gain 500 culture
    - NEW: Settlers for "Open Play" mode & random maps
    - NEW: Can now play random maps & pre-made maps
    - NEW: BtS events converted to RtW

    - CHANGE: Can now play ALL nations
    - CHANGE: MP enabled and changes for PBEM for it to work
    - CHANGE: Moved intro text before Dawn of Man (instead of turn 1)
    - CHANGE: Moved mode chooser to turn 1 (instead of turn 2)
    - CHANGE: Infantry get bonus versus siege units
    - CHANGE: Siege get bonus versus armor
    - CHANGE: Armor get no bonus versus other types
    - CHANGE: Anti Air get bonus versus air
    - CHANGE: Iberia now called Nationalist Iberia
    - CHANGE: China now called Peoples Republic of China
    - CHANGE: German flag now swastika
    - CHANGE: Unit costs (EG: tanks more expense)
    - CHANGE: PzIV's slightly nerfed
    - CHANGE: Cavalry moves = 3 (was 2)
    - CHANGE: Medium Tanks moves = 3 (was 4)
    - CHANGE: Broadcast towers gives loads of espionage benefits now (and generate Great Spys)
    - CHANGE: Bitter Winter affected area increased (as intended originally, but with turn-speed slowdown)
    - CHANGE: Nations don't speak American any longer, speak their language (or closest)
    - CHANGE: Great People from the era
    - CHANGE: Bombers no longer carry units
    - CHANGE: City/colony/distance maintenance costs reduced
    - CHANGE: Finland-German open borders for Continuation War
    - CHANGE: War Weariness nerfed
    - CHANGE: Tweaked artillery bombardment
    - CHANGE: AI will build a lot more fighters
    - CHANGE: English infantry now Commonwealth infantry
    - CHANGE: AI more aggressive and handles naval invasions
    - CHANGE: Paratroopers converted to BtS methods (removed mine)
    - CHANGE: Paras and Marines strength to 20
    - CHANGE: Fascist industry now supports 100 units

    - BUGFIX: Spies now invisible (including GS)
    - BUGFIX: Sea trade routes fixed (oil fix)
    - BUGFIX: People's Republic of China now Republic of China (with correct flag)
    - BUGFIX: BF-109 fighter now before FW-190
    - BUGFIX: Chairman Zedong now Chairman Mao
    - BUGFIX: Anti Air units can now be put into Interception mode correctly
    - BUGFIX: Anti Air units can no longer bombard
    - BUGFIX: Destroyers cannot bombard
    - BUGFIX: Winter terrains fixed
    - BUGFIX: All processes now convert production at a rate of 100%
    - BUGFIX: Spelling/grammar mistakes
    - BUGFIX: Contains "Solver's unofficial patch"
    - BUGFIX: Losing ability to build nukes fixed
    - BUGFIX: AI Airbombing (AI will now actually factory and civil bomb!)

    - New Civs: Arabia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Central America, Czechoslavakia, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Persia, Republic of China, Republican Iberia, South Africa, South America
    - New Leaders: Chancellor Hitler, Emperor Hirohito, King Ibn Saud, King Pahlavi, President Azana, President Batista, President Benes, President Cardenas, President Hyde, President Chiang, President Miklas, President Ortiz, President Vargas, Prime Minister King, Prime Minister Savage, Prime Minister Smuts

    NOTE: The new civs and leaders are to support future scenarios.

    RtW Events List:

    F1 SEP39: Germany invades Poland (Germany DOW Poland, France allies with UK [Allies formed], Allies DOW Germany)
    F2 SEP39: USSR invades Poland (USSR DOW Poland)
    F2 NOV39: USSR invades Finland (USSR DOW Finland)
    F1 MAR40: End of Winter War (USSR peace with Finland)
    F1 APR40: Germany invades Denmark and Norway (Germany DOW Norway, Norway allies with Allies)
    F1 MAY40: Germany invades the Low Countries (Germany DOW Low Countries, Low Countries allies with Allies)
    F1 JUN40: Italian-German alliance (Italy allies with Germany [Axis formed], Italy DOW Allies)
    F2 JUL40: USSR enters the Baltic States (USSR DOW Baltic States)
    F2 DEC40: East Balkans join Axis (East Balkans allies with Axis, East Balkans DOW Allies)
    F1 MAY40: Axis invade West Balkans (Axis DOW West Balkans, West Balkans allies with Allies)
    F2 JUN41: Axis invade USSR (Axis DOW USSR, Finland DOW USSR)
    F1 DEC41: USA joines Allies (Axis DOW USA, USA allies with Allies)

    Vichy France trigger:
    1. Axis occupy 5 of Dijon, Metz, Calais, Leharve, Tours, Brest, Nice
    2. Axis occupy Paris
    3. Slightly random

    F1 JUL37: Japan invades China (Japan DOW China)
    F2 SEP40: Siam joins Japan and invades France (Siam allies with Japan [Axis formed], Axis DOW France)
    F1 DEC41: Japan invades Pacific Nations (USA/Australia/UK/France/China/Philippines/Dutch form Allies, Axis DOW Allies)
    F1 AUG45: USSR invades Manchuria (USSR DOW Axis)


    Please post any comments, suggestions, bugs or anything else to do with RtW Add-On Pack 1 in this thread.

    I hope you enjoy The Road to War! :)

  2. Dale

    Dale Deity

    Mar 14, 2002
  3. vidimce

    vidimce Warlord

    Aug 22, 2006
    hell yeah =)
  4. Dale

    Dale Deity

    Mar 14, 2002
    AOP1 is now beta. See first post. :)
  5. woodelf

    woodelf Bard

    Jun 12, 2003
    Looks great Dale.

    Is this 3.02 compatible? (I did look and couldn't find that referenced) :)
  6. Dale

    Dale Deity

    Mar 14, 2002
    Yes, fully 3.02 compatible (updated first post).
  7. Civinator

    Civinator Blue Lion Supporter

    May 5, 2005
    Thank you very much to do the Add-On Pack 1 quickly. Now it´s time to go in this scenario :)
  8. Nimbus

    Nimbus Prince

    Mar 9, 2006
    does this contain the new global map?
  9. TrailblazingScot

    TrailblazingScot I was kittenOFchaos

    Jan 6, 2001
    Brighouse, England
    Russia invades Poland in 2nd fortnight of September 1936...surely a typo...
  10. Dale

    Dale Deity

    Mar 14, 2002

    No global map. It's not finished yet. :)


    Thanks for picking it up.
  11. Quetz

    Quetz The Tallest Lilliputian

    Aug 21, 2006
    Yay! Been waiting for this..

    Make sure to post it in the base forums so people know its out :)
  12. Virulent

    Virulent King

    Sep 9, 2006
    Do you forsee any compatibility issues with the add-on pack and any official patches Firaxis will release for BtS?

    Also would any elements of the add on pack be added to an official BtS patch? Obviously not stuff like the new leaders, extra unit art or movies but stuff like bug fixes.

    I actually still haven't tried RtW yet, it's on my to-do list but tearing myself away from the epic game is quite difficult.
  13. Dale

    Dale Deity

    Mar 14, 2002
    Yes, there's going to be problems when/if a patch comes out. I'm hoping to fix it up fast though. :)

    I'm also hoping Firaxis will let me know so I can integrate the core bugfixes into the official patch. As you say, the new artwork won't get in, but it'd be good to get the fixes in. :)
  14. Rhye

    Rhye 's and Fall creator

    May 23, 2001
    Japan / South America
    great work, I was looking forward to see Hitler himself.
  15. ohcrapitsnico

    ohcrapitsnico Deity

    Jan 16, 2006
    Yes I was waiting for this. :) Awesome work, good to see the real mod. :)
  16. PeanutBomb

    PeanutBomb Chieftain

    Apr 2, 2007
    Still, I don't get BtS now. :sad:
    And this patch sounds pretty great! I can't wait to try it. :aargh:
  17. johnjohn

    johnjohn Chieftain

    May 4, 2006
    Hinkley, CA
    In the future, can you break out the movies into a separate download? 400MB is too huge especially with more updates to come we hope!
  18. Bobisback

    Bobisback Emperor

    Feb 16, 2003
    Ok first off thanks for this mod I love it and it is alot of fun. the first game I played was the original BtS Road to war as U.S 1936(difficulty Noble) start and it was fun I did not go to war in that one but I got a feel for the mod. In the middle of this game the add-on came out so I restarted trying it as Germany 1939(difficulty Noble) start and it is fun but I have some questions/suggestions and the such. Sorry it I sound kinda forceful I do not mine it really :)

    The Tank destroyer is great but I think it is a little strong and the reason why I say this is because it is all the AI builds because it is so strong, what I suggest to fix this is bring down the strength to about 17 or so then give it no defensive bonuses and bring down the cost thats so AI will have something in there cities, which leads to my next thing.

    Playing as Germany I found that there was no units in any Allied cites, I do not no if it is intentional, I guess for France that would make since but what I found was after I took France, with no resistance except for a tank destroyer which was not that hard, I found that there was nothing defending London l started freaking out and built some paratroopers which took two cites on the English mainland which after I had the city I could just fly units to the island and I took it all. The other English cities only had Tank destroyers in them but there was only one in each and in some cites they had nothing there, this included north Africa and the Middle East. For Norway it was the same thing, tho they did have more infantry then the others.

    So I figured that if you make the tank destroyer cheap and less stronger then the AI will not build them as much and stick with infantry or build more tanks so there might actually be more units defending London and all that. At the rate it is now tank destroyers are way better at defending then infantry. At 20 strength they are stronger then the improved infantry and that is before the bonus to tanks which it gets.

    The only other thing which I noticed was that AA guns where pretty much worthless. I have an idea which might make them better and the first being instead off making them stronger why don't you make them have a +100% bonus against planes or something of that sort, it does not have to be that much of a bonus but hey I think I got my point across.

    Ok well this is my two cents of two dollars depending on how you look at it. Let me no what you thing.


    P.S I have not finished the Germany game yet so still testing it out, will let you no it I see anything else that catches my attention.

    edit: oh I see that the improved AA has 50% vs air... umm....
  19. DeceasedHorse

    DeceasedHorse Prince

    Nov 25, 2003
    O.C. in the Summer,WU in the winter
    I have noticed the same problem as Bob in regards to the AI not building any units. Playing as Germany, once my Panzer IV's broke through the Low Countries, I found France practically undefended to the point where numerous cities didn't even have any units in them or were occupied solely by naval units. It seems as if France sent their entire (anemic) military at me through the Maginot line when I invaded Poland, and never replaced the lost units. Perhaps if you increased the pop. of some of the cities (I find it a bit odd that seemingly every city starts at pop 4) the AI could at least draft some defenders.

    I've also run in to a problem with cultural borders while playing in 'historical' mode. Most of my infantry ended up trapped in former Polish cities when the Soviet Union's cultural borders expanded-I could have been in real trouble if the French had put up any resistance at all or if the Panzer IV wasn't so damn powerful.

    The mod has real potential; it's small enough that it is actually playable while still being suitably epic in scope. However, I am a bit reluctant to continue playing it as it seems far too easy at the moment.
  20. Bobisback

    Bobisback Emperor

    Feb 16, 2003
    Easy is right, :D I have conquered all my enemies except for US and Russia which Russia will fall within the hour lol.

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